“The 7 Nightmares Girl” by The Gator Group

7 Nightmares Girl from Gator GroupOkay, I can virtually guarantee that you have not heard of this company or the 7 Nightmares series of videos, but I thought I would review a couple of episodes I recently received on DVD.  These aren’t exactly superheroine videos, but do share certain features with the basic “heroine in peril” concept.  I’m always curious to see what new companies have to offer, so I looked forward to checking out the 7 Nightmares series.

7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group

First of all, the dialogue in this video is German (I think), so I have no idea what the characters are saying to each other.  There are no subtitles, so I have pretty much no way of knowing anything about the story.  To be fair, I don’t consider this to be a problem with Zen of Giga videos, so it might be unfair to criticize this video, but on the other hand, Zen and Giga feature very high production quality, which, quite frankly, this series of videos unfortunately lacks.

In any event, here’s a story summary from the producer’s web site:

Amanda (Wenke Baumgart), a beautiful young actress is lured to an audition by Annika (Carolin Hasselmann). Amanda who thinks she is auditioning for a part in a musical comedy is surprised when Annika tells her she will produce a horror movie with Amanda playing the lead.

When Amanda wants to leave she is told she has the part – no matter if she wants or not, Amanda is already trapped. Annika ties her up and explains her she will play the part of a witch who is tortured in various ways but actually the torture is real.

In the meantime, somewhere else, Amanda´s mother (Christa Bonin) finds a helpless bound and gagged woman (Dina Babjic). Annika calls Amanda´s mum and tells her she can only save her daughters life if she drowns the young woman in a bathtub.

7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group

Basically, the torture we see involves Amanda being tied to a chair and tortured with a knife while the “helpless bound and gagged woman” is repeatedly almost drowned in a bathtub.  The video ends with the first torture victim’s mother walking in and apparently finding her severed limbs in a box.  (I hate it when that happens).

7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group

Episode 2 features more of the same, this time with an attractive brunette tied to a chair and tortured by a female nemesis and another blonde tormented in a cellar.  Episode 2 seems to focus on the victims being tortured with light tickling (with dusters, feathers, etc.)

Of all the episodes, Episode 4 seems to feature the content that might interest superheroine fans the most, even if the heroine isn’t exactly “super.”  She doesn’t appear to have any special powers, but simply finds herself engaged in a sword battle with a ghoulish looking bad guy in a black robe.  The fight is pretty unconvincing, with the two characters “pretending” to swordfight, with no real effort made to sell the action as something that is actually taking place in reality.  It’s very campy, but perhaps that’s part of the intent.  For all I know, the thrill of watching an attractive girl in a pretend sword-fight might be really appealing to a lot of viewers.  The heroine eventually finds herself being held prisoner in a castle.  There’s no torture to speak of in this episode, although the heroine looks great in this bondage scenario and throughout the video.  (More information about this video is available here.)

7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group7 Nightmares Girl from Gator Group

So there you have it.  If I haven’t done a good job of making the 7 Nightmares series sound all that appealing, it’s probably because these videos don’t really feature anything that I personally prefer to see in videos.  Then again, I’m a fan of your basic “heroine peril” video, and this series seems to be aiming at a slightly different target—namely, fans of campy horror films.  I’m assuming that there probably is an audience out there for this sort of thing.  The videos focus on innocent girls being subjected to various bondage situations and tortured.  There aren’t really any heroics of fight scenes (at least not in the first two episodes), and I don’t think the majority of HerioneMovies.com would find all the much to get excited about.  On the other hand, I’m sure there are viewers out there who might be interested since I’ve been surprised several times about how varied viewers’ tastes can be.

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I think I agree with the above and HM’s review too.

The whole reason I like heroine movies so much is that they are quite removed from reality, even the more realistic heroine movies we have seen more recently have superpowered women – which is never something you’re going to see in real life. Essentially a veil of fantasy keeps heroine videos well away from reality, which I find makes them much more enjoyable.

Having a video without those fantasy elements is far closer to watching similar kinds of things happen in real life. I’ve never been a fan of the Saw movies – it takes alot to turn my stomach, but the kind of violence and cruelty shown to essentially random people in those movies does that for me. Though I guess some people get a thrill from that.

I just don’t have the desire to watch that kind of thing, especially outside the mainstream.

Perhaps I might like episode 4, it seems more like a standard damsel in distress scenario – all be it, a little more extreme However the torture and removed limbs? No thanks.


I love these bizarre, never-before-heard of sites (though I’ll never be buying anything from them).

I’m just wondering HM, do you buy all these vids yourself? Doesn’t that get expensive?


Ugh, it sounds like the cheap version of the Saw franchise. Bleah. Even those were overdone. Thats a bummer because you are right HM, the ladies are quite fair to look at!