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dvd sayuriblood2 LARGE 350x236 Ring Divas’ “Sayuri Blood Chronicles II”

I just recently got around to ordering and viewing the Ring Divas heroine release Sayuri Blood Chronicles II.  It was released a while back (maybe a couple of years ago), and since I was disappointed with the original Sayuri Blood Chronicles I thought I would pass this time. The original release had many flaws, in my opinion, that prevented it from being enjoyable, which is a real shame considering the out-of-this-world beauty of Meng Lau, who plays Sayuri. She really gives the performance her all, but unfortunately, she appears to have been told to cry and whine her way through the entire film. Every time she is punched or hit, she cries, as if she’s an innocent girl who has been cruelly kidnapped and forced to undergo a terrible ordeal, rather than a strong, brave heroine who refuses to give in. (This may sound unimportant, but those of you who are into these kinds of films know what I mean).

In addition, the original Sayuri Blood Chronicles spent too much time setting up the “story” (or, in this case, the torture scenes), and featured no dialog during the movie’s most important moments. It all added up to a heroine movie with a lot of potential, but a disappointing one.

Picture 1 175x113 Ring Divas’ “Sayuri Blood Chronicles II”Picture 2 175x113 Ring Divas’ “Sayuri Blood Chronicles II”Picture 4 175x113 Ring Divas’ “Sayuri Blood Chronicles II”

I didn’t expect Sayuri Blood Chronicles II to be any better, but I was wrong. The biggest flaws from the original film were corrected for this production, and Meng Lau plays Sayuri this time as utterly defiant and brave the entire time, which makes the whole film work really well. She really throws herself into her scenes, and it results in a very effective “heroine destruction” movie that ranks among the best.

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