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Shadowgirl Welcome to Earth 2 1 175x96 Shadowgirl: Welcome to Earth   Part 2Torture, peril, fighting, and Tiffany Chase not wearing a heck of a lot of clothing. What more can a Cross the Line Entertainment fan ask for? Here’s my review of Shadowgirl: Welcome to Earth Part 2. [Read more…]


KAF Game of Femmes Preview 1 175x98 Game of Femmes from Kick Ass FemmesKickAssFemmes returns with Game of Femmes, the third episode in what has become to me and my brother from another mother, Jade Owl, the greatest web site ever created. That’s not hyperbole. I really believe that. Anyway, let’s discuss. [Read more…]


Super vs Evil Studying the Prey 1 175x98 Super vs. Evil   Episode 7: Studying the PreyThe whole Super vs Evil storyline continues to get more and more intriguing to me, and the seventh episode in the series, Studying the Prey, is now available, starring Shannon Reynosa and Marilinda Rivera. Enjoy the review. [Read more…]


The Superheroines Protectors Spoiled Confidence 1 175x98 The Superheroines The Protectors: Spoiled ConfidenceSpoiled Confidence is the pilot episode for a new series from Cross the Line Entertainment called “The Protectors.” This initial episode features the characters Valor and Domina facing off against one another. Check out my short capsule review below (as well as a trailer and more info). [Read more…]


Heroine Legends Chill Out 1 175x98 Chill Out & Delivery for the Queen from Heroine LegendsA new outfit, a new attitude, and snowballs! You get that and more in Chill Out from Heroine Legends starring Lindsay Lamb and Kristin Ige. The film opens up with Celestia in her new white outfit, admiring herself in a mirror. And I don’t think she’s alone in admiring her hotness… [Read more…]


KAK Kick Ass SWAT 1 175x98 Kick Ass SWAT from KickAssKandyKick Ass SWAT is the newest release from KickAssKandy and features Diva, who I think for many reasons is the fastest rising star in the KAK universe. Let’s take a closer look with a review, trailer, and images from Kick Ass SWAT. [Read more…]


HL Your Soul is Mine 3 1 175x98 Your Soul is Mine Part 3 from The SuperheroinesYour Soul is Mine Part 3 has just been released by Cross The Line Entertainment, and it stars Kristina Hess and Tiffany Chase doing their level best to out-sexy one another. So far, I think it’s a tie. Let’s do a review. [Read more…]


The Superheroines Girls of X 2 1 175x98 Girls of X 2: The Assassin from The SuperheroinesCross the Line Films has just released the second episode on its new “Girls of X” series. The Assassin stars Kristina Hess and Logan Cross, the minds behind just about everything that Cross the Line Films has produced over the last couple of years. Let’s take a look.  [Read more…]


HL SVE Amulet 1 175x98 New Films from Super vs. Evil and Heroine LegendsCross the Line Films has released three new videos: The Amulet of Control (from Super vs. Evil) as well as Completing the Collection and Tough Enough (from Heroine Legends). Check out my review of The Amulet of Control below, as well as trailers from the HL films.  [Read more…]


GOX1 1 175x98 Girls of X: 1. Old Flames Die from The SuperheroinesGal Gadot!? Jesse Eisenberg!? I’m completely outraged, but I have no idea why! Oh, sorry, wrong thread. We’re actually here to talk Old Flames Die, the premier episode of Girls of X starring Tiffany Chase and Logan Cross. And believe me, it’s a heck of a lot better than Man of Steel[Read more…]


HL Onyx Strike 1 175x98 Onyx Strike from Heroine LegendsAny day involving Tatiana DeKhtyar is a good day. Seriously, do men just form a line to ask her out when she’s at a bar? Anyway, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Heroine Legends film to talk about, and they’ve just released Onyx Strikes. Let’s take a look. [Read more…]


The Neomegas Scions Setup 1 175x98 The Neomegas: Scions Setup from Cross the Line FilmsSo, Cross the Line Films has just released Scion’s Setup, the premier episode of The Neomega series. It stars Kristina Hess, Tiffany Chase, Logan Cross, and if I’m counting right, it’s the 438th series they now have in production. I’m kidding of course, but damn, do these people ever sleep? [Read more…]


HL Heroines Revenge 1 175x98 Heroine Legends A Heroines Revenge and Icy DuelUPDATED with Icy Duel! A Heroine’s Revenge, starring Kristie Dowe and Joseph Carl White II, is another quickie from Cross the Line Films that focuses on combat and has no real ramifications on the ongoing Heroine Legends storyline. Check out my review and more information below. [Read more…]