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NGC 6 10 175x98 NGC 5th Birthday Celebration SaleNext Global Crisis has announced a brand new, very limited time sale to take place this weekend only. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since NGC’s first episode was released, but apparently that is the case, and the company has announced this sale to mark the anniversary. [Read more…]


NGC Shadowstar Double Weakened Preview 1 175x98 Shadowstar: Double Weakened from NGCA new video from Next Global Crisis is coming soon. Shadowstar: Double Weakened features Shadowstar (of course) facing off against her dreaded enemy Lt. Hornblood, who has designs on using Shadowstar’s own power against her. Sounds like a fun time at the movies to me! [Read more…]


NGC FSS17 1 175x98 UPDATED! Fail Safe Sisters Lady Victory: OriginsUPDATED with review! Dominika van Santen and Rio Cormack star in Lady Victory: Origins. This is part one of a two part mini-series that tells the story of Lady Victory before she actually became Lady Victory. Enjoy the trailer, images, and review below, and join NGC’s Discounts List. [Read more…]


NGC S03E01 1 175x98 Season 3, Episode 2 from Next Global CrisisAnd now it’s time to take a look at the second episode in the third season of Next Global Crisis (the previous episode is reviewed here) . This one stars Aisling Knight, Eloise Oliver, Brian Appiah Obeng and Steve Sipple. Check out my review below. [Read more…]


vlcsnap 2014 06 27 12h08m50s102 175x98 Heroine Movies “Week in Review” – June 23 29, 2014So, HM is on vacation.  It’s actually his first in over sixty years.  He’s 92 years old, I bet you guys didn’t know that.  Anyway, I’m going to do my best to keep the machine running in his absence and I’ve put together another week in review column for your enjoyment. So, enjoy.

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NGC Bluebird Unbeatable 1 175x98 UPDATED! NGC Special #2: Bluebird: UnbeatableNext Global Crisis is well known for their exceptional story telling, but sometimes they take an opportunity to simplify things and do a non-canon film without any large story implications. And that’s what you get with Bluebird: Unbeatable, starring Claire Elise. [Read more…]


NGC SM2 Brainwash 1 175x98 NGCs Season 3, Side Mission 2: BrainwashWhat’s the meaning of life? Is there a God? Why won’t HM watch “Game of Thrones” no matter how much I pester him? All good questions, but none are as important as what the heck has been happening with Bluebird this past year? Let’s find out with my review of Season 3, Side Mission 2. [Read more…]


NGC S3SM1 1 175x98 Next Global Crisis: Season 3, Side Mission 1And we’re back with the first official “Side Mission” of Season 3, this one starring Genevieve Dunne, James Williams, and award winning actor/producer/writer/director Andrew Fraser. What award? I don’t know. I’m sure he’s won an award for something in his life. Let’s just talk about the film. [Read more…]


NGC Celestias Bad Idea 1 175x98 Celestias Bad Idea from Next Global CrisisA few readers, and one reviewer in particular (me), have been loving the trend that many of our producers have been following lately. And that trend is having a beautiful heroine take on a bigger, stronger female opponent and that’s exactly what happens in Celestia’s Bad Idea. [Read more…]


NGC Darkhearts Rule 1 175x98 Next Global Crisis   Season 3, Episode 1 (Review)The big season finales and the epic mini-series produced by NGC get a ton of love by fans, but has anyone else noticed how good the season premiers are? And that’s what we’re going to be taking a look at now—the Season 3 premier, starring Eloise Oliver, Steve Sipple, and Brian Appiah Obeng. [Read more…]


NGC Bluebird Must Obey 8 175x98 Bluebird Must Obey from Next Global CrisisBluebird Must Obey is the latest “Side Mission” from Next Global Crisis, and, I believe, the last release before the start of Season 3 (which we should have some more information about soon).  Let’s take a look at Bluebird Must Obey with a review and some preview images.  [Read more…]


NGC FSS Shadowstar Taken 1 175x98 Fail Safe Sisters: Shadowstar Taken from NGCWhen we last checked in with the Fail-Safe Sisters, Lucy Zillion was fighting to buy time for her sister Shadowstar. So, what has Shadowstar been up to? Let’s find out with a review of Fail-Safe Sisters, Episode 16: Shadowstar Taken, starring Merissa Porter and Elana Miller. [Read more…]


NGC Celestia Initiation 1 175x98 Celestia: Initiation from Next Global Crisis“What a preposterous suggestion! I would very much like for a clear explanation of my current plight at once.” Yep. With dialogue like that, you know it’s a Celestia video. Let’s do a review of Next Global Crisis’ Celestia: Initiation, starring the lovely Aisling Knight. [Read more…]