The Battle for Earth Episode 12 – “The Price is Right”

The Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is RightEpisode 12 – The Price is Right does not, as the title might suggest, feature Bob Barker tormenting a weakened heroine (perhaps with that old, wired microphone he used to carry around all the time).  Instead, this is basically a direct sequel to The Battle for Earth’s Episode 10 – Remember Me, which featured the torture and memory erasure of Superiorgirl.  It pretty much picks up right where that episode left off, with a really simple storyline that involves Superiorgirl getting the bejeezus beat out of her almost the entire time.

The Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is RightThe Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is RightThe Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is RightHere’s the story summary from The Battle for Earth’s web site:

The once mighty Superiorgirl awakes bound with her costume exposed! She has no recollection of how or why she is there but realizes the direstraights she is in! Unable to break free, Superiorgirl is now the object of Synestra’s greatest achievement… Creating a Super Slave! Day after day she abuses the defenseless Superiorgirl, only to wipe her short term memory with a special chloroform! Each time Superiorgirl awakes, she believes she has been captured for the first time! After a severe beating, Synestra gives Superiorgirl her strength back to prove to her that she is no match for Synestra’s magical powers! Superiorgirl stands no chance as her body is forced to move and stretch while Synestra prepares to burn the most tender parts of her body! Does Superiorgirl make it out or does Synestra break her new toy?

The Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is RightThe Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is RightThe Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is Right

So there you have it.  Now, two things pop into mind in regards to this video:

1) It’s jam-packed full of peril and humiliation for the heroine, so we don’t really get a chance to see Superiorgirl being superior.  This is neither a good nor bad thing on its own terms; it just depends on what you, the viewer, look for in a superheroine video.

The Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is RightThe Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is RightThe Battle for Earth - Episode 12 - The Price is Right

2) I figure this video was shot and edited very quickly since the whole thing basically takes place in one location and has been released so very soon after the previous episode.  Is this a bad thing?  Again, it depends on your preference.  The whole episode is really simple and just features a long beatdown of Superiorgirl after a brief plot outline at the beginning.  So if that’s what you’re looking for, this should be a great video for you.  If you want a more complex plot with a variety of locations (like the Avalon videos), you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

So that’s about it.  What do you guys think?

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  1. I loved it!!! I bought the HD version and was not disappointed at all. The actress looks the part. She towered over the male antagonist. I loved the part when she was left without her skirt and cape. Her figure is amazing.

    The one thing that probably needs a little bit of improvement is her moaning. It gets a bit repetive and annoying after awhile. She needs a little bit more variation with her reactions. Her performance was good though and I commend her for allowing the actor to manhandle her like she was in this video. Awesome!!!

  2. Is there good peril, you know, good low blows, stomach shots, the good stuff

  3. Great job once again Rye. Glad the cape threat from the last episode was followed through on.

  4. Sugarcoater

    Nice to see another fantastic video sent our way–looking forward to downloading it tomorrow. In the meantime, is there any chance that the model who played Superiorgirl in the “Alternate Realities” videos be used again? She was the hottest superheroine peril Supergirl-type actress I’ve seen, and it would be great to see more of her.


  5. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it.


    That particular model got a new BF and moved to Dubai last time I checked… That will make it quite difficult to shoot with her in the future 😉

    However I am working on getting a new actress that I promise is hotter than any supergirl-ish actress ever. Shoot me an email if you wanna see her.

  6. Looks great……

    I take it that as its a BFE production, are naughty version for nicheclips doesn’t exist?

  7. Sugarcoater

    Would love to see the new model! If you don’t mind sending me an email at (the email should work now), I’d really appreciate it Rye. Thanks bud.


  8. deathcake

    I would like to see her too Rye!

    scots1ad AT

  9. Just a simple question for everyone – Is there anyone who does not like the superheroine to show that she has special power at some point in a video?
    I know it is my opinion that there is never enough or sometime any of a superheroine being a SUPER HEROINE. Just wondering it some people just don’t like that for some reason?

  10. I actually put some scenes in this episode of Superiorgirl knocking around the guy, lifting him up, glowing her eyes red, and carrying him. I’m sure there are plenty of people that like seeing the heroine act super before the peril starts 😉

  11. @ Ben

    I love seeing a super heroine being super in the beginning and then falling into peril. It makes the peril so much greater if she is dominate in the beginning and then gets caught off guard.

    In this video, she was only dominate for split second, which I do not usually prefer but it was reasonable since Superior Girl was already captured from the very beginning. I love when producers dedicate at least 5 minutes of the heroine being and control at least.

  12. I agree Jose, all super heroine videos need at least 5 min. that they are stronger than the villain – then get overpowered at some point. I would be OK if the super heroine came back in the end and regained her power, but it seems that all of the newer stuff coming out is going to the super heroine getting dominate throughout the episode.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’m OK with some being this way because I know some people probably like it, but name one video were the heroine tosses the bad guy around like a toy most of the way through?

  13. I guess I just want someone to try my idea of were the heroine tosses the bad guy around like a toy MOST of the way through and see if it gets a positive feedback.
    Also bring back Raven Alexis as Superiorgirl for this.

  14. Im happy to try it out for ya. 5 mins isn’t a ton of time but if we are talking about 10+ then the peril crowd is going to get upset because it will start cutting into their time.

    Probably won’t be my next video but ill get one created between now and March for sure.

  15. Now all we need is –
    A hot model (Raven Alexis)
    a good costume (Superiorgirl)
    new and better quality of production!

  16. Does the peril crowd not like the super heroine to hand out some of the peril?

  17. Im sure there are peril fans that don’t mind but heroines dishing out peril isn’t what im known for 😉

    But like I said I am happy to make a video for that nitch 😉

  18. Cool, thanks Rye!!!
    I know I will look forward to it and will be curious to see what everyone else thinks also.

  19. rangerian

    Watched it. Lovely actress, I liked her outfit more without the dress.

    Overall I didn’t knock my socks off. I would like to see the fighting choreography tightened up. To me it came across as awkward.

    Maybe more simplistic camerawork/framing that allows the action to unfold to the viewer.

  20. rangerian

    Paris Kennedy wrote on another production review:…
    “It’s REALLY important to me that they can do the reactions right. Or sell a punch. If they can’t it just ruins the scene for me.”

    Ok, this is exactly what I am trying to say here.

  21. I don’t think anyone is going to disagree with Paris’s statement 😉 Each producer has a certain style of reaction they like to see and each is unique. I will say that I love working with Ashley and I am still working on finding that “perfect” reaction from her 😉


  22. Someone who knows me pretty well recommended this video to me, and so I got it–definitely pleased. This model is definitely extremely hot–gorgeous body, really incredible ass. The spanking sequence in this vid was short, but I’d probably have to rank it as one of my favorites of all time. I just like how it wasn’t too hard, more about humiliating the heroine than hurting her, great sexy reactions, and yeah–great ass. She fine. :)

  23. Thanks Alex,

    While I was filming that particular part I actually thought “If Alex sees this vid he will probably like this scene” 😉 And yes I agree, very nice ass she has. I liked her reactions as well and she keeps getting better with every movie. I just filmed a video for SHG-Media starring Ashley and I think she really nailed the part.

  24. CUFFS

    me and my partner ware belts that give us power
    ive always been tough and strong and my partner is weaker we dress up in heroin outfits must have kinky thongs and lots of willpower breaking maybewe should make a movie