Superia in “The Vengeance Factor” from Punished Heroines

Superia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesRye’s long awaited movie starring a Powergirl-like character has arrived.  The Vengeance Factor is the latest superheroine peril movie in the style of Punished Heroines, and with the popular actress from previous Punished Heroines “Superiorgirl” films in the lead role, it should not disappoint fans of this style of video.

Superia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished Heroines

The video begins with a “round table” meeting between the villainess Synestra and three bad guys (Vetto, Sid and Tony for those of you keeping records).  Synestra informs the guys that she’s lured Superia (Superiorgirl’s sister) to their hideout, to the chagrin of the villains.  Superia is apparently an extremely powerful superheroine, but Synestra lets the guys know, in no uncertain terms, that she has a plan to defeat the “big, blonde superbimbo.”

Superia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished Heroines

Superia, enjoying a nice day at home, opens a package sent by the villains containing her sister’s shoes and a note informing her that she’s been kidnapped.  Superia decides to rescue her sister as the bad guys (and girl) make their dastardly preparations.  Superia arrives, in full costume (which looks awesome) and prepares to face the bad guys.  She has no idea that her defeat is inevitable, but as loyal viewers, we certainly do.  Superia approaches the first thug as we hear her inner thought via voiceover (“he’s going to pay,” etc.).

Superia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished Heroines

For several minutes, Superia beats up the bad guys, totally dominating them and showing her superior strength and using a variety of holds, head butts, punches, etc.  Superia finally stops beating the guys up when Synestra arrives and shows off a few of her own powers, disabling Superia by preventing the superheroine from using her legs.  Synestra then magically removes all of Superia’s powers, leaving her frozen in place and totally helpless…

Superia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished Heroines

…which allows the villains to abuse, sexually assault, torture, and beat down our beloved superheroine for almost a solid half hour.  This video is just over 40 minutes long, and after the 15 minute intro, the bad guys have their way with Synestra for the remainder of the video’s running time.  There’s a ton of abuse here, and the video features just about every move you can imagine.  There are two versions of the video, one where Superia (apparently) lives to fight another day, and another one where… that doesn’t happen.

Superia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished HeroinesSuperia in "The Vengeance Factor" from Punished Heroines

If you’re a fan of Rye’s work in the genre, this is the next video in the familiar style of Punished Heroines, and I think fans of Rye will really like it.

Buy The Vengeance Factor here:

Non-death version: Clips4Sale or SHG-Media or Punished Heroines
Death version: NicheClips

  1. Alright, keep in mind that I may be a bit biased here, because I supplied the costume, but I’ll do my best to post my thoughts. Here goes!

    There is are three words I would like to use to describe this video…SEXY AS HELL!!! I usually nit pick videos to death whenever I buy them, but it was extremely difficult to do so with “The Vengeance Factor!” I loved everything about this video that I am afraid I might leave something out by accident, lol.

    I don’t know if it’s because Power Girl is my favorite super heroine, but I actually felt sorry for the character in this video. This all made the peril much more thrilling and satisfying for me. Usually I do not care at all about the super heroine when I buy these videos, but here I actually wanted to see her succeed. Watching her get defeated was very disheartening for, making the defeat and peril much more TASTY!!! I wonder if all you Supergirl fans out there felt that same I did here whenever you witness PH’s Superior Girl or a similar character in peril?

    The model who played Superia did an amazing job and looks extremely delicious. She really looks the part of a super heroine. She isn’t an actress by any means, but her reactions to all the blows were some of the best I have seen in the business. They are just as good as Christina Carter’s and Cali Logan’s, if not better. If you love low blows, you will love the reaction Superia gives after each blow. The moans given off just make heart race. Her delivery on her spoken dialogue was not bad either. My favorite line would have to be when Superia address the size of Tony’s penis and states “Oh my God! He’s too big!!! It’ll never fit!!! I can’t let him take me! I can’t let him take my virginity!!!” Those lines were music to my ears, lol.

    I also loved how the costume hugged Superia’s curves. Her hips and bare legs and ass looked to die for. Hopefully other super heroine peril producers take note of this and see how much the cut on a leotard’s bottoms add so much more SEX APPEAL to the video. You can call it subjective, but tell me it’s not sexy as hell watching a superheroine get punched to the ground wearing a high cut leotard and watching that costume ride up. So much more sexier than seeing a generic leotard with granny panty bottoms or generic cut.

    The villains were also spectacular, especially the main one named Tony. His performance added a whole lot to the movie. His campy take on the character caused me to hate him even more and made it truly disheartening whenever he got the best of Superia. Out of the two other male villains, stole the show. I also loved how the telepathic villain Vito, flicks his tongue in a cunnilingus matter at the heroine during the initial confrontation. The actress playing Synestra also did a fantastic job. I just love the look she has going. She really looks the part of evil villainess and her delivery is flawless. I have seen her playing super heroine characters before, but the role of villainess really fits her best. You can tell she enjoys it!!!

    The score was also outstanding . It added so much more to the movie and the peril scenes. Throughout the movie you tend to forget it’s there because it sounds so natural.

    You really have to nit pick to find anything wrong with this awesome movie. Trust me it’s pretty hard. I really only have few complaints that I would like to see addressed. I would have liked to see Superia punched around the room even more. I am sure the setting really restricted that since it was concrete floor, but it would have been awesome to see the villains punch Superia between each other and onto furniture to give us more views of that extremely sexy ass of hers and thighs.

    Another thing I would like to see addressed is the actresses’ heroic stance. Sometimes her poses and movement when she is not in peril are pretty awkward. A perfect example of this would be at the 8:15 mark of the movie when Superia turns around. It looks rather stiff. These complaints are all nit picky and by no means hurt the movie in anyway. The movie is still a 10.0 in my book.

    There is so much more I am leaving out like the story and Rye’s camera work, but this film has so many positives that it is nearly impossible to fit it all in one review. Simply put, this movie has everything; a good story, sexy actress playing the heroine with an equally sexy costume (high cut bottoms everybody *wink wink*) , great villains who you love to hate, and a perfect mixture of regular and sexual peril.

  2. Wow! Thanks Jose! I really appreciate all the great comments and loved that you even had some suggestions for the next video. As usual I will try and accomodate those! Her stance will be easy 😉

    Dark J-
    Also thank you very much for all the props! I am super happy that you liked the video and took the time to post your thoughts!

    Nicheclips fans-
    The uncut version is now available at :)

  3. @ Rye

    Those suggestions are just nitpickiness! The Vengance Factor was amazing and even if you disregard these suggestions, the movie is still great!!! A perfect 10 in my book.

    I would really have liked to see the trio of villains punch her around the room more. I am not sure if you have seen Alex Bettinger’s Black Falcon 2 but there is a scene in that movie where the villains all circle Nicole Oring’s Ninja Hawk. They all take turns punching her around into each other’s arms around the whole circle. It’s a great spot!!! I haven’t watched that episdoe in a long time but if I remember correctly, they also take turns fondling her and throw her around the circle so each one gets a chance to take his turn.

    Again this is just nitpicking!!!! The Vengeance Factor is very, and I mean VERY satisfying. If only I could get some private alone time, :(


  4. Well it’s really the little things that I like to try and make happen because that is what can separate a good video from a great video. The Black Falcon series is indeed very well done. Great setup and a very good production all around. About 3 movies from now I plan on having Superia face a gang of crooks that are wanted for violent sex crimes and I am sure that setting will more than allow for the style scenes you want.

    For those of you waiting for to release Vengence Factor it is now live and available :)

  5. While having her super at the beginning is great, it’s all one-sided after that. It’d be great to have a little more back-and-forth, where the heroine keeps fighting but is gradually overpowered, weakened and beaten.

  6. Jose: Thank you for supplying that costume! My initial interest in this video came just from the costume, as I LOVE those high cut bottoms! I’m such a huge fan of that look. Of course, I later found out (after seeing the video) how amazing Ashley was as a super-heroine, and what a great talent Rye is, but damn that costume (and Ashley’s body in it)…it was love at first sight : D

  7. @Dark J
    Yeah man! I grew up in the 80’s so I was always attracted to that 80’s high cut look, especially those sexy aerobic’s leotards. I really don’t understand why that style of cut isn’t used alot within the genre. It’s very prominent in the comic book world today as you can see that many super heroines who have body suits or leotards as costumes have that high cut look. I think maybe it’s because of all the low rise jeans and lingerie that the fashion industry has deemed in style these days for women. It’s funny because I sometimes try and pull up my wife’s hipster panties to resemble that look and she will have none of it.

    I do not mean to sound like a kiss ass either but all the thanks should go to Rye. If it wasn’t for him, the costume would have never have never fit Ashley. The man is simply a miracle worker.

    If you ever have money to play with, I highly recommend ordering a custom from him. He does everything in his power to make sure you are satisfied.

  8. Jose: I was a little young during the 80’s, but I still came to love the high cut look. Yes, those 80’s aerobics leotards are amazing, and as a hardcore comic book reader, you’re so right about the high cut look still being used. I agree that you don’t see that look enough in this genre (the reason why I was so excited when I first so your/Rye’s costume for Superia). Funny story with your wife…I have tried that a few times with girlfriends, and was met with a similar response. I particularly love wedgies, and those high legs definitely cause them. Ashley just looked delicious with that costume riding up on her. And those bare hips…okay, I better stop LOL

    I would imagine that a custom from Rye would be money-well-spent. I watched “The Vengeance Factor” a second time all the way through, and I still can’t believe how good it is!

  9. deathcake

    Hey guys. Whats the difference between the normal version, and the uncut version? Just about to purchase, but nicheclips requires setting about an account, and probably will take a while to get my account activated. Looks awesome and can’t wait to get me hands on it!

  10. Thanks again guys!

    The only difference is that towards the end of the nicheclips version she gets strangled for a while and dies. The clips4sale version she is just KO’d and dragged away. 😉

    That is something i’ve wanted to do for a while but doesn’t get requested very often. My next couple movies are already filmed but I can give that a try on the next movie I film. Thanks for the suggestion!


  11. Hey rye,

    What happened to the other trailer? I was interested in seeing one mote before buying.

  12. Ya I got behind and decided to press forward with editing the movie but I can probably make another this weekend 😉

  13. Rye: I apologize in advance if this has already been asked, but do you have more plans for Ashley in this particular costume? I know is coming, so I assume that’s the case, but just wanted to make sure. Also, any timetable on when the site will launch?

  14. darklord

    no doubt Rye makes (on a consistent basis anyways) the best heroine movies around, and this movie is very good. the costume and actress are fantastic, but i am not AS high on the film as others seem to be.

    my biggest “complaints” would be how the superheroine is overpowered. I know the trailer shows this so it wasn’t a surprise, but still disappointing. a snap of a finger? to me the best part of these movies is the “turn”, i.e. where the heroine goes from upper hand to the beginning of the end so to speak. a more clever trap or another way of being over powered would’ve been better. i love Synestra as she definitely plays a great villainess, just wish she did more or something else to over power Superia.

    also as a personal preference, i prefer a monster or super villian as opposed to a “regular dude” beating up a de-powered superheroine. just seems to add to the peril.

    all in all, the movie is definitely worth the purchase and does deliver some great moments, but just figured i’d give my two cents for what it is worth. again, as stated many times, the costume/actress are the best parts of the film and definitely make it very unique. voice overs/hearing the heroine’s thoughts is great too, love that idea.

  15. Dark J-
    Yes Ashley will be Superia in several movies to come actually 😉 will likely launch in May.

    You and I have very similar tastes 😉
    Pretty much everything you listed is how I like Superheroine movies including the use of monsters. Heck if I had the budget for it I would have a full CG 50 foot monster that could actually hold on to her 😉 So you must be asking yourself why haven’t my latest movies included this style of peril..? All of the latest requests have been for krypto or magic and not a single soul has asked me for monsters much to my own dismay.

    The next 2 releases have already been filmed however since you brought up my favorite peril style I will make sure my third release includes these elements :)


  16. “krypto or magic” – booooooooring
    Monsters and Gorilla’s – I can’t wait!!!!!!!

  17. saxman314

    +1,000,000 for monsters or superhuman bad guys kicking the shit out of superheroines and then taking them. I’ve always liked that about your films, so I never thought to request it. When the very first punished heroines films started, with that chick in the shiny red outfit (or was the “Justice Girl” in black before that one?) in the hotel getting beat by the demon, that’s what hooked me into the punished heroines videos. The quality has come a LONG way since those days, but the premise still appeals to me more than almost any other.

  18. Rye, I agree 1000% with Jose. The high cut leo look on Superia is absolutely perfect in this video. There is nothing sexier in a superheroine costume than that. I also am a big fan of bare legs like Superia has.

    Several products today have the nylons or tights….just my opinion, that defeats the purpose.

    Bare gorgeous legs with high cut leos is the BOMB. Congratulations on a great video and please keep up the great work!

  19. I had a question for Rye..but maybe someone else here knows…
    Is Battle For Earth done/gone inactive? Seems like since Rye’s started his own site the BFE stuff has stopped coming. Not complaining, just curious.They obviously came into the scene willing to throw out some fairly serious money for the production values…just wonder if the return they got wasn’t enough to keep going?

  20. -Gil
    They aren’t done 😉 They had a studio move from one state to another that took longer than expected. They actually just released a new Shadow Girl video that I wrote the script for but I was not able to be present for the production.

  21. watashi

    can you list all of paris kennedy’s video?
    one more thing, do you accept qatar riyals for payment?

  22. watashi – I think your question is probably intended for Alex Bettinger, who produces videos pretty regularly with Paris Kennedy. You may want to contact him directly here:

  23. Second trailer???? This would be my first purchase so I want to see the extent of the peril and acting ability please and thanks :)


  24. Joe-

    Should have the second trailer on sunday as that is the first day I will have open to work on it.


  25. sasha

    Completely agree..the costume is the best! All of the genre should take note..

  26. lycan

    Great vid. I would have loved to see her costume all dirty at the end. Maybe next movie you’ll have the villains drag her through the mud.

  27. Chris

    I love the death version more than the knockout version, because it’s basically the same movie except that you see how Superia dies in the first and the text appears in the second to explain her weakness.

  28. gabriel

    i purchased this video yesterday, and i have to tell you that i didnt regret

    very good work, amazing actress, beautiful costume

  29. darkkight

    hey Rye, who’s the girl in “Superia in The Vengeance Factor”? she’s Beautiful. what’s her name? Btw, great stuff. keep it up 😀