The Battle for Earth – Episode 7 – Preemptive Strike

Episode 7 of The Battle for Earth introduces the “Superiorgirl vs. Nuclear Man” concept and begins what is planned to be a four-part series involving this set of characters and this storyline.  A lot of work and planning has clearly gone into this series, so lots of fans will be wondering about the results.  In my opinion, Episode 7 is somewhat flawed but still very entertaining and serves as a good introduction to the “Superiorgirl vs. Nuclear Man” series.

The Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive StrikeThe Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive StrikeThe Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive Strike

After a recap of the last episode, which saw Dr. Spawn apparently destroyed in an explosion that took out Nova’s super powered loverboy, Kailis (it makes sense if you’ve seen it), the video begins.  We meet Superiorgirl early on in the film as she prevents a sexual assault.  My first impression is that I really like the actress playing Superiorgirl (she’s credited only as “Aimee”).  However, I didn’t really care for the way this sequence was assembled.  For some reason, it seemed sort of “jumbled” to me, as if events didn’t really fit together that well.  But this is just an introductory sequence and there’s a lot of video left.

The Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive StrikeThe Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive StrikeThe Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive Strike

Soon after, we’re introduced to the main villain, whom I guess is “Nuclear Man.”  (I don’t think he’s called “Nuclear Man” in this episode).  He’s a very intimidating looking guy and performs well in the role.  Meanwhile, we meet Superiorgirl’s alter ego, Linda.  I think the Aimee is great as this character.  Somehow, she’s able to capture the “nerdy” quality of Superiorgirl’s alter ego, but we can also believe that she is the beautiful and powerful Superiorgirl underneath.  Plus she looks sexy in her black wig and glasses.  Or maybe it’s just me…?

The plot thickens when a “kryptonite”-like substance is introduced and the villain pays a visit to Superiorgirl (who is not in her superheroine outfit for the majority of the episode).  Superiorgirl is significantly weakened, and the villain takes full advantage, beating her up, kicking her, and applying the usual arsenal of wrestling and fighting moves.  (Before you ask, no, I did not see any low blows in this episode, although there is a bearhug :) ).

The Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive StrikeThe Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive StrikeThe Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive Strike

This beat-down lasts several minutes, and I loved Aimee’s reactions and performance.  She’s possibly my favorite actress so far in the Battle for Earth series.  The bad guy even manages to remove a few articles of Superiorgirl’s clothes during the struggle.  I suppose some viewers might be disappointed that during this entire scene, Superiorgirl is dressed in “street clothes” and isn’t really identifiable as a superheroine.  I didn’t mind though, as she is introduced early in the episode as Superiorgirl, so we know that this is indeed Superiorgirl even if she’s in a non-superheroine outfit.  Eventually, she manages to break free and change into her proper Superiorgirl attire, and the fight resumes.

The Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive StrikeThe Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive StrikeThe Battle for Earth - Episode 7 - Preemptive Strike

Overall, after I was a little disappointed in the early scenes from Episode 7, I ended up liking the movie a lot as a whole.  I think Aimee is terrific as Superiorgirl, and there are a couple of really good fight scenes.  There may be a little too much dialogue for some viewers, but then again, this video is nearly 40 minutes long (including a recap and dream sequence), so you get a lot of bang for your buck.  I think this is a good setup for the next few episodes, and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next.  I’m also eager to see what you guys think!

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  1. “Plus she looks sexy in her black wig and glasses. Or maybe it’s just me…?”

    that is not just you, my friend

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Harry! I have a feeling the first release will probably bring up the same controversies as Avalon did, and I am ok with that.

    I want to take a moment and try to give potential customers (peril and non-peril) fans an idea of what they are signing up for.

    1. Ep one has about the same level of peril that Avalon one had. (Long peril scene with Linda and short but sweet peril scene with Superiorgirl) Specifically here is what happens to Linda and Superiorgirl in the first release:

    -Linda (long peril scene)
    Weakened by green space fragments ( she gets weaker and weaker and starts to feel sick from the disorientation/pain. This eventually overwhelms her when its right next to her.)
    Multiple bearhugs (3 to be exact.. one fully clothed, 2 in bra/panties)
    Multiple stomach punches ( I loved her reactions here!)
    Multiple face punches
    Gets stripped to her bra and panties
    Villain starts kissing on her just before her roommate arrives back home to interrupt.

    Thug looks up her skirt and grabs her ass
    Arm contortion
    One Bearhug
    Multiple face and stomach punches (She actually got tagged in one of the stomach punches towards the end of the movie but the actress powered through it. Its my favorite punch in the film)

    2. Ep two will pretty much be non-stop peril as the lead villain becomes Nuclearman and utterly destroys superiorgirl. Im not gonna list out the peril for part 2 because i’d be here all day. Lets just say there is a ton and leave it at that.

    Hope this helps everyone make an educated decision on which episodes they want or don’t want.
    Personally I loved seeing Linda get demolished while weakened by the green space rocks :) but hey, thats just me.


  3. I watched ep1 today and i have to say i enjoyed it a great deal. I have been a fan of Rye work for a long time and this one is up there as one of my favorites and can’t wait to see EP2. I like this format of using ep1 to set things up then get in to the heavy fighting in ep2. yes i to like seeing her as Linda in ep1. Good story, producation, and acting. It is nice to see someone put this much work in this type of film. Thanks

  4. Andrew Cleyson

    Well, guys, i did like it too. The actress was relly lovely! I almost couldn’t see the scenes were she was punched. She is so sweet! Anyway, the episode is good.

    Congratulations Rye!

    A. Clayson

  5. There are low blows in part 2 but not in part 1. 😉
    Part 2 is a peril palooza and I didn’t leave much out.

  6. gundam20012005

    Wow, where to begin with this one. I swear I could take up a whole page exclaiming how awesome this episode was and I still wouldn’t be done giving it positives. I’ll keep it short though. The first part of Rye’s four part epic was one of the best SHIP vids I have ever seen. Everything everyone has been saying about the actress playing Superior Girl was right on the money. She is lovely and wears both the superheroine costume and her other sexy outfits well. The peril was also top notch as well. The kryptonite weakening scenes were well done in particular. I thought it was kind of funny regarding the state that Spawn is shown in this episode. Almost reminded me of a fusion of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars and Wesker from Resident Evil. I’m very excited for the next parts of this epic tale. Rye, is there anything you can’t do that isn’t spectacular?

  7. Well TBFE started editing it today so late next week is very possible :)
    The first of two Nuke men is born and he only has one plan… Hurt, break, Destroy :)

  8. Great job Rye. I definitely enjoyed the first part of this storyline. I think establishing Superiorgirl as a powerful and respected heroine– having her take care of the two thugs and trading punches with Lester while in a weakened state– makes the beatdown at the hands of Nuclear Man that much sweeter. The acting, film quality, storyline, sound, etc. are all a step (or several steps) above the status quo for this genre. The actress that plays Superiorgirl and the costume used are both perfect. I know I will be purchasing each episode of this series and hope this actress comes back in this costume at some point in time for a few more storylines.

  9. BTW, I’m glad you guys are so on the ball about getting this filmed and released in a timely fashion. Judging from the amount of responses to this in the various fora, the iron is very hot on this project. I know I can’t wait for episode 2.

  10. deathcake

    Any chance of like an energy blast, shedding superoir girls outfit, a bit like avalon? I like the Avalon version, as there was holes in it, but nothing that showed too much off :) Definately buying these two :)

  11. A great first episode! Looking forward to “peril palooza” Episode II.

  12. I am really glad you guys liked it!


    I plan on having Nucleargirl shoot Superiorgirl with energy and a ton of people also want to see her scratch Superiorgirl’s neck like the scene from supes 4. I can say that in ep 8 Nuke man rips off her cape and removes her skirt if that helps :)

    I was told today that anyone that bought ep 7 will be able to download ep 8 on Wednesday which means I will probably get to watch it on tuesday :)


  13. I am looking forward for ep.2 , also will superiorgirl have only 2 episodes or more? thanks

  14. Jerkstore

    This is a golden time for the genre. Rye, I think that you nailed the first episode and it sounds as if it’s only going to get better. Will we see a trailer for part 2 of Superiorgirl vs Nuclearman? Either way, you and the folks over at NGC continue to set the standard for how this should be done.


    I didn’t expect to see a television show reviewed on the site. I thought was a cool idea. Why limit yourself to internet only films. Well done.