The Battle for Earth – Episode III “The Harvest” (Review)

The Battle for Earth has released Episode III – “The Harvest,” which features a new superheroine character who wears a Supergirl-like outfit and takes on a deranged villain who appears to posses super speed and super strength.  This production differs from previous episodes from The Battle for Earth.  Aside from a different main character, the story is smaller in scale, taking place in one large room rather than the differing locations of Avalon.  The story is also simpler, consisting of a long fight between the main character, Trinity, and an evil, super-powered psychopath.

The video begins with a recap of the previous episode featuring Avalon.  Trinity, wearing a Supergirl-esque outfit with blue cape, sneaks up on a mysterious man who threatens her and claims to know her secret identity.  We’re informed here that Avalon is missing (along with other superheroines).  This scene goes on for a while, until the villain (a “certified lunatic” who has been injected with a mysterious serum) makes his appearance, and the fighting begins.

Episode III - The Harvest from The Battle for EarthEpisode III - The Harvest from The Battle for EarthEpisode III - The Harvest from The Battle for Earth

The villain totally dominates his opponent for the next several minutes of the video.  If you’ve seen Rye’s recent videos featuring the “SuperiorGirl” character, you know what to expect here.  Trinity is hit, punched, thrown against a wall, picked up by her hair, humiliated, slammed against a desk, etc.  This beating goes on for a long time, and at one point, blood appears at the corner of Trinity’s mouth (sorry, Yak).

Episode III - The Harvest from The Battle for EarthEpisode III - The Harvest from The Battle for EarthEpisode III - The Harvest from The Battle for Earth

Eventually, with a dirty move, Trinity is able to gain the advantage over her opponent.  But she soon learns about a new foe she will be forced to fight, one who is stronger than this episode’s villain and is sure to prove a difficult challenge.

So… is the episode good?  Well, it depends.  If (judging from the pics and the preview) you like the look of the heroine, the costume, and a lot of heroine peril and fighting, you should like this episode.  It features pretty good production values (lighting, editing, etc.)  The acting is okay (good enough, in my opinion), and there are a couple of surprising story developments.

Episode III - The Harvest from The Battle for EarthEpisode III - The Harvest from The Battle for EarthEpisode III - The Harvest from The Battle for Earth

On the down side, I personally didn’t care for the actress in the lead role.  Her acting is fine and she conveys the right attitude as a confident superheroine character, she just doesn’t have the look that I prefer.  (Totally my opinion, I’m sure a lot of you will disagree – it’s been known to happen before :) ).  So, as usual, since the production values and story are good, the rest of it is up to everyone’s personal preferences.  I feel like Avalon set the bar so high with a terrific actress that it might be difficult to overcome that in future episodes.  But in any event, the video is enjoyable and contains a lot of action and peril for fans of the genre.

Also, the video features a preview of an upcoming episode from The Battle for Earth, but I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll leave it at that…  If you download the video, feel free to leave a comment about it here!

Download Episode III “The Harvest” at The Battle for Earth

  1. jerkstore

    Good review HM. I was able to watch the episode just a few minutes ago and I think it was great. I think I hold it in a little higher regard than you do. I thought that many aspects of the production were on par or superior to the first two episodes.

    I will agree on one big point. I think the producers have a problem on their hands for all future episodes. The girl who played Avalon was so skilled physically I think the other actresses are going to have trouble even coming close to matching her abilities in a fight scene. Fight choreography is way up on my list of important things. I don’t know if Rye intends to bring the Avalon character back in the near future but she should take the lead in all major fight scenes. Other than that, I think they are doing some of the best work in the genre.

  2. Thanks, Jerkstore. Glad you enjoyed the review, and the video. This episode is on a smaller scale compared to the previous two, but has the same level of technical quality. My only problem with it results from my personal preference, and ultimately has no bearing on whether anyone else will like it (which is what makes it hard to review these things!).

    It’s definitely going to be difficult for Rye and his team to live up to the actress from Avalon, especially in term of fighting ability, as you mentioned.

  3. Thanks, Rye! I have posted the trailer on this page as well.

  4. Are there any low blows in episode 3 or4? Any idea when wonderousgirl is coming out? The trailer looks great

  5. There are low blows in both episodes 😉 is VERY close :)

  6. jerkstore


    That was a really quick tun around time on the new trailer. Are you guys looking for a faster release for part 4, or are you still taking the normal amount of time in post production?

  7. Jerk,

    BFE is pushing for a 2 week turn around per episode 😉
    The only one that might take a tad longer will bs SG vs NM but we shall see.

  8. That’s an accurate review of the Harvest. I agree that Avalon set the bar pretty high; i didn’t particularly like the execution in that video, but it was a lot more daring with its story and change of scenery. In comparison, this one was kind of disappointing. Again, after Avalon, I was expecting more, but this production felt like just another SHG-Media (Silver Fox, Justice Girl) in a black room. Even the costume looked recycled from previous productions (There was too much blue, if the heroine had a red cape, it might have gone over better). The story was really lacking here, I really liked how this jumped right to the action (Avalon took way too long), but the set up here … for example, I’m not sure why Trinity walked in on this guy or what he did wrong (illegally downloading music?), but then unprovoked, she just starts beating him up. Although, there was a lot of fighting, a super villain dressed in the finest St. John’s Bay is not threatening at all. In Avalon, there was effort to distinguish the villains with make up, wearing black, garden hoses, etc., This could’ve went over so much better if the villain was like “it’s me!”, then transformed into something more menacing, with the veins drawn all over his face. Instead, we got a fight between a super heroine and the evil Kinko’s guy. The super bad guy at the end was only slighty more impressive, but if he’s this enhanced villain from before, he should’ve had a costume or look to along with his “heartburn” powers (that special effect in his chest looked liked a Maalox commercial). Overall, The Harvest delivers on the goods with the fighting, so if that’s all you were looking for, you won’t be disappointed. However, I find it’s the attention to detail that enhances the super heroine fantasy, like the costume, story, etc., e.g. Alex Bettinger/Paris Kennedy essentially make the same film, but they do make a point to address these issues, and its what makes them stand out. It looked like was headed in that direction. I don’t think Avalon accomplished those goals, but I applaud the effort. The Harvest is a step in the opposite direction, what should’ve been great, is just another bland video. I’d give it C+

  9. jerkstore


    A behind the scenes question if you don’t mind. Is two weeks enough time for you as a director to produce a film that your happy with? As a fan, I love the fact that we are going to see a new movie every two weeks but that sounds like a short time frame to write, shoot, score, edit, and add special effects for a half hour long production. Just wondering if that works for you.

  10. Could you in further episode include more low blows… You actresses know how to sell pain and what better place to hurt a heroine then right between the legs. Just a suggestion. Huge fan.

  11. -Jerk,

    You are absoultely right, that would be impossible 😉

    While Episode II of Avalon was being edited I was writing the scripts for Trinity, Nova, SG vs NM, and BFE organzied a LONG shoot and we filmed Trinity and Nova in a week. The 2 weeks we will be waiting is just for editing, and I have pointed out the music I want in each film to BFE. I am going to write as much original music as I have time for when SG vs NM hits the editing floor. (Epic 80’s supergirl sounding stuff.) I just don’t have the time to do that for the other flicks.


    The only movie I haven’t already filmed for BFE is SG vs NM but I will keep you in mind when that one comes around 😉

  12. Rye.,
    it’s just awesome how cool you are to enteract with your customers like this… Don’t mean to sound annoying but any date on wonderousgirl ..? Thx again

  13. My best guess is Wednesday but that is only a guess 😉

    The wonderousgirl series has so many attacks to the heroine that I lost count.. lol
    Plenty of crotch shots 😉

  14. Rye,

    I’m excited to hear about the upcoming SG vs NM episode. I’m sure it’ll be interesting, I just hope that 1. the actress playing SG is a blonde, and 2. you’ll be using a suitable costume. are hard to beat for looks, but their content is dull…

  15. Supergirl has actually been cast already, you can see some pics of her at MH’s message board in the lounge.

    The costume will be classic 1984 – ish 😉

  16. just watched the episode two trailer. it is fantastic. the internal monologue, the throwing and bearhugging, the ineffective punches from trinity… it makes me like the costume better! will almost surely pick that one up.

  17. oh… and mik: the board is

  18. Thanks! I found the thread.


    I’ll be following this! :)

  19. Sorry man.. i still cant find it. AnywaY to send a link?

  20. Dude……………..Oh my gosh. When can we expect at least a trailer for that one.

  21. Scwank

    Does this one use any locations? The movies I enjoy the most are the ones that don’t use one spot. One thing great about the Avalon ones was the variety, as opposed to some other ones in the genre that seem to take place solely in someone’s living room or basement.

  22. Ted99

    Any chance of any actual sex acts in this video?

    Excuse me, I’m not familiar with what Studios do what type of videos.


  23. Just received my screening copy of Episode 4 so it should be ready tomorrow :)

    – Scwank

    Trinity does not use multiple locations however the first part of Nova is included in Trinity Episode 4 and it does.

    The films at do not have actual or simulated sex. Check my clips store for simulated acts.