Superheroine World – Episode 9: “Starla, A Parody”

Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"

Here’s a guest review from gundam20012005 for Superheroine World’s Episode 9: Starla, A Parody, featuring Emily Addison as the Supergirl-like Starla.  I haven’t seen this film, but a discussion about the famous “kryptonite necklace” scene from Superman: The Movie led to gundam writing this review for this kryptonite-themed superheroine video.  With an Alex Bettinger produced video, you pretty much know you’re getting excellent production quality, and that seems to be the case here.

Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"I was recently talking with HM after reading his review of TBFE’s second Alternate Reality Episode.  The topic of discussion was his observation of a lack of kryptonite scenes that resembled the infamous scene in Superman: The Movie where Gene Hackman uses a Kryptonite chain to weaken the Man of Steel and drop him into a pool to drown while all hell breaks loose.  I agreed with him, until I realized that there was such a scene replication in a video I had purchased a while back.  The video was Superheroine World Episode 9: Starla, a Parody.

Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"

The story follows Starla, a Supergirl-esque superheroine who crashes to Earth and is retrieved by “Rex Rupert” and his assistant Dr. Kennedy (Paris Kennedy making a small cameo).  Starla is removed from her protective cocoon and is frightened and confused as to how she ended up on Earth.  Rupert tries to play kind, but when Starla showcases her powers, he injects her with a special Luminite cocktail that makes her weak.  After beating her and raping her, Rex monologues his plans for the domination of the rest of Starla’s species.  Starla, still a little weak, manages to escape.  However, she doesn’t get far when Rex arrives with a Luminite chain that weakens Starla further.  For the coup de grace, Rex places Starla in his personal hot tub of Lumintie to finish Starla off once and for all.

Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"

While Superheroine World has slowed down on their content release, Starla was among one of their best features when they were starting out.  This is a feature that is strictly catered to fans of Supergirl peril and there is plenty of peril to be found here.  Those expecting a story to go along with this may be a little disappointed as Starla is on the receiving end of a serious beating for the better part of this little feature.  You may recognize Emily Addison from the Pro Style Fantasy Series as Starla and she is fantastic in the role.  She doesn’t have much dialogue but she does the peril very well.  I do wish they had given her a little more to do with her powers but that’s just a minor nit pick.

Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"Superheroine World's "Starla, a Parody"

The big payoff of this episode was the final sequence with the Luminite Tub and necklace.  Again, Emily A plays these scenes well, slowly wearing herself down before being placed in the tub and realizing escape is impossible.  It is one of my favorite Kryptonite scenes of all time, up there with the scenes featured in TBFE’s latest episode.

If you haven’t checked out a lot of Superheroine World’s old episodes before their Black Falcon series, Episode 9: Starla, a Parody is a good place to start.  This episode was one of their best, and I wish that the company behind this series would return to the site to work on new material.  Until then, this and several of their classic episode are still available on the site and I highly recommend them.

Download Episode 9: Starla, a Parody at Superheroine World



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Emily Addison has been the best SG around. Now she’s not a blonde anymore, but I think she was superb in her role. What I liked the most in this film was her appereance, by far. Her acting was very good, and her innocent face just fits SG.
Minor detail: her uniform didn’t fit perfectly — too loose on her arms. But I will always remember Emily in this role.
What I disliked more about this overall very good film, was the comedy. But Alex has this taste and I respect it. I thik he should make another Starla movie, with Emily, and this time inject her on her hips or chest.


Loved the concept. I think it may have been from a suggestion I emailed a while back. Unfortunately, I didn’t think casting Emily Addison as Supergirl was the best decision. If one of the Supergirls from the TBFE videos had been cast as Supergirl, the video would have been worth the price (I did buy the video), but Addison’s hair cut and her complexion didn’t fit the role in my estimation. But admittedly, that’s personal taste.