“Stormy Tempest: The Sleeper Strikes” from Cult Retro

Stormy Tempest: The Sleeper Strikes, the latest release from Cult Retro, includes little slices of everything that I personally enjoy in this genre, and features a bit of a shift for Cult Retro. They’ve done peril before, but not to the level they have planned this season.

A shift towards peril is not the only new piece of news coming from Cult Retro. Here’s an explanation from the producers:

We are offering this release in two versions. The “Damsel in Distress Extended Version” is 7 minutes longer, but that’s 7 minutes of “the good stuff” like bearhugging and unmasking and slow motion and struggling with the anesthetic cloth and voyeuristic panning shots, etc.

If you’re one of our “damsels in distress” fans you’re going to LOVE it. It’s far more “perilous” than anything we’ve released to date. If you’re NOT interested in that sort of thing, the “Cinematic Version” is a more action-oriented, comic book-style presentation similar to all of our previous Stormy episodes and you’ll never noticed that the damsel in distress shots have been removed or cut down (and… it’s cheaper!). If you would like to see BOTH versions then the “Discounted Bundle, Both Versions” is for you!

NOTE: You must buy the bundle upfront to get the discount. If you decide to get the alternate version later you will have to purchase it separately at full price.

The episode opens with an unconscious Stormy Tempest being carried over the shoulder of Clayton the Sleeper. Clayton is locked in a laser duel against an unseen opponent, who Stormy later identifies as fellow space patrol officer, Velocity Blaze. Remember, at this point Stormy has been branded an outlaw by a corrupt government, which explains why a fellow officer is pursuing her.

Stormy decides it’s best to go and reason with Velocity Blaze, but that doesn’t sit all that well with Clayton, and the showdown commences. It starts with a bullets and bracelets battle or in this case a laser and bracelets battle that is impressively done.

The rest of the film features the two combatants taking turns knocking each other out. In order, Clayton hits Stormy with a green gas, squeezes her in a reverse bearhug and removes her mask. Stormy drops Clayton with the use of her cleavage (yes, you read that right). Clayton turns the tables with the use of a rag. Stormy retaliates and they both end up knocked out. Stormy recovers first and goes off to find Velocity Blaze. However, unknown to Stormy she is being followed by a large moss monster.

I only watched the extended version of the film so I can’t go into detail about the differences between the two. I can say that the extended version contains several long shots of the body of Nicola Rae. She looks terrific in this film and somehow looks bustier than ever.

This film is another example of Cult Retro at their best, but with a stronger dose of peril/fetish material mixed in. It also foreshadows that more peril is coming. Both Clayton and Stormy refer to Velocity Blaze and they both make her sound like an unstoppable superwoman, and judging by the trailer they released, it looks like Stormy’s problems are just beginning.

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I agree this was brilliant!


Great episode. The best one they have made.