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KAK I Kickass Featured I Kickass from KickAssKandyHere we are with a review of the best KickAssKandy film of all time. Yes, the best of all time. Here’s my review of I Kickass, which features “possilby the most powerful Kandygirl of all time,” according to the KickAssKandy web site.  [Read more…]


CTLE HK AVA 1 175x98 Cross the Lines Heroine Kombat: Allura v AngelstarFans really seemed to have enjoyed the “Heroine Kombat” series up to now, and I think they are about to like it even more. Bridget Winder and Lindsay Lamb star in Allura versus Angelstar in Heroine Kombat’s first all-female fight. [Read more…]


CTLE Canatry BTB2 1 175x98 Canary: Breaking the Bond   Part 2 from CTLEHow do you top a first episode starring three premier babes like Kristina Hess, Lindsay Lamb, and Gloria Baraquio? You add two more in the forms of Bridget Winder and Samantha Bogach. Here’s my review of the new release, Canary: Breaking the Bond Part 2[Read more…]


NGC S3SM1 1 175x98 Next Global Crisis: Season 3, Side Mission 1And we’re back with the first official “Side Mission” of Season 3, this one starring Genevieve Dunne, James Williams, and award winning actor/producer/writer/director Andrew Fraser. What award? I don’t know. I’m sure he’s won an award for something in his life. Let’s just talk about the film. [Read more…]


HL A New Toy 10 175x98 A New Toy from Heroine LegendsA New Toy, from Heroine Legends, starring Bridget Winder, Kelly Kula, and Joseph Carl White II has been released and we finally get an answer to the mystery of what does Lady Wonder weigh? Let’s check it out. [Read more…]


CTLE Shadowgirl 3 1 175x98 Shadowgirl: Welcome to Earth   Part 3 from CTLEYep, that’s what a beatdown video looks like. There’s really not too much more to say about it, but I’ll try. So let’s dive right in to the review of Shadowgirl: Welcome to Earth – Part 3 from Cross the Line Entertainment, starring Tiffany Chase and Kristie Dowe. [Read more…]


NGC Celestias Bad Idea 1 175x98 Celestias Bad Idea from Next Global CrisisA few readers, and one reviewer in particular (me), have been loving the trend that many of our producers have been following lately. And that trend is having a beautiful heroine take on a bigger, stronger female opponent and that’s exactly what happens in Celestia’s Bad Idea. [Read more…]


KAF FemmeZilla 1a FemmeZilla from KickAssFemmesKickAssFemmes has released a new episode, which can only mean it’s time for another euphoric KAF review from yours truly. And another episode where poor Cat gets her ass kicked. Let’s take a closer look at FemmeZilla[Read more…]


HK Skyhawk v Dragos 1 175x98 Heroine Kombat: Skyhawk vs. Dragos 1Cross the Line Entertainment has released a new Heroine Kombat episode, starring Heather Sims as Skyhawk taking on Dragos, played by Nelson Estevez. Let’s take a look (and beware spoilers!). [Read more…]


Canary Breaking the Bond 1 175x98 Canary: Breaking the Bond (Part 1) from The SuperheroinesCross the Line Entertainment has just introduced another new series: Canary: Breaking the Bond – Part 1 starring Lindsay Lamb and Kristina Hess has just been released, and is available for purchase. I’ve written up a review for your perusal, which I hope you enjoy. [Read more…]


NGC Darkhearts Rule 1 175x98 Next Global Crisis   Season 3, Episode 1 (Review)The big season finales and the epic mini-series produced by NGC get a ton of love by fans, but has anyone else noticed how good the season premiers are? And that’s what we’re going to be taking a look at now—the Season 3 premier, starring Eloise Oliver, Steve Sipple, and Brian Appiah Obeng. [Read more…]


Heroine Kombat Lady Wonder 1 175x98 Heroine Kombat: Lady Wonder vs. Pierce 1It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Heroine Kombat film to talk about. Too long if you ask me. So let’s take a look at Lady Wonder vs Pierce starring Kelly Kula. I imagine most of our readers know how Heroine Kombat works, but just in case let me explain… [Read more…]


KAF HypnoFemmes 2 1 175x98 HypnoFemmes Two from KickAssFemmesSomehow, it keeps getting better. And better. And better. And it doesn’t appear to me that trend is going to stop anytime soon. KickAssFemmes is back with the Part 2 of the HypnoFemmes series and it’s utterly fantastic. Let’s take a deeper look with a review, images and a trailer. [Read more…]