“Supergasm” from Punished Heroines

Remember when George Lucas went back to the classic Star Wars films twenty years after their release and added improved special effects and sound?  Well, now Rye has taken a similar approach to a classic Punished Heroines film with Supergasm (which gets my vote for best title of the year).  I remember seeing this heroine peril film several years ago, and I liked it back then, but this is an improved version with a few changes including a new voice-over by the same model who played the heroine in the original release.  So on the one hand, it’s an interesting experiment, and on the other, it’s still an entertaining heroine peril film involving a Punished Heroines-style beatdown and sexual abuse of the lead superheroine.

Supergasm 1 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesSupergasm 2 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesSupergasm 3 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesThe video opens with the villain in an evil warehouse building some kind of device.  We’re not sure exactly what this is yet, but since the title of the video is Supergasm, we can venture a guess.  And we’re right, as we soon learn when a voice-over explains to Superia, our superheroine, “The device he’s trying to build is more powerful than even you… Once it connects with your private area, it will be impossible to for you to resist.”  So there you have it.  The device is designed to elicit the “supergasm” of the title.

Supergasm 4 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesSupergasm 5 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesSupergasm 6 175x131 Supergasm from Punished Heroines

Damion, the main villain, continues to work on the device as Superia arrives and interrupts him.  The model here looks really good and does a great job of portraying an innocent superheroine.  Like all “Punished Heroines,” she clearly underestimates her opponent and is way too confident prior to fighting him.  Superia dominates the battle at first, but eventually gets worn down by Damion’s attacks.  She ends up severely weakened and writhing on the ground.  Damion picks her up and continues to torment her with a series of punishing belly punches.  This continues for a while as Damion uses various punches and kicks against his weakened opponent, who by this point is utterly helpless.

Supergasm 7 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesSupergasm 8 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesSupergasm 9 175x131 Supergasm from Punished Heroines

Eventually, Superia loses consciousness, and Damion takes the opportunity to tie her hands and feet down.  By now, we know where this is going, as the supergasm device is undoubtedly about to make another appearance.  Damion brings out the device and uses it, making contact with Superia’s private area as hinted at in the beginning of the film, and rendering her unable to resist.  This forced orgasm scene, which includes nudity but nothing hard-core, goes on for some time, and I have to say the actress is really convincing here.  Which leads me to wonder if the supergasm device lives up to its name in real life.

Supergasm 10 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesSupergasm 11 175x131 Supergasm from Punished HeroinesSupergasm 13 175x131 Supergasm from Punished Heroines

Viewers looking for a more complex story along the lines of The Battle for Earth may not enjoy this video since it doesn’t offer much of a story at all.  It’s pretty much made for fans of the Punished Heroines style.  I think it’s interesting to see this “re-master” of a classic video with a new voiceover, and whether you’ve seen it before or not, if you enjoy one-sided heroine peril and beatdowns, you should enjoy this video as wel.

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