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HK Celestia vs Domina 1 175x98 Six New Videos from Cross the Line EntertainmentCross the Line Entertainment has released not one, but six videos very recently. They are: Celestia v. Domina (reviewed by Sidekick below), Moxley vs Enigma, Amoeba vs Vega, Nightshade vs Dark Vega, Guarding the Amulet, and Syphon vs Moxley. Check out additional info below. [Read more…]


SVE Following Orders 1 175x98 Following Orders from Cross the Line EntertainmentLindsay Lamb and Shannon Reynosa together in the same film. I don’t know about you, but that’s all I need to know to get my attention. Here’s my review of Following Orders from Cross the Line Entertainment. [Read more…]


HK Allura Firestar 1 175x98 Lady Wonders Revenge & HK:  Allura vs. FirestarUPDATED with Lady Wonder’s Revenge! Warning:  If you have a heart condition, I would advise you not watch Allura vs Firestar, the latest entry in the Heroine Kombat series, starring Bridget Winder and Shannon Reynosa.  The pure sex appeal just may kill you.  Here’s the rundown. [Read more…]


HK Valor Amethyst 1 175x98 Heroine Kombat: Valor vs. AmethystCross the Line Films has just released another Heroine Kombat episode featuring Kristie Dowe as Valor taking on Tammy Tolene as Amethyst.  We hope you enjoy the trailer, review, and photos below. [Read more…]


KAF FATB 1a Femme and the Beast from KickAssFemmesIt’s just perfect. For me at least. Every single thing that I’ve ever wanted to see, every scenario that I personally love has been delivered by KickAssFemmes. And this week we get Femme and the Beast, a sequel to FemmeZilla where Clubber Thong just beat the ever loving hell out of Cat. [Read more…]


CTLE Canary Breaking the Bond 4 1 175x98 Canary: Breaking the Bond [Part 4] from CTLECanary: Breaking the Bond Part 4 starring Lindsay Lamb, Kristina Hess, Samantha Bogach, Gloria Baraquio, Shante Reese, Reuben Games and Bridget Winder is out and available. And I think it’s the biggest and best made film of the series thus far.  [Read more…]


HL Hawke FIrestar 1 175x98 The Superheroines “Heroine Kombat: Hawke v FirestarShannon Reynosa and Tristin Rupp star in the latest Heroine Kombat episode that features Firestar taking on Hawke.  And after serious consideration and a lot of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that both are still super, super hot.  Enjoy the review, trailer, and photos below. [Read more…]


KAF TransFemmers 1 175x98 Transfemmers from KickAssFemmesAnd we kick off our British invasion weekend with another brilliant KickAssFemmes film.  And this time we get some new blood as two Kandygirls make their KAF debuts in a film that’s a complete and utter beatdown.  Check out the trailer, photos, and the review below for Transfemmers. [Read more…]


Screen Shot 2014 06 29 at 9.30.57 PM 175x98 “Super vs. Evil: Seeking Revenge” from CTLEHeather Sims, Shannon Reynosa, and Kristina Hess star in the latest Super vs Evil release “Seeking Revenge.”  And this is a film that I have been greatly anticipating since I saw the initial trailer and preview photos that were released a while back, and for me the film completely delivered.  Enjoy the review and trailer below. [Read more…]


NGC S03E01 1 175x98 Season 3, Episode 2 from Next Global CrisisAnd now it’s time to take a look at the second episode in the third season of Next Global Crisis (the previous episode is reviewed here) . This one stars Aisling Knight, Eloise Oliver, Brian Appiah Obeng and Steve Sipple. Check out my review below. [Read more…]


ImageProxy1 175x98 “Killer Femmes” from Kick Ass FemmesIt takes very little effort to get me interested in a Kickassfemmes episode, and it takes no effort whatsoever to get me interested in a Kickasskfemmes episode that features two of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.  Here’s my review of Killer Femmes starring Ella Palfrey and Tia Meddins. [Read more…]


CTLE SVE The Conversion 1 175x98 SVE 10: The Conversion & HL: Your Soul is Mine 8Watching these Super vs Evil episodes is a real blow to the old self-esteem; when I see ridiculously good looking people like Kristina Hess, Lindsay Lamb and basically every other girl in the cast, I just can’t help feeling even less attractive than usual. And then they put Gloria Baraquio and Kristin Ige together, and I feel even worse than before. It’s a vicious cycle. [Read more…]


Heroine Kombat MvT 13 175x98 Cross the Lines Heroine Kombat: Mystic v TonyHey, it’s another “Heroine Kombat” episode, this time starring Kristina Hess as Mystic and Mario Rocha as Tony.  And call it a hunch, but I have an ominous feeling this won’t end well for our heroine.  Let’s be sure with a review (and beware spoilers below).  [Read more…]