The Battle for Earth Episode 10 – “Remember Me”

The Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember MeHere comes Remember Me, the tenth episode of The Battle for Earth, starring the Superiorgirl model from some of Rye’s recent Punished Heroines-style videos (Super Bad Date and The Shadow Strangler).  I like her as Superiorgirl, although in this video, we don’t really get a glimpse of what makes Superiorgirl so superior.  The whole video is basically devoted to her torment at the hands of a male and female captor.  I have to say that I enjoyed the previous TBFE episode more than this one, but it should still please fans of superheroine torture. 

Remember Me begins with Superiorgirl tied up and fully clothed in a non-superheroine outfit.  A female villain starts to undress her, revealing her Superiorgirl costume underneath.  The delighted villainess (Synestra) punches and slaps the superheroine around while she’s still unconscious.  Eventually Superiorgilrl awakens and tries to escape, but of course her attempts are futile.  Synestra has a great time punching Superiorgirl, pulling her hair, etc.  Eventually, Superiorgirl is chloroformed and falls unconscious.

The Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember MeThe Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember MeThe Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember Me

She awakens later and has no memory of the events that have just transpired.  The chloroform has apparently erased her memory, so every time she awakens, she has no memory of her capture and torture at the hands of the villains.  After some more torture, Superiorgirl is released from her bonds and tries (unsuccessfully) to fight a male villain who dishes out lots of punishment.

The Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember MeThe Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember MeThe Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember Me

Eventually, Superiorgirl is given her powers back and tries to take on Synestra, who uses magical powers to stretch Superiorgirl’s body and then zaps Superiorgirls most inferior bodily regions.  Superiorgirl is chloro’d again, only to wake up to face the same situation over and over again (the villains must really enjoy this scenario—it’s like Punished Heroines meets Groundhog Day).

The Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember MeThe Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember MeThe Battle for Earth Episode 10 - Remember Me

I liked Synestra’s performance in this video probably more than just about anything else.  Like I said, I found the previous episode, Nuclear Girl Origins to be much more enjoyable, but that’s just my opinion.  Remember Me reminds me of the Wonderousgirl series, where the heroine is tied up and tortured for almost the entire episode.  As always, it depends on what you’re looking for in a TBFE episode.  If you want peril and torture, and the attractive model from Super Bad Date, then you should enjoy this video.

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  1. So it seems that paypal is going up and down. Not sure what their issue is but just be patient and i’m sure they will get it fixed.


  2. How long is Superior Girl portrayed without her red skirt? I purchased the Shadow Strangler video and there doesn’t seem to be any real difference besides this main point.

  3. If you have the shadow strangler and read harry’s review of Remember me then you should know all the differences as they are completely different movies 😉 If you are looking to buy this for scenes where she doesn’t have her skirt on then I would skip because its not a really long scene.


  4. I think TBFE looks pretty good with some of the stuff it does, but I thought that the point of the site was to have a big plot? I’m getting a bit lost now because last few things they released have been lots of different girls dressed as Supergirl. So I don’t know who Supergirl actually is any more. Is she still the first girl and these are sisters? I mean I like it but I just need a bit more guidance about what is going on, I’m not sure having Supergirl in it was a great idea in hindsight because she has sort of taken over.

  5. Superheroine – A superheroine is a type of stock character possessing “extraordinary or superhuman powers”
    All I see is a chick getting her ass kicked.

  6. rangerian

    I think its more about the destruction of the superherione.

    I hate the sex/rape angle, as seen in that repetitive Giga nonsense.

  7. good point Ben. We all like heroine destruction, but the character needs to be established before she is destructed. A lot videos like this are really just Damsel in distress movies, not heroine genre. It takes more than just a costume to make a heroine.

  8. rangerian

    Er, I thought everyone knew what a superherione was? I dont mind character building, as long as it doesnt eat into the fight action time.

  9. “I dont mind character building, as long as it doesnt eat into the fight action time.”
    Me too-
    I’m just want the character building to be the superherione be a “SUPER HERONE” and easily smack around the bad guy for a good chunk of the time. I’m cool if it ends bad for her. Some of the best parts in herone movies are when the big strong bad guy gets humiliated by a little, tiny, cute supergirl half his size.
    Just seems like never enough of that for me – and that’s just my 2 cent also.

  10. saxman314

    Always seems like too much of that for me! At least, it always seems like the bad guy has to resort to some sort of trickery to win unless it’s a villainess, in which case it seems to be more common to simply overpower the heroine. I like building the heroine’s character, but only against weaker opponents. I want to see the real badass bad guy completely dominate her, and I want that to be a male!

    Rye’s “Super Nightmare,” and some of the old Super Mercedes videos got the right idea in a cheaper to produce way, with the premise of the bad guy having some kind of power level that can be increased as the fight goes on until he’s too much for her to handle. I’m just so tired of krypto, chloro, lesbo, hypo-needle, de-belting, sleeping gas, magic wand, hypnosis, freeze-ray, etc. type trickery. The old dominatedheroines videos were ok, too, long before they showed their true colors over there.


    After saxman brought up Super Nightmare – I went back and reviewed it .
    I have to agree with sax – that was a good idea. The bad-ass robot bad guy at first gets tossed around pretty easily by the small SuperiorGirl. That film is about 30 min. and she overpowers him for like 2 min. Maybe a little more balance would be nice. I think they need to use the robot thing more because I also like the clips of the robot chick from the Avalon films. Again, I think Avalon get her ass kick by that robot most of the time.

  12. Good discussion guys! Heres my 2 cents :)

    Most of the previous TBFE episodes have a moderate or large amount of story build up and the heroines slowly overpowered or running into situations where they underestimate their foe. This particular video (Remember Me) was more for those that wanted the video to start with the heroine in dire peril and remaining there for most of the story.

    Personally I like long story build up with one epic fight at the end of the movie… but being a producer of (general) superheroine peril means I have a very diverse audience with very different tastes so I have to change things up from time to time. Some like chloro, some don’t. Some like Masks, others hate them. Some like tons of peril, some like small amounts. Some will only buy vids with tons of low blows, others could take em or leave em. Some love story build up but others won’t even consider a video with build up. The list of details goes on and its a lot to juggle when making these vids but it would be crazy for me to think that everyone is going to like everything. That is just silly 😉

    This site is an amazing resource for anyone shopping for content. After pics, a trailer, and Harry’s blow by blow recount of the movie, customers know if they want something or not. Everyone that is concerned about the lack of superiorgirl being superior will help customer’s that need that type of content choose to skip this vid and will entice customer’s that like peril from start to finish to take a further look. It’s a win win situation for everyone :)

    Now for those looking for movies with build up and heroines getting some licks in from my library then take a look at Avalon, Trinity 1, Preemtive Strike, Supergasm, and of course my old Super Nightmare (Which I plan on making a part 2! muhahahaha. Im sure there are more but it’s really late and I drank a lot of Makers Mark earlier :)

    As always you can reach me at if you have a question or suggestion.


  13. I have to say I was really impressed with this episode. I liked the removal of the costume and Synestra wearing it herself, would of been nice to see the cape too. I know she plays Demonica in the PH films, she does an amazing job.