The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 – “Alternate Dimension”

The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth returns with a new video and a new Superianna and a new dimension in which the final battle takes place between the superheroine and her assailant. Although the setting is different, the basic format remains the same, with Superianna getting her arse handed to her by her attacker, but also getting in a few blows of her own. 

The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"

Episode 22 begins with Spawn vowing to “decimate all superheroines” on Earth, and in every possible dimension to achieve “total annihilation and total control.”  Whatever Spawn’s flaws are, you can never accuse him of lacking ambition.

The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"

Meanwhile, Loc’Cal plans to torment Superianna once again—this time by placing her in different dimensions.  Apparently, he’s really angry at Superianna (played by a new actress) for her reluctant alliance with Spawn, so he places her in a dimension where Spawn controls everything.  I can see how this would have a disorienting effect on a superheroine.

The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"

Superianna, wearing nothing but a trash bag (and that’s not an intended knock against her superheroine costume; I mean she literally wears a trash bag during this scene), decides to find some proper attire and figure out what the hell is going on.  She finds some street clothes and a black wig and sets out to find Kelford, who might be able to explain things to her. Before she can set out on her quest, she encounters a henchman who fights her.  (He’s invisible to her, but not to us).  The fight scene lasts a few minutes, with Superianna and the thug trading blows back and forth, but with Superianna on the losing end most of the time.

The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"The Battle for Earth, Episode 22 - "Alternate Dimension"

Eventually, Superianna makes it back to Spawn’s evil base, where the action (and superheroine beatdown) really begins.  Superianna finds herself in a weird alternate universe where she fights an assailant for a long time and gets beaten down and dominated.  Some viewers might not care for this universe, as it presents some fairly murky visuals, but others might like the fantasy aspect of a fight scene that takes place in another dimension.  Check out the video and feel free to leave your comments below.

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Lol – all right guys…
So here’s the sum up or the plan I suppose:

The writers are basically bringing this thing right back around. 5 and 5 is exactly what it’s going to be. Here are your characters:


Spawn – With hate in his heart for Avalon after she killed Elise or Syren, he’s spent his life devoted to world domination, trying to resurrect Elise, working on an ultimate strength and invincibility serum, and doing away with superheroines, a product of his anger towards Avalon. He’s never deviated from this. Alliances, plans to form an army of new superheroines, and his father and Lor’cal have only been introduced to distract him. He’s still single minded and returns always to the above agenda. His powers are super strength from the serum, control of energy, control of super heroine’s powers, the ability to absorb powers, mind control, etc… but not multi-dimensionally. Originally a simple human being, he’s advanced himself far beyond anyone on earth through genetic manipulation, and control of energy.

Lor’cal – Claims to be the master of all time and space, but it seems he only has control over dark energy – this is important and will come up in future episodes. He does have the ability to show different dimensions, but much as a magician works smoke and mirrors on the audience, Lor’cal may be less than a multi dimensional god. He says he hates Spawn since Spawn is killing off his food supply – odd for a being who claims to be of energy base. Smoke and mirrors perhaps? His powers obviously are the ability to manipulate energy and he claims to be able to be able to manipulate time and space, yet can only do so using dark energy. With no physical form to create an offensive in his arsenal, he relies on others to do his bidding.

Nuclay – Spawn’s father but not a super villain. Brought in to bring Spawn conflict, but not as a continuing role.

Kaid – Also not a super villain, but an integral villain none the less. The original creator of the first form of the serum, he is more brilliant than Spawn gives him credit for, and underestimated as his DNA was the building block for the serum. His powers are simply from the serum – super strength, and a slight ability to control energy. His strengths lie in his combat skills.

Nuc Man – (name will change with respect to Rye) Genetically created by Spawn, he carries all of Superianna’s powers and then some. He is physically one of two being’s capable of defeating Superianna.

Nuc Girl – (name will change with respect to Rye) Same as the above, except she was trained and her powers while genetically altered, originated in part from within.

Wildcard – whatever Spawn’s project he’s been toiling away at for months now is almost complete. We are to assume it’s a manifestation of Elise, but in what form? Further, will this mystery villain replace one of the above 5?

Other thugs – inconsequential to the story line and usually controlled by Spawn or Lor’cal – certainly will make reappearances when appropriate


Avalon – (name will change with respect to Rye) – A college student by day, crime fighter when necessary, her powers of combat, super speed, strength and energy control afford her a position as one of the more powerful superheroines in TBFE. Having gone quiet for some time, she isn’t down for the count – captured? Under cover? We’ll find out.

Superianna – The most powerful superheroine and clear leader of what ultimately will become a team of 5 heroines to confront evil head on, her powers of super strength, telekinetic manipulation, energy control through laser eyes, wind, and the ability to fly, place her as the greatest threat to Spawn. A college student by day, she has now had to take a few semesters off to deal with a barrage of captures, beatings, slavery, retraining, and then recalling. Last scene disappearing into the realm of outer space, she is sure to return stronger than ever.

Elektris/Night Girl – A young superheroine who comes by her control of electricity and therefore energy by mistake, gets tangled in a short lived alliance between Nuclay and Kaid – she is trained but then set free. As Elektris, Spawn orders her killed, and through anger at having been double crossed, her character morphs into a darker and darker heroine every episode we see her, as does her suit around her, integral to controlling her energy. Now as Nightgirl, her combat skills and control of energy are only second to the fact that she actually can’t be killed – at least we don’t know how yet. She also has discovered the ability to control other villain’s or heroine’s powers, much as Spawn can. Further, she can draw strength from darkness, a key point for future episodes. This positions her as another worthy adversary to Spawn, and possibly even Lor’cal, a villain of darkness himself.

Nova – Brought in to introduce Kelford Nuclear Industries, but will not be returning, suggesting she was probably one of the superheroines killed by Spawn.

Trinity – (name will change with respect to Rye) With incredible strength and manipulation of energy as well, she is a field agent by day, positioning her to intercept critical information when needed. Important to note she has two sisters Divinity and Serenity (names will change again). We’ve seen Divinity but her fate is still up in the air. We’ve never seen Serenity. Trinity, an Amazonian with super strength and speed hails from a family that can only produce what one might imagine as a very “powerful” girl(s). Who’s to say which sister will be strong enough to join the team of 5?

Shadowgirl – With super strength, hearing, combat skills, and an obvious connection to a little flying black creature, we’ve viewed her in two episodes, yet her fate is up in the air as well. It would appear she was last captured by one of Spawn’s thugs, and so therefore, Spawn would have either disposed of her, used her powers, or even kept her body? It’s a mystery yet to be unveiled.

That about sums up the finer points of the characters and the basic plot. It’s notable to mention that one of the superheroines will battle a good and evil within themselves, and could possible switch sides – replacing which of the 5? Ep 22 and 23 really leave a few of the story lines wide open and leave room for new sub plots, necessary to complete the original concept. That leaves us where we’re at. I’m sure there are small details and finer points that lie open for dispute or discussion, but we’ve attempted to leave much open to interpretation, as in an ongoing storyline such as this, it can be confusing. The above are the important characters and plot lines!

I guess if you’ve read through all of this, you’d probably figure out it’s pretty important to see all the episodes to catch the entire story line! I’m sure everyone hasn’t purchased all of them, so hopefully this helps!



Good to know I am not alone. I loved the initial story. The first two episodes featuring Avalon were great and gave us a simple, but effective setup.

Avalon, badly hurts Spawns wife. Spawn wants revenge. His plan is to harvest the DNA of five heroines to create a super being to help him get that revenge. That was a great start. What happened to that story? The website was flying high after the release of Episodes 7-9. Those episodes introduced Superiorgirl, Nuclearman, and Radiance. Three good characters. I thought those episodes were going to lead to some cool showdowns. Radiance vs Trinity or maybe Nuclearman vs Avalon.

Instead, the next few episodes drifted away from this and never returned. My advice, do a Crisis on Infinite Earths type retcon. You made Lor’cal “the master of time and space.” Sounds like he would be a great choice to do a “universal” reboot of some sort. It would give you a fresh start. Then I would ditch the character of Lor’cal completely. I appreciate the creativity, but I don’t think a disembodied voice makes for a good villain.


I am a big story guy, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to TBFE in the first place, but I have to agree; the story is all over the place and a reboot should be in order to re-establish the continuity. I got lost way back when the first team up between Spawn and Superianna occurred.


Nope, I agree with you. I really really like this model though. The last one, no disrespect intended, but, she didn’t look like a superheroine. She looked too fake, and a little on the erm, unfit side. That’s what made the very first episode good. The model looked like she could be doing all this stuff. But yeah, the story. Don’t have the foggiest whats happening.

Oh and nice to the see the heroine giving a little beating. That’s super important if you want to take the heroines seriously 🙂 Nice job though.


I am a big fan of The Battle for Earth. I have watched every episode and want them to be successful. When Rye left I was a little worried, but in my opinion the overall production values have actually improved. My only concern is that the story is becoming a disjointed mess. Actually, it’s not becoming a mess, it’s already a mess.

I don’t understand what is going on anymore. Alternate dimensions, Lor’cal possessing others, Spawns father showing up and disappearing, unusual alliances that don’t always seem to make sense. I just can’t follow it. I do like the peril, but I’m a big story fan as well. I truly think a reboot of some sort is in order. I think you should get back to the original plan. Five heroines, five villains.

I could be very much alone in my thinking here, but I think it would help the overall quality of their product by getting back to the basics of what you designed the site to be. I have written before that I would love to see a little more TBFE type peril in Next Global Crisis videos. I think TBFE would benefit by having a little NGC type storytelling in their videos.