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00Angels Femme Fatale 1 175x98 The Superheroines 00Angels: Femme Fatale & HL: Doomsday PlanCross the Line Films has introduced a new series called 00Angels. Here’s a look at the first episode, titled Femme Fatale. It’s a “girl power” video featuring a heroine who dominates her male opponent. (Also, check out my Doomsday Plan review below). [Read more…]


Heroine Legends Chill Out 1 175x98 Chill Out & Delivery for the Queen from Heroine LegendsA new outfit, a new attitude, and snowballs! You get that and more in Chill Out from Heroine Legends starring Lindsay Lamb and Kristin Ige. The film opens up with Celestia in her new white outfit, admiring herself in a mirror. And I don’t think she’s alone in admiring her hotness… [Read more…]


HL Kinetic Crusher 4 175x98 Heroine Legends Northern Star and Kinetic CrusherUPDATED with Kinetic Crusher! Heroine Legends has released a new film starring Tiffany Chase and Kristina Hess. Northern Star should appeal to fans of both ladies, as well as fans of AOH bondage and interrogation-based content. Check out images and a trailer for Northern Star below.  [Read more…]


HL SVE Amulet 1 175x98 New Films from Super vs. Evil and Heroine LegendsCross the Line Films has released three new videos: The Amulet of Control (from Super vs. Evil) as well as Completing the Collection and Tough Enough (from Heroine Legends). Check out my review of The Amulet of Control below, as well as trailers from the HL films.  [Read more…]


GOX1 1 175x98 Girls of X: 1. Old Flames Die from The SuperheroinesGal Gadot!? Jesse Eisenberg!? I’m completely outraged, but I have no idea why! Oh, sorry, wrong thread. We’re actually here to talk Old Flames Die, the premier episode of Girls of X starring Tiffany Chase and Logan Cross. And believe me, it’s a heck of a lot better than Man of Steel[Read more…]


HL 7 New Videos A Moment in Time 175x98 7 New Videos from Heroine LegendsHeroine Legends has released seven new films (a couple of which feature the Lady Wonder character) starring the likes of Kristin Ige, Tiffany Chase, Tatiana DeKhtyar, Heather Sims, Kristina Hess, and more. Check out images from each production below. [Read more…]


HL Onyx Strike 1 175x98 Onyx Strike from Heroine LegendsAny day involving Tatiana DeKhtyar is a good day. Seriously, do men just form a line to ask her out when she’s at a bar? Anyway, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Heroine Legends film to talk about, and they’ve just released Onyx Strikes. Let’s take a look. [Read more…]


HL Fighting for Adam 1 175x98 Heroine Legends Fighting for AdamFighting for Adam, the latest from Cross the Line Films, has just been released. It stars Tiffany Chase and Tatiana DeKhtyar, two actresses who generate just an insane amount of sex appeal. Let’s get to the review (and check out screen shots and a trailer below). [Read more…]


HL Still a Rookie 175x98 Still a Rookie and Cyrus Aftermath from Heroine LegendsHeroine Legends has released two new films just in time for the holidays—Still a Rookie, featuring a battle between Heather Sims and Tiffany Chase, and Cyrus Aftermath featuring Kristin Ige. Check out more information below, including trailers and reviews for both releases. [Read more…]


HL Heroines Revenge 1 175x98 Heroine Legends A Heroines Revenge and Icy DuelUPDATED with Icy Duel! A Heroine’s Revenge, starring Kristie Dowe and Joseph Carl White II, is another quickie from Cross the Line Films that focuses on combat and has no real ramifications on the ongoing Heroine Legends storyline. Check out my review and more information below. [Read more…]


HL YSIM 1 175x97 Heroine Legends Your Soul is MineYour Soul is Mine features the first lady of Heroine Legends, Kristina Hess, as the Black Queen facing off against Trinity, played by the increasingly popular Tiffany Chase. Works for me. Let’s get right to the review (along with screen shots and a trailer).  [Read more…]


HL Cyrus5 1 175x98 Heroine Legends Cyrus [5]It’s that time of year where we all can take a moment and think about what we’re truly thankful for. For me, it’s friends, family, and Heather Sims and Kristin Ige being super hot. Let’s review Cyrus [5], the final entry in the series. Enjoy my review, a trailer, and images. [Read more…]


HL Maleks Intentions 1 175x98 Maleks Intentions from Heroine LegendsHere’s a look at a new film from Heroine Legends called Malek’s Intentions, featuring the characters Trinity (previously seen in Heroine Legends’ Double Thorne) and Malek (previously seen in Return of the Black Queen 4, among others). Enjoy the stills and trailer below. [Read more…]