The Battle for Earth – Episode 29 – “Matchmaker”

The Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth is back with its 29th episode, Matchmaker. The main attraction in this edition: appearances by both Nightgirl and Tempest, two of the best looking actresses ever cast by TBFE. 


The episode opens with both Kaid and Nightgirl watching the same news report. The disappearance of Bridgette Banks, a.k.a. Tempest back in Episode 27 has become national news.  Why?  Because Spawn has offered $10,000 for any information about her disappearance.  I thought this was a pretty cool story moment.  There has never been any indication previously about how Spawn is viewed by the general public.  It seems that he is a well respected scientist/businessman when he is not tormenting superheroines.  Sort of like the comic book version of Lex Luthor.

The Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - Matchmaker

The offer is, of course, bogus since Spawn already has Tempest tied up in one of his hideouts.  Both Kaid and Nightgirl have an interest in finding Tempest.  Kaid is still recruiting for his army, and Nightgirl is still helping gather a team of superheroines to stand against Spawn.  Kaid and Nightgirl show up at Spawn’s lair, but Spawn isn’t home.  However, it’s not long before punches are thrown between the two.  There is also plenty of sexual innuendo thrown around and big hints are dropped that an attraction is developing between them even though all they seem to do is punch each other.  Hey, didn’t Kaid have a similar moment with Superianna a while back?  That guy gets around.

The Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - Matchmaker

The fight is well choreographed and features a ton of fetish material.  You get a reverse bear hug, a throat lift, a test of strength, a front bear hug, stomach punches, low blows, and a back breaker.  Nightgirl has also gotten herself a new costume.  I seem to be a horrible judge of what constitutes a good superheroine costume so I will let you decide for yourself whether it‘s an improvement or not.  Oh, yeah;  I almost forgot, before the fight, there is a scene where Nightgirl does a light workout in a pink shirt that is about three sizes too small.  This kind of scene is becoming a TBFE staple.  Can’t say that I mind.

The Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - Matchmaker

Although Nightgirl has her moments, Kaid dominates the majority of the fight and knocks Nightgirl to the ground.  There is another moment on innuendo, and Kaid teleports away.  The story then briefly flips over to Tempest.  Spawn is still attempting to break her.  He hasn’t been able to as of yet, but the episode ends with Spawn thinking he has the leverage to do so.  There is one thing I purposely omitted, but I should mention it. [Spoiler] There is an appearance by Lor’cal in this episode.  Not really an appearance, but a voice-over. A voice-over I didn’t really understand. It didn’t seem to have an impact on the episode.  Maybe it was just a bit of foreshadowing of what’s to come.  I really don’t know.  Maybe Allen can clear this scene up.  Sorry everyone, I wish I could explain this more clearly; I just couldn’t wrap my head around the purpose of the scene. [End spoiler]

The Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - MatchmakerThe Battle for Earth - Episode 29 - Matchmaker

Otherwise, this episode was entertaining and had a nice story/peril ratio going on.  It felt like it was an episode intended to start taking the narrative towards a conclusion.  Turns out there was good reason to feel that way.  In the episode description on the official website, it is stated that season one is coming to a close.  I think that’s probably a good thing.  Most popular American television series run anywhere from 13-26 episodes.  The Battle for Earth is just about to hit the 30-episode mark.  It’s been quite a run, but I think it’s time to introduce a new storyline.  Kaid and the superheroines have been recruiting for a while now, and Spawn has been working on that serum since the beginning.  It’s time to get some closure and move on to something new.  I look forward to finding out how the producers intend to wrap up what has been an incredible first season.

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Night Girl is soooooo hot….i srsly wanna know her name in real world


Hey there Allen – I’m a massive TBFE fan. I was wondering if you were planning on making another Superianna movie any time soon and if she is also getting a costume upgrade? I’m pretty sure if you could get a high quality exact replica Helen Slater costume that would be very popular; ) I’d love to see her take on another supervillainess – the Selina episode was great!


I just wanna say one thing: the actress who plays “Tempest” just stollen my heart!!!


Hey guys,

@darklord – Well let’s see – I think sometimes the tough part with the storyline is that if you haven’t watched every single episode back to back – certainly don’t expect everyone to do so:) – It’s often tough to jump in on an episode and figure out the motivation of the characters. That being said – less is more – complicated – definitely noted!

@bert and lostheroman – fair enough on the costume. For what it’s worth – next time you see Night Girl, it will be next season and all the costumes will have been redone from top to bottom.

As for Kaid – his character will be developing towards the end, as will his look – maybe give him a bit more definition so people can take him more seriously.

And yes, Tempest will actually be either the next release or the one there after – haven’t decided yet.

Take care guys and thanks to all!



preferably with her as the main character again


well I just hope we get to see Tempest again


Not bad episode, will be forgiven since series is coming to an end. Please redesign kaid’s look though, I can not take him seriously as a bad guy wearing that flipping wooly hat. The actor is fine but please consider developing his look.


I just purchased the episode and in my opinion it isn’t as bad as some of you make it out to be. The two actresses are frickin gorgeous and hopefully they cast more models of this caliber. My favorite has to be the girl playing Tempest. I loved the brief little ass shot as she is tied up. Her acting is pretty darn good and she has excellent delivery with her lines. I will definitely purchase more episodes that feature her. I just can’t wait for them to update her costume.

I am glad to see that TBFE team has updated the costumes a little by making them a litte more high cut, but I have to agree with the general consensus here; Night Girl’s costume just doesn’t look right for some reason. I’m not sure what it is but it looks like the tailor just grabbed a generic black leotard and cut it with scissors. I mean no disrespect to TBFE team but it does look bit cheap. Still, a big Thank You for having higher cut bottoms. Keep it up please! Getting really tired of the granny panty low cut look that is popular nowadays.

The fight scene was pretty good. I feel though that the banter between Kaid and Night Girl slowed things down a bit. It kinda disrupted the flow.

Kaid really doesn’t do it for me either. I think it’s due to his backstory and his look.

I really appreciate the story that is being told. I love how the videos have continuity between them and do not feel like there is too much story. Keep it simple though. I am not interested in watching a film with an Inception-like mess.

The special effects of the Universe were pretty good and added a nice touch. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys have in store for us in that department.

My apologies if my review is all over the place, All in all I enjoyed the episode. I am big time considering ordering a custom from you guys. I just have to come up with a story and hopefully see some more improvement with your costume department before pulling the trigger.

If your tailor needs a reference for the high cut bottoms just point them in the direction of Baywatch. 🙂

comment image


Yet another poor episode from TBFE. The actress is good but the acting isn’t up to scratch. As Darklord said the storyline just DOESN’T make any sense. The costume is one thing I would like to draw attention to, Bert mentioned this and I completely agree with him. The costume HAS been cut out using scissors….by a sheep according the quality of the costume. The costume has been cut out really poorly, the egdes are all wavey and the low-cut front is so bad that I would have just set fire to the costume on set. TBFE need to start pulling there act together and return to what they were before in the good days, I’m talking Superiorgirl in the her Supergirl costume, Nuclear girl in her red catsuit, Nova in her red suit which gets ripped in both episodes. I wanna see TBFE in the big league’s with ripped suit’s, tight suit’s and the original Superheroines. Get the old Superiorgirl suit and character back and make use of that red Catsuit from episode 9.


After the last two installments I had high expectations for this video, but it was a step backwards. The costume appeared to be hand cut with scissors and looked really cheap. Nightgirl’s brunette wig was badly attached and a major distraction. The fighting action was just an assortment of moves that we’ve seen many times before. Front bearhug, rear bearhug, punching, backbreaker, yada yada. I have nothing against any of these fighting moves, but if you’re going to use them over and over, at least find a new way to show them. The backbreaker move didn’t even get fully captured on camera. Plus the black construction paper room is really cheesy.

I think this was a lazy and poorly made episode and I wish I’d saved my money. If episode 28 was a good value at $20, charging the same price for this one just feels like a money grab. It was a good faith purchase on my part based on the strength of the last two eps. but now you guys are gonna have to earn my trust again.


i think the costume is good, and the actress(es) are hot. my only complaint is once again, the story here just doesn’t make any sense.

Kaid and nightgirl go to find tempest and start fighting? i just wish they simplified things, Spawn is a good villian and so was the villainess who fought superianna. I’m just not sure what Kaid is, villian or not? No real interest in Lor’Cal either.

I think the videos are good, but sometimes with story line, less is more. Have an interesting backdrop/plot, but don’t go crazy, afterall i think most of us here are just in it for a hot heroine being punished 🙂


This looks pretty good but the costume is pretty dull, they need some catsuits or something. The actress is brilliant but unfortunately the costume doesn’t match the quality of the actress.

P.S. @Rye When are you due to post a new episode?! I cant wait!

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