The Battle for Earth Episode 26 – “A New Direction”

The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"Updated with review! “That felt a little like Avalon.”  That was my initial reaction after watching Episode 26, New Direction, from The Battle for Earth. It wasn’t until after watching the episode that I read the synopsis at the official website and discovered that an Avalon-type feel was exactly what the producers had in mind. 

I think one of the reasons we have such a friendly community of fans on this site is that we all realize and accept that everyone has individual tastes and preferences. The original two episodes featuring Avalon hit on just about everything I like to see in these movies. It had an engaging storyline, a beautiful lead actress who could pull off a fight scene, and a good mix of a heroine dominating and being dominated. There is some of that in New Direction, an episode that clocks in with a lengthy 35-minute run time.

The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"

Do you remember the heroine named Nova, who premiered all the way back in Episode 5? Well, to put it bluntly, she’s dead. R.I.P. Nova. She died sometime in the past at the hands of Selena, who recently died herself when she was incinerated by Superianna in Episode 25. This episode features the debut of Nova’s sister Aurora, who is out looking for revenge against Selena, not realizing that she is already dead. Got all that?

The episode opens with two thugs searching the superheroine hideout for the crystal that removes Superianna‘s powers. One thug works for Spawn the other for Lor’cal, and both have been injected with Spawn’s serum. After initially trading some punches, they form a bromance and start to search for the crystal together. A lot of this scene seems geared toward exposition. We’re reminded that Spawn is still out for revenge against Avalon, that he is in the process of perfecting his invincibility serum, and that he is trying to raise his wife from the dead.

The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"

Enter Aurora, in her civilian identity. She interrupts the thugs search and they quickly leave. Aurora searches the hideout for Selena, but of course she is nowhere to be found. Aurora decides to wait and engages in some impromptu calisthenics. After being threatened by both Spawn and Lor’cal, the thugs return to the hideout to resume their search. This doesn’t sit well with Aurora (now in her bra and underwear) and she takes out one of the thugs. She engages the second one in battle, but things don’t go as well. She soon finds herself on the receiving end of a beating from both bad guys.

At about the 29-minute mark, she transforms into her costume and the fight resumes. She does a little better but once again she can’t handle both baddies at the same time. Things look bleak when she gets help from an unlikely source…

There is a lot to like about this episode but I don’t think it’s for everyone. It may be best to break this down categorically to help you decide whether this is a buy or not.

The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"

The Heroine – Aurora is another great addition to TBFE roster. She is beautiful, a solid stage fighter, and a good actress. The producers are on a roll with casting right now. I think they finally settled on a Superianna, who most seem to like. Nightgirl was a tremendous find, and Aurora is someone I look forward to seeing again. They have one open slot for the fifth heroine to cast but I think the biggest thing they could do is bring back the original Avalon. With her skills, that girl was born to play a superheroine. Fingers crossed on this one.

The Peril/Fetish Material – Probably not enough for hardcore fans. Aurora gets throat lifted, bear hugged from the front and back, punched in the stomach, and given a backbreaker over one of the goon’s knees.

The Costume – I liked it. You can see it in the trailer. She wears it well and the scene where she transforms into it is well done. Just note, she only wears it for about six or so minutes of the video. The good news is she spends a great deal of the video in her underwear.

The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"The Battle for Earth Episode 26 - "A New Direction"

The Storyline – It takes a while to rev up. The first nine minutes plays more like a comedy routine between the thugs than a “heroine movie.” We don’t even see Aurora until after the nine minute mark. The opening does serve a purpose, however. There is good exposition here, and if you are a new customer looking to jump on board, this may be a good episode to do so.

Kaid – What a good decision by the producers to have him as a kind of wildcard character. You never know who he is going to be an ally with.

Anyway, this review is getting longer than the episode itself, so I’ll end things here. Hope you enjoy the movie!

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Thanks for the reply.
I just want you to know that I am noticing the improvements and enjoying the writing thus far. Keep up the great work!!!


Hi Allen,

Thanks for taking the time to respond 🙂 I have cut the sections of audio that refer to the squishy blow sounds:

They just seem a bit comical (is that the right term?)/unrealstic type sounds for someone getting hit. Sorry to refer to a competitor, but NextGlobalCrisis impact sounds are more like it.

Minor flaw in your stuff, which I really am enjoying again!


Hey Deathcake… Are you referring to the punch or impact sound? Funny enough, I requested the editor drop it back into the mix a bit, but I don’t know if that does the trick entirely for you. Let me know on the latest ep – 27.

Also, Jose, yes we actually have found and settled on a costume designer. Great guy. What we haven’t locked in necessarily are all the reoccuring characters. I’ve ordered high cut leotards for new characters, but ultimately, as soon as we find girls that will be reoccuring, we’ll be tailoring custom one offs for each one, based upon the existing costumes as templates. Avalon and Night Girl will be receiving these costumes first – and then we’ll go from there!

We’re reallly just watching feedback and comparing that to our crew’s opinion of how it was to shoot with the actress. Then we make our decision on whether to bring her back or not!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!



Love the improvements being made!!! You can be sure that this superheroine fan is pleased.

The only thing I ask to hopefully make any future leotard based costumes super high cut. I am talking about Baywatch 90’s swimsuit styles!!! I just noticed the trailer to episode 27 and again disappointed to see a low cut style used.

Not sure if you guys have found a costume designer but the costumes have improved dramatically. You just need to switch it up for the fans who love higher cut styles. I know there are fans of both.


This post is addressed to the producers of TBFE episodes. I have become alot more interested in your production and think they are really good. HOWEVER 😀 The one thing that really bugs me, is the sounds when someone delivers a blow. Most of them sound like something being squashed/mushy sound. To me, it’s slightly off putting, as it doesn’t in any way sound like a proper impact. Just some constructive criticisim, as it kind of ruins my enjoyment of your product.

Good episode other than that!


I enjoyed this one. good acting, nice looking lady, and good story line. Nice job


Ummm… Just checked it again. Should be 24.95 for Standard and 29.95 for HD on a 35 minute movie. Typically, TBFE more or less prices a dollar a minute (ish) for the standard version, unless the movie goes longer than a half an hour, in which case we’d take it on a case by case basis. In this case, we felt the amount of dialogue vs action and peril, justified a lower price. We basically felt there was a solid 25 minute movie here with a lot of tying up loose ends, some humor, and scenes that didn’t include the heroine. Therefore, 24.95 seemed a fair price to us for a 35 minute movie… This was the final “reboot” and “redirect” episode, so you’ll find the next ep around the same length, but with more continuous action. You’ll get the idea when you watch them…

Not sure where you’re getting 34 from though – seems a bit high even to us… Even the HD version is only 29.95

Andrew Clayson
Andrew Clayson

US$ 34,00?!!!!!!!