The Battle for Earth Ep. 13 – “Fight Scene Compliation 1″

The Battle for Earth 13 - Fight Scene CompilationThe Battle for Earth has just released Episode 13, which is simply a compilation of fight scenes from various episodes, namely the episodes featuring Avalon, Trinity and two versions of Superiorgirl.  I actually think this is a pretty good idea for a video; I’m sure that while there are many fans of The Battle of Earth who loyally buy and enjoy every episode, there are probably a lot of viewers out there who haven’t seen every episode and are curious to see fight scenes they may have missed out on.  So, I think viewers who are curious about the fight scenes from the Avalon, Trinity and Superiorgirl episodes will find this video worthwhile.

The Battle for Earth 13 - Fight Scene CompilationThe Battle for Earth 13 - Fight Scene CompilationThe Battle for Earth 13 - Fight Scene Compilation

On the other hand, I’m not sure why this is considered an “episode,” since it doesn’t advance the Battle for Earth storyline (if anyone is still keeping track of that).  It’s just a recap of previous scenes that have already taken place.  For clarity, maybe this video should not have been labeled an “episode.”  (It’s kind of like those 80s sitcom episodes where the characters had “flashbacks” for 30 minutes.  Again, not bad at all if you missed a few episodes, but not exactly a “real” episode in itself.)  So, the video is worth it if you want to see fight scenes you may have missed, or if you want them conveniently placed together in a single video.

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  1. I love the idea of a video like this. To me the beatdowns are the best part of these videos so this is like a wish granted to me. I’d love to see other companies do something similar.

  2. Also Avalon in a punished heroines style movie would be absolutely amazing. ^_^

  3. ranger87

    The actress won’t do it…maybe another girl in the Avalon costume, but not that girl. I asked Rye about this when TBFE was first getting under way and we saw production pics. She wants to eventually be a real actress, and doing softcore porn would kinda hamper that.

    Believe me, Erik, nobody is more disappointed by that than me.