“Super LowBlow Battle” from Knights of Gotham

"Super LowBlow Battle" from Knights of Gotham[Adults only] Super LowBlow Battle from Knights of Gotham has been released, and it features Evangeline von Winter as Evil Supergirl along with Star as (regular?) Supergirl. See below for a plot synopsis and images from this new video.

"Super LowBlow Battle" from Knights of Gotham

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Evangeline as Evil Supergirl is lured to a remote location and gassed until she passes out. Supergirl is separately lured and gassed.

When they both awake they find themselves sitting next to each other in a room designed to keep each in while making them mildly weak.

They are being held by a deranged man who forces them to battle each other in an endurance battle. Each directed to giving each other a series of lowbrows to see who will come out on top.

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Awesome! I am really looking forward to that project. Count me in as a customer on that one for sure

evangeline von Winter

Yes actually there is. Sometime this week Vivian is supposed to go to the costume maker for her last fitting. I will not be there but I am asking for there to be pictures sent during and after so i can see whats going on. this will be the final fitting before the final touches are added.



Any updates for us on the Wonder Woman -Vivian project:-)?

evangeline von Winter

Thank you for supporting our project. I’m sorry it wasn’t to your accustomed standards. We are not a super heroine production company. Meaning that Superheroine isn’t all we do. We cover over 20 niches and so we don’t have the “exclusive” experience many other companies have.
I like to compare it to food
(as i love food most things are compared to food)
Sometimes you want a steak and you can go to an elegant steak house and sometimes you want a burger.
When it comes to super heroine productions we are 5 guys or jack in the box, not as great as steak….but much better than Mcdonalds
(i won’t mention which production companies doing Superheroine films are mcdonalds….lol)

I have hired someone to help us with our fighting choreography but they won’t be available until January. The amazing Keri Spectrum who runs spectrums custom requests does much female fighting and both she and her husband are martial arts instructors so there is a vast knowledge of choreography available there….but that won’t start until january.

I say all of this to let you know we appreciate the support of our project and are as always open to helpful advice to make the films stronger.
We know we are not in the same league as the bigger boys and we are ok with that. they have their place and we have ours. We are in no way any threat to them. LOL

Again thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.


I do wish the likes of Alex Bettinger, Cross The Line Entertainment or Damien Woods would do a low blow heavy superheroine video.

This is obviously more bare bones than the above producers and working on a lower budget. I wasn’t a big fan of the weapons however and am used to better fight choreography, but it’s still a decent video for the price.