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HL YSIM 1 175x97 Heroine Legends Your Soul is MineYour Soul is Mine features the first lady of Heroine Legends, Kristina Hess, as the Black Queen facing off against Trinity, played by the increasingly popular Tiffany Chase. Works for me. Let’s get right to the review (along with screen shots and a trailer).  [Read more…]


HL PWM 1 175x98 Heroine Legends Playing with MagicPlaying with Magic, starring Brandon Blondun as Larken and Sophie Athena as Sapphire, is the latest release from Heroine Legends. It’s an episode that continues the recent trend of shorter HL films that have no real effect on the overarching story. Let’s get to it. [Read more…]


NGC Miss Freedom SD1 1 175x98 Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat   Part 1 from NGCCould NGC’s Secret Defeat – Part 1, featuring Harriet Moran, Samantha Svenson, and Lexi Jones, be foreshadowing some of what we may get when Season 3 from Next Global Crisis premieres next year? More on that later. For now let’s get to the review (and trailer) below. [Read more…]


NGC Bluebird 2020 2 1 175x98 NGC Mini Series Bluebird 2020   Part 2 (Review)Does Claire Elise suffer from a medical condition that causes her to look hotter each successive time she steps in front of a camera? I think the visual evidence clearly backs this up. Anyway, let’s get on with the review of Next Global Crisis’ Bluebird 2020 Part 2. [Read more…]


HL Cyrus 4 1 175x98 New Heroine Legends Group Custom and Cyrus [4]UPDATED with Cyrus [4] review! Heroine Legends has announced that funding has started for a new Group Custom with Kristina Hess as the Black Queen. The funding period will run through November with shooting scheduled to take place shortly thereafter. See more info below… [Read more…]


HL Cyrus3 1 175x98 Heroine Legends Cyrus [3]And here we are with Cyrus [3] from Heroine Legends, featuring Kristin Ige and Tatiana DeKhtyar. If you’re new to the series, feel free to check out our reviews for Part 1 and Part 2. I hope you enjoy my review for Part 3 below (as well as the trailer and images).   [Read more…]


SVE2 1 175x98 Super vs Evil   Episode 2: Enter the Shadows (Review)The entire Super vs Evil concept is just working for me, and now the second episode of the series, Enter the Shadows, featuring Brittany Ortiz-Nelson and Tiffany Chase, has been released. Check out my review, images and the embedded trailer below. [Read more…]


KAK Retaliation 1a Kickass: Retaliation from KickAssKandyOne of my favorite things to see is when one the ladies of Next Global Crisis or Kickasskandy crosses over to the other company. It always seems to turn out well, and that’s exactly the case here in KickAss: Retaliation, which I’ve written a review for below. [Read more…]

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CR SS1 10 175x98 Cult Retros Scarlet Scorpion 01: Origin of a SuperheroineUPDATED with images! Cult Retro is back with a new film called Scarlet Scorpion 01: Origin of a Superheroine, which is on sale until Monday (Oct. 21) at midnight. While this film features almost no action or peril (as the company says below) it at least signifies that Cult Retro has returned. [Read more…]

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HL Cyrus2 1 175x98 Heroine Legends Cyrus [2]Damn, I may have never seen a better looking video, and I’m not talking about the picture quality. Let’s jump right into the review of Cyrus [2] from Heroine Legends, featuring Sienna Ling and Kristin Ige. [Read more…]

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SVE Rune 1 175x98 The Rune of Therapy from Super vs. EvilThe folks behind Heroine Legends have expanded their horizons and started up a new superheroine series, “Super vs Evil.” It features an all female cast and several attractive faces that you’re most likely familiar with. Enjoy my review of The Rune of Therapy. [Read more…]

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FSS 13 1 175x98 Fail Safe Sisters: Part 13 from NGCIt’s been a while since we’ve visited the “Fail-Safe Sisters” universe, and I can’t think of a better character with whom to resume the series than fan-favorite Shadowstar, who finds herself up against the deadly KO Queen.  Check out the trailer and my review below.  [Read more…]

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HL Cyrus1 1 175x98 Heroine Legends Cyrus [1]Heroine Legends has just delivered Cyrus [1], the first part of Kristin Ige’s group custom, and I have to say that in my opinion, it absolutely lives up to the hype. Let’s get right to the review of Cyrus, along with preview images and a trailer. [Read more…]

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