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Christina Carter WW Dark Days 1 175x98 Christina Carters Wonder Woman   Dark Days[Adults only] Two of the best in the business, Christina Carter and Diana Knight, return to face off against each other once again in Wonder Woman – Dark Days, available now. Ms. Carter plays Wonder Woman while Ms. Knight plays Dark Wonder Woman in the fourth installment in this series. [Read more…]


KOG The Dark Lord Rises Featured The Dark Lord Rises Part 1 from Knights of Gotham[Adults only] A new film starring Diana Knight and Evangeline von Winter is available from Knights of Gotham. The Dark Lord Rises – Part 1 is the first in a four-episode story to be released by the company, so check out more info below and stay tuned for more information. [Read more…]

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DK Batgirl Double Vision 1 175x98 Diana Knights Batgirl: Double Vision[Adults only] Diana Knight stars as Diana Prince (and an evil character called The Doppelganger) alongside Evangeline von Winter as Batgirl. Content includes: catsuit, boots, rope bondage, struggling, impending doom, female submission, and latex. Check below for more information.  [Read more…]


Diana Knight WWFA 1 175x98 Diana Knights Wonder Woman: Frozen Assets[Adults only] It’s always good news when Diana Knight has a new superheroine video available, and that’s the case now with the recent release of Wonder Woman: Frozen Assets. Ms. Knight stars as the titular Wonder Woman, who faces off against Evangeline von Winter. [Read more…]

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ImageProxy 175x98 Heroine Movies “Week in Review” – June 30   July 6, 2014Happy Birthday, America!!!  What am I personally thankful for on our day of independence?  Well, there’s Next Global Crisis, KickAssKandy, KickAssFemmes, Picture Palace of Peril, and Rye-UK.  Damn.  Maybe we should have reconsidered the whole revolution thing.  Anyway, here’s the week in review a day early. [Read more…]


Diana Knight Super Demise 1 175x98 Diana Knights Supergirl vs. Catwoman: A Super Demise[Adults only] Evangeline von Winter and Diana Knight star as Supergirl and Catwoman, respectively, in Supergirl vs. Catwoman: A Super Demise. This video includes explicit content, so be warned; otherwise, enjoy the story description and multiple screen shots below. [Read more…]


DT Assault Bat Tearing 1 1 175x98 New Superheroine Videos from DT Wrestling[Adults only] Here’s a look at some new superheroine HQ videos from Double Trouble Wrestling, starring the likes of Paris Kennedy, Cali Logan (as Batgirl), Diana Knight (as Catwoman), Randy Moore, Hollywood, and more. Check out images below and head over to DT Wrestling for more! [Read more…]


Knights of Gotham Fembot Invasion 175x98 Fembot Invasion (A Batgirl Story) from Knights of GothamEvangeline von Winter and Diana Knight star in a new video from Knights of Gotham. Fembot Invasion (A Batgirl Story) involves Batgirl (von Winter) against a small legion of fembots, finally culminating in a confrontation with Diana Knight as Wonder Woman (or perhaps an impostor?). [Read more…]


WWDD3 Featured Christina Carter & Diana Knight in Dark Dimension 3[Adults only] Christina Carter and Diana Knight star in this impressive looking production from Ms. Carter’s production company. Christina Carter plays Wonder Woman, who faces off against “Dark” Wonder Woman, played by Diana Knight. Check out more information below! [Read more…]


Diana Knight Wonder Woman Faithful End 1 175x98 Diana Knights Wonder Woman: Faithful End[Adults only] Diana Knight and Evangeline von Winter star in a new film available at Diana Knight’s Clips4Sale store. Wonder Woman: Faithful End features some explicit content and a story in which Wonder Woman is “forced to humiliate herself in order to save her friend.” [Read more…]


Diana Knight Double Pleasure 1 175x98 Diana Knights Wonder Woman / Batgirl: Double Your Pleasure“Batgirl is in trouble so it’s Wonder Woman to the rescue! Wonder Woman finds Batgirl bound and gagged in an abandoned building. Diana rushes in to free her friend. Her efforts are interrupted by an attack from The Villain. Wonder Woman is about to show him who’s boss…” [Read more…]


DK Feline Finale 1 175x98 Christina Carter and Diana Knight in Feline FinaleHere’s a new video from the team of Diana Knight and Christina Carter, as Wonder Woman and Catwoman, respectively. Content includes fondling, gas knock-outs, forced truth, FAUSTA, bondage, and more. Check out images and a trailer below. [Read more…]

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bf201 175x98 Boxing Fantasies   Episode 2: The Payoff[Adults only] Boxing Fantasies has released a new episode: The Payoff. While not a direct follow-up to Boxing Fantasies’ previous episode, Raquel III, this episode features the same wild boxing action—this time with Goldie Blair, Bella Noire, and Diana Knight along for the ride. [Read more…]

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