The Battle for Earth – Episode 8 – “Nuclearman”

If you’ve ever wanted to see Super(ior)girl getting totally physically dominated, beaten, crushed, and humiliated, then look no further than Episode 8 – Nuclearman from The Battle for Earth.  While the previous episode in the series introduced us to Superiorgirl and gave us a brief battle in which she was beaten pretty severely, that was only a prelude to the punishment she takes in Episode 8 at the hands of Nuclearman.  I suppose there isn’t that much to say about this episode, especially if you’ve seen Episode 7, except that it consists almost entirely of Superiorgirl being beaten and humiliated.  So, if you like the actress who plays Superiorgirl and you like superheroines being physically destroyed, you should love Episode 8.

The Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanThe Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanThe Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanAfter the painful encounter Superiorgirl endured in the previous episode, she’s summoned by Spawn to an evil hideout.  She flies to this location (with special flying effects!) and eventually does battle with the one and only Nuclearman, who looks quite menacing and has a scary sounding voice.

The Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanThe Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanThe Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - Nuclearman

This brings us to about the ten minute mark of the video, and everything that happens after this (for the remaining half hour) involves Superiorgirl receiving the beating of her superheroine life.  Bearhugs, low blows, belly punches, face punches, shirt grabs, stomps, getting weakened by “space rocks,” getting her legs stretched apart, more low blows, more bearhugs, etc.

The Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanThe Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanThe Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - Nuclearman

As with the first episode, I really like the actress who plays Superiorgirl.  She’s really good at just about every aspect of the role, from playing a confident superheroine to selling the pain and humiliation of being beaten by Nuclearman.  Nuclearman is a physically imposing presence, and the evil Spawn really enjoys providing his evil commentary from the sidelines as Superiorgirl is beaten down for his entertainment.

The Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanThe Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - NuclearmanThe Battle for Earth Ep. 8 - Nuclearman

So, that’s pretty much all I can say about Episode 8 – Nuclearman.  It’s just a non-stop superheroine beatdown for a good half hour or so.  Fans of the previous episode shouldn’t be disappointed, and peril fans should be ecstatic about this video, and the fact that the series is only half-way over.  I believe we’re going to be introduced to Nuclear Girl in a future episode, so it sounds like this series is only going to get better.

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  1. Andrew Clayson

    Well, i did enjoy it too. The 7 and 8 episodes are too better than 5 and 6.Of course, i loved the bearhug situations. I would like to see more reverse bearhugs, but the scenes are very very good. I just did not like the scenes where SuperGirl is “touched” by the villan. But, that’s just me. The episode is very good. I recommend

  2. Andrew Clayson

    Oh, i almost forgot. The actress is very very lovely!!!!!!!! I certainly would like to hire her for my future SuperHeroine movie.

  3. Andrew Clayson


    I don’t have one yet. The pre – productions for the movie that i was talking about begins in November. I’ll send more details to you gmail. Right now, i’m just checking the costs.


  4. I’ve been experiencing a lot of langing on my episode.. Is there anything you can do???

  5. Try windows media player 😉
    TBFE changed the codec but if that doesn’t work then email TBFE and they will take care of you.

  6. Right click the file and choose “Open with” and then choose windows media player 😉

  7. Thanks for your help rye. The site still hasn’t gotten back to me yet so I guess I’ll just wait cause it’s still lagging every 20 seconds or so,!!

  8. deathcake

    I reckon the codec is probably producing a higher bitrate and your computer is stuggling. I assume you bought the HD version of the movie? I suggest you use VLC player, a free media player that will play practically anything you throw at it, alot quicker than Windows Media Player:

  9. Love episode 8! What I had hoped would have happened in the Supergirl movie starts to happen here. My only hope is that the villain take a few more liberties with Supergirl. After all, she is both a superheroine and a beautiful woman–what villain wouldn’t take advantage a situation in which he had her at his mercy?
    I am also very intrigued by the possibility of a Wonder Woman video soon…?

  10. Hey Rye, I noticed on The Battle For Earth site that you have scripts for the movies up. Do you have any from the Punished Heroines days? I’m making subtitles for myself and some parts are hard to hear.

  11. Rye, have you filmed 9, or 10 yet? What’s going to happen next? Estimated time it’ll be out??

  12. Hey guys,

    There is a ton going on right now… First the TBFE stuff:

    1. TBFE wants me to do an alternate reality of Superiorgirl with a new actress that will probably be filmed in the next two weeks.
    2. I haven’t finished the scripts for Nuclear-girl or the Nuclear-team yet (Ep 9-10)
    3. At the same time as Ep 9-10 I am writing a Wonder Woman movie that will be a lot like the Avalon production. There has been a TON of people giving suggestions but I will only be able to use a few of them.
    4. She-ra…. Yes I want to make a She-ra movie really bad but it will have to wait until I am done shooting WW in November.
    5. Wonderousgirl ep 3.. I still have to edit this part and I’ve had a lot of people ask when its coming out. Gonna shoot for Wednesday but no promises.
    6. SHG wants me to make a WW and Superiorgirl series but that hasn’t been cast yet.

    Good lord! Now that I see it all typed out….
    Bottom line is there needs to be more than 24 hours in a day because I am buried in work, but in a good way.

    – JT
    I never scripted anything in those days 😉 The content was far less simple and I just made it up as I went hehe. If you email me the title of the movie and section I could probably tell you what they are saying.

    I plan to do a heavier version of Superiorgirl but it won’t be on TBFE because their content doesn’t allow for that kind of stuff 😉 Glad you liked ep 8 though! It’s hard for me to really judge these products sometimes because writing/directing them takes away all the anticipation and discovery that I would normally enjoy after watching someone else’s film.

    It’s really hard to say when 9-10 will be out.. All that really depends on when TBFE gives me the green light to do them. Could be October but I am not sure.

  13. Alot of stuff happening then. Thanks for the update! And I sent an email using the contact option on the site here. I hope you can help with that.

  14. Hi, JT. Actually, Rye doesn’t run this site, he just stops by a lot and answers questions for his fans here :). You can reach him directly at

  15. Sugarcoater

    A quick thought/request: how about having Superwoman’s hair curled a bit? It just seems that the straight hair is just a bit too plain. The model is attractive; I’m just thinking a slight hair alteration would add to her beauty in the Superwoman outfit.

  16. I could give that a shot for ya. I agree that she would look great with some more body to her hair. I am shooting another superiorgirl vid with a new actress next week that has what your looking I think 😉

  17. sugarcoater

    Fantastic news :) And thanks for taking the time to both read and respond to us fans. I’m really enjoying the work you’re producing–you’ve definitely got a loyal customer and fan here.


  18. I’m a big fan of straight-hair, but Aimee is stunning enough that I’d still purchase the next one, even with a bit of a curl.

  19. Sugarcoater

    Any chance of using a latex Supergirl costume like the one at It could look really hot. If it’s a possibility, perhaps it might be used as a symbolic upgrade for Supergirl as she tries to recover from her latest set-back.
    If I may also ask, any ETA for the upcoming videos? Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for Wonder Woman–may it be almost identical to the original Wonder Woman outfit, down to the red boots with the white strip :)

  20. already workin on it 😉 Soon as I find a good latex leotard i’ll have TBFE pick it up.
    The WW parody will likely come out in November and I have just started talking with Amy about She-ra 😉


  21. The villain in superior girl (nuclearman) looks like a mulatto. Please make your entire cast: heroines/villains, everyone, fully White. :-)

    Apart from that, the series just ROCKS!!!

  22. Jerkstore


    I know you already do this but make sure you cast the best person for your films. As a customer, I don’t care what color they are. This isn’t Virginia is the 1860’s.

  23. Yeah Rye,

    Listen to some of the people here, and cast five black girls as your superheroines in the next series. Apart from a few idiots out there to show everyone they are ‘not racists’, you would be lucky to have more than 10 downloads. (Honestly, in that case, I doubt even blacks would download your movies). The same applies for all the other cast members as well.

    Don’t be like those fools, and cast ugly people just to “prove” you’re not a racist. Stick to beautiful and handsome Whites!!!


  24. Farrakhan

    Super is right no one would buy a video with a black super girl. I’m black and I don’t wanna see no black super girl or a black wonder woman, I don’t think that’s racist at all. I got into this watching white girls, I want my super heroines to stay pretty white girls. I remember hearing Beyonce playing Wonder Woman and thinking what an awful ideal!

  25. deathcake

    Whoa Super. Easy on there man. There’s no need to post that kind of stuff on here…