“Swift Showdown” from UltraHeroix

Ultraheroix has just released the follow-up to what I thought was their breakthrough video, Swift Reunion and by the looks of things, they aren’t done raising their game. When we last saw Swift Girl she was in a great deal of peril after being beaten down by three powerful villains.

Swift Girl got a bit of a reprieve however when American Amazon (the Ultraheroix version of Wonder Woman) arrived. This is where Swift Showdown picks up, and American Amazon quickly proves her worth when she uses her whip/lasso to great effect and fights off one of the villains. Things then break down into two separate one-on-one duels. While the villains’ leader Vod stays on the sidelines, Nuclea takes on her sister and American Amazon takes on Gorn. And to make things simple we will go through these fights one at a time (beware possible spoilers).

Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 2Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 3Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 4

American Amazon vs Gorn – American Amazon dodges several of Gorn’s attacks, lands some punches of her own, and throws Gorn into a wall. The fight moves outside where Gorn slaps a reverse bearhug on the Amazon. On the verge of unconsciousness she manages to get her whip/rope around the villain’s leg and throw him off balance, which allows her to escape his grasp. Just when it seems American Amazon has the advantage, Gorn severely disorients her with a sonic attack. However, she is able to stop the attack with a blow to his throat and eventually knocks him out with a series of punches and kicks.

Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 5Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 6Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 7

Swift Girl vs Nuclea – The two sisters exchange some punches but Nuclea takes the early advantage. She blasts Swift Girl with an energy attack and kicks her in the stomach several times. Swift Girl recovers and connects with several punches that eventually down the villainess.

After the two fights, the heroines come together and face off against Vod, and they are clearly outmatched. After locking them in a double choke/throat lift, he throws American Amazon away, slaps Swift Girl in a bearhug, and squeezes her unconscious. American Amazon tries to mount some offense but catches a punch to her stomach and is given a backbreaker which leaves her writhing in pain.

Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 8Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 9Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 10

Vod places his hands on American Amazons forehead and activates some kind of attack which causes her a great deal of discomfort. He then slaps her in another bearhug which renders her unconscious.

Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 11Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 12Swift Showdown from UltraHeroix 13

I liked this video a lot. I especially enjoyed the battle near the end where the two heroines were locked in a futile struggle to take down a more powerful opponent. I actually wish that fight would have lasted a lot longer. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that the safety mats kept on showing up wherever the fights took place. I can understand why they did this. The characters take some pretty rough falls, and safety is paramount, but the mats are highly noticeable. It didn’t ruin the film for me (far from it), but I imagine some people may be put off by it. Other than that, I thought Swift Showdown was an excellent addition to their series.

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@Da Jinx and Sidekick both raise the subject of the safety mats which have to be used in all these movies to some extent – otherwise most of the action moves would be taking place in the ER!
One solution to this would be to review how you frame the falls. By a more imaginative use of cuts, you can edit in a separate landing on the hard surface, which in reality are nothing more than the actor landing without any real force. Show the throw with the victim coming at the camera, the cut to the landing with a side shot, or an over shot for variation. The actor sells the landing in much the same way they sell their reaction to punches.
I realise this takes longer, with set up, lighting, rehearsal and so on, and adds to the costs, but if you want to lose the visual intrusion this is I’m afraid the only way (unless you know where to get hold of a superheroine stunt performer…and if you do, share their number with me).

Da Jinx

Thanks for the review sidekick, I’m glad you like it. We put a lot into it and I’m happy to see how well it’s doing with the fans. As for the safety mats, It’s like you said, it’s for safety and it gave the actors more flexibilty and comfort in doing some moves. The actors took some good bumps for the fight scenes so they were needed. Unfortunatley we couldn’t get the exact match in color compared to the surroundings but atleast I don’t think it’s too distracting.

@ Redmountain, I’m glad you like American Amazon. We definately have more planned for her in the future.


Loved American Amazon and hope that she gets her own stand alone peril series! 🙂


The action and the idea seems really good, but to two actresses portraying the two protagonists just don’t really do it for me (but that’s just personal taste). Love the effort put forth in making the video–if some other actresses are used down the line (perhaps an extension of this plot), I would definitely buy that video.