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NGC FSS Shadowstar Taken 1 175x98 Fail Safe Sisters: Shadowstar Taken from NGCWhen we last checked in with the Fail-Safe Sisters, Lucy Zillion was fighting to buy time for her sister Shadowstar. So, what has Shadowstar been up to? Let’s find out with a review of Fail-Safe Sisters, Episode 16: Shadowstar Taken, starring Merissa Porter and Elana Miller. [Read more…]


NGC Celestia Initiation 1 175x98 Celestia: Initiation from Next Global Crisis“What a preposterous suggestion! I would very much like for a clear explanation of my current plight at once.” Yep. With dialogue like that, you know it’s a Celestia video. Let’s do a review of Next Global Crisis’ Celestia: Initiation, starring the lovely Aisling Knight. [Read more…]


NGC BB2020 Part4 1 175x98 Next Global Crisis Bluebird 2020   Part 4UPDATED with review! So, after physically and emotionally demolishing one of your most popular and beloved characters for three episodes, how do you top it off? Let’s find out by reviewing Bluebird 2020 – Part 4 from Next Global Crisis, starring Claire Elise and Samantha Svenson. [Read more…]


NGC Angels Mind Battle Preview 1 175x98 Angels Mind Battle (NGC Members Only Film)Here’s a trailer for an upcoming Members Only film from Next Global Crisis called Angel’s Mind Battle. You won’t want to miss this, so be sure to sign up and join Next Global Crisis’ Discounts List! (It’s not every day you get to see Angel in a deadly mind control battle.) [Read more…]


NGC Angel Deadly Sins 3 1 175x98 NGCs Angel: Deadly Sins   Part 3Here we are with the third and final installment of the incredibly well-produced mini-series Angel: Deadly Sins starring Anastasiya Breadson, Billie Vee, and James Bewley. Let’s take a look. (Be sure to join the Next Global Crisis Discounts List while you’re at it.) [Read more…]


NGC Farewell Lady Victory 1 175x98 Fail Safe Sisters Farewell Lady Victory (Members Only)Unfortunately, the time has come to bid farewell to a beloved and popular superheroine, the one and only Lady Victory. The good news is that we’ve all got one more chance to join NGC’s Discounts List to see Lady Victory’s last adventure. Check out the trailer below! [Read more…]


NGC FSS15 1 175x98 Fail Safe Sisters 15: Lucy Zillion v Delilah Crunch (Review)It’s always great when a producer makes a movie that feels like it was made just for you—a film that feels like a custom that you didn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars/euros for. And that’s the case for me with Fail-Safe Sisters 15 starring Hayley-Marie Axe and Tia Meddins. [Read more…]


NGC Bluebird2020 3 1 175x98 NGCs Bluebird 2020   Part 3 (Review) UPDATED with review! [Join NGC's Discounts List here] It can’t get better than what has come before, can it? Let’s find out together. Here’s my review of Next Global Crisis’ Bluebird 2020 – Part 3 starring Claire Elise (as Bluebird, of course), Samantha Svenson, and James Williams. [Read more…]


NGC Bluebird Outnumbered 1 175x98 NGC Members Only Film   Bluebird OutnumberedJoin NGC’ Discounts List! NGC is about to release a new Members Only film featuring Bluebird in a tough battle against a couple of ruthless thugs. Shock sticks and chloroform are rumored to be involved. Also, check out a preview of Bluebird’s new costume below! [Read more…]


NGC ADS2 1 175x98 Angel: Deadly Sins   Part 2 from NGC (Review)(Join NGC’s Discounts List here.) I don’t know about you, but to my eyes, Anastasiya Breadson is just about the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. Seriously, everything about her is sexy. Even her name. But she’s not alone in her sexiness in this video as Billie Vee returns as Envy to torment our heroine. [Read more…]


NGC Hypnosis Preview 1 175x98 Two Trailers from Next Global CrisisNext Global Crisis has released a new teaser for Angel: Deadly Sins – Part 2 and a trailer for a new Member’s Only film featuring Miss Freedom and Celestia. Make sure you’re a member of Next Global Crisis’ Discounts List to receive the latest information (and Member’s Only films). [Read more…]


NGC MFSD2 1 175x98 NGCs Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat   Part 2Harriet Moran, Samantha Svenson and Lexi Jones—that’s a trio that’s hard to beat. Here’s my review of Secret Defeat Part II, which opens with Miss Freedom on the ground regaining consciousnesses and finding she is still in the presence of Miss Suppression and Pandora Gold. [Read more…]


NGC Athena Triad Preview 1 175x98 NGCs Athena in Triad of Terror (Members Only)A new Member’s Only film from Next Global Crisis is on the way, and below you’ll find a trailer for this new project, which features Athena up against more than one attacker. Join Next Global Crisis’ Discounts List for a chance to own this video, and check below for more information. [Read more…]