“Supergirl Peril-Takes” from Ray Gootz (Free 17-Minute Video)

Supergirl "Peril-Takes" from Ray Gootz (Free 17-Minute Video)

Ray Gootz has kindly put together a 17+ minute compilation of “peril takes” exclusively for Heroine Movies!

Mr. Gootz wanted to express his gratitude to you, the readers of this site, for the support you’ve given his videos, so he edited together several takes (including unused, previously unseen outtakes) from his video Supergirl’s Last Stand as a token of his appreciation.

There’s quite a bit of content here, including punches, hits, knockouts, dizziness, etc., and each take with a different interpretation by the lead actress (who is really great in the role, I think). Anyway, it’s all free, so check it out below, and thanks to Ray Gootz for putting this collection together.

Here is a behind the scenes look at “Supergirl’s Last Stand”. See how many times we go through a scene before it’s perfected and all the fun improv that comes with it.

Check out Ray Gootz’s YouTube channel for more…



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Robert Baron
Robert Baron

Ray, loved the video when it was posted here, so it’s great to hear our hits helped support you. Thank you for this unexpected gift. Seeing more of this actress was delightful!


Thanks everyone! I googled myself cause I am a comic and therefore full of myself and found these comments on the superheroine forum. I will respond here:

“This is a classic example of how poor costuming choices can ruin a video. It appeared that Supergirl was wearing black bike shorts under her skirt. The Supergirl costume looked like an off the shelf Halloween special. But the real killer was her footwear. Why would any producer put Supergirl in a pair of red, Converse Chuck Taylor basketball shoes?”

1.The actress didn’t feel comfortable wearing blue booty shorts so she wore black biker shorts. In the final product i edit around it but since this is RAW footage you see it all the time.

2. The supergirl costume was actually donated to me by Evangeline and her husband Willie who I met doing stand-up.

3.The actress didn’t own red boots and these were the only red shoes she had. i like how they look since they match her real life style. No one gets paid for this and we make no money on this. “Supersam” only acts in these as a favor to me. This is as close to a labor of love as you will find on this board.

Also bear in mind this is all raw footage so it’s not really meant to be seen EVER just by me as I edit but she did such a great job and i got so many hits from this site that I thought it’d be a nice treat to show the raw footage to you fans. I mean I wrote a HUGE article for salon.com and even though I had threads on reddit and 4 chan calling me a “white knight” and a dick I got 50 times the amount of hits on my videos from heroinemovies.com than i did from Salon and all the sites talking about me. So this was a way of saying: Thanks!

Hope you like it.


I loved it thanks!!! She is great!!!


HM, thank YOU for passing on the comments to Ray and perhaps inspiring him to share this with us. Much obliged.