The Battle for Earth – Episode IV “Last Stand” – Review

The latest episode of The Battle for Earth features the return of Trinity, the heroine from the previous episode, facing off against an unstoppable opponent.  Where Episode III featured a little more story development and a comparatively even-handed battle between the heroine and her opponent, Episode IV has Trinity getting completely manhandled for almost the entire length of the video.  If a heroine beat-down is what you’re looking for, you should enjoy this latest offering from The Battle for Earth.

The Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - ReviewThe Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - ReviewThe Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - Review

There really isn’t a whole lot of story this time around.  The episode picks up basically where the last one left off, with Trinity having defeated (for now) her previous opponent, who has just informed her of her new enemy, Gunther, who is basically a “terminator” type of unstoppable opponent.  The very simple story is summarized on The Battle for Earth’s web site:

Challenged to defeat Nathan with only one of Spawn’s serum treatments, Trinity now faces impossible odds with little to no hope of stopping Gunther. Trinity soon realizes that Gunther feels little pain and does not lose stamina! She gives him everything she has but is quickly overwhelmed by his vicious attacks. She is now fighting for her life, and to protect her sister Serenity from becoming Spawn’s next lab test! After a humiliating beating at the hands of Gunther, Trinity makes her final stand and blasts her foe with every ounce of energy she has. To her dismay, Gunther plows through her assault and gives her one final lesson as he manhandles her.

Does Trinity survive the attacks and stop Spawn from harvesting another superheroine, or is she laid to rest in vain…

The Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - ReviewThe Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - ReviewThe Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - Review

The key words here are “vicious attacks,” “humiliating beating,” and “manhandles.”  I really can’t overstate how much of a beating Trinity takes in this video compared to the previous episode.  I would estimate that about 20 minutes of the video consist of nothing but Trinity getting the snot beat out of her.  And kicked out of her, bear hugged out of her, choked out of her, etc.  This is definitely a “heroine peril” video in the style of Rye’s Punished Heroines (though it doesn’t feature any explicit or implied sexual content).  Fans of the Avalon series might be disappointed at the lack of a story and the one-sided fighting, but fans of peril will find plenty to like about this video.

The Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - ReviewThe Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - RThe Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - R

Overall, this is a better episode, in my opinion, than Episode III.  The villain is actually pretty menacing (compared to the villain from Episode III, who was kind of a goofy, well-dressed young man).  He’s also physically intimidating and looks like he could pose a serious challenge for a superheroine.  As I mentioned in my review of Episode III, Trinity, while a nice looking girl who gives a very good performance, isn’t necessarily my favorite heroine.   But I admire how much she dedicates herself to the role here, and I’m sure most peril fans will really like her performance.  She manages to sell being on the receiving end of multiple kicks, punches, holds, backbreakers, and low blows quite convincingly (not to mention a lot of other forms of physical punishment).  A potential drawback for some viewers might be that the episode, like Episode III, takes place entirely in one room as opposed to the varied locations of Avalon.  But, again, if you know what to expect, this shouldn’t be a problem.  The video is about the beat-down of Trinity, so there’s really no need to expand the setting to include multiple locations.

The Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - RThe Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - RThe Battle for Earth – Episode IV "Last Stand" - R

So, in a nutshell, I think this is a good heroine peril video from The Battle for Earth if you’re looking for an extended, merciless heroine beating along the lines of Rye’s Superior Girl series.  The video also includes a trailer and the opening scenes (about five minutes) of Episode V – Unnatural Selection, featuring a new heroine character called “Nova.”

Download Episode IV “Last Stand” at The Battle for Earth!



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Who is the actress?


Finally got this one. It’s one of the best superheroine vids I’ve ever seen. The model is positively stunning and probably the most talented actress in this business right now. Her defeat is long, hard, and sexy as all get out, with terrific bearhugs, throws, piledrivers, etc. Once again, Rye gets all the little stuff right… the great costume (which I initially wasn’t a fan of… but those gloves are a sensual stroke of genius) the helpless internal monologing, the positively threatening villains (I love the contrast between the kooky guy who wants to relish in Trinity’s defeat and the powerful guy who just wants to continue the beatdown), the little overconfident superheroine smirks, the fight that starts off fairly even and develops into a rout (I’m not into total domination… I like to see some spunk, and Trinity has plenty of that), the non-obtrusive but cinematic score, etc. I’ve only got four (pretty tiny) gripes about Episode 4:
1. The blood on Trinity’s face. It’s there the whole video, and shouldn’t be. I hate blood.
2. I’ m not a huge fan of Trinity’s bellybutton piercing, which doesn’t seem all that superheroinely– at least it’s not a big chain, though.
3. The ending is a little anticlimactic. I would’ve liked to see the baddies tie Trinity to the table. Being beaten and then bound is like being beaten twice.
4. Nova. The two previews for Nova take up a combined seven or eight minutes here. It doesn’t look like a bad video, or anything… I just would’ve liked to see more of Trinity!

Let these gripes dissuade no one from getting Episode 4 of TBFE. It tops Avalon in my book. And let it be known too that the Rye is a stand up guy… He really helped when I had a problem downloading the vid.


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This actress do a great job selling the fight scenes.. Verrryyyyyy good acting.


I just bought and watched this episode and I have to say Im loving The Battle for Earth and all of it’s content. Even if story wasn’t a big factor as opposed to the action, I love the heroines Avalon and Trinity. On top of that, Nova is being introduced in Ep5, played by the actress in Rye’s Super Arrogance short, who was also very good in her role as the arrogant Robin. The only minior, minor gripe I have is that Im not too big on seeing heroines bleed (Like Q’s infamous advice to James Bond) it’s a bit much IMHO, but again, it’s only a minor gripe I’ve only bought a couple episodes so far, but only 4 episodes into it’s existence, TBFE is doing everything a great SHIP site should do: great heroines, great stories, amazing action, nice peril, and a feeling that you got your moneys worth in entertainment. Excellent work Rye.