The Battle for Earth – “LOR’CAL Episode 1 – Infinite Possibilities”

“Infinite Possibilities” begins the “alternate realities” storyline in the Battle for Earth series.  As the evil LOR’CAL and his apprentice watch (off-screen) we see a series of always-changing scenarios played out, each of which involves Superiorgirl (played by a new actress), Spawn, Nuclearman, Fusion and Radiance.  I liked this episode as much or more than any other episode in The Battle for Earth.  It’s a very creative story idea and gives viewers the chance to see lots of different scenarios within one movie.

The Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesThe Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesThe Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesAfter an alternate opening credits sequence, the story begins with Superiorgirl fighting Spawn in a classic Battle for Earth style.  The first thing you’re likely to notice here is the new actress playing Superiorgirl.  I think she looks great, and there are a couple of times throughout the video where she seems to be having a great time (especially with some of the “lighter” moments later on), but I have to say that the previous Superiorgirl came across to me as more dedicated to her performance (or maybe just a little better at acting).  However, I really liked this Superiorgirl anyway and hope to see her again in later episodes.  In any event, she looks great as Superiorgirl, and that’s probably the most important thing. :)

The Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesThe Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesThe Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite Possibilities

The story basically consists of a short episode followed by an alternate reality, then another, and so on.  In each reality, the rules are slightly different, so the scenario changes every few minutes or so.  Viewers who enjoy a longer story focused on one primary scenario the entire time may not like this setup, but I really liked it.  It’s very fast-paced and the surprises keep coming, so I hope to see more episodes like this one.

The Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesThe Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesThe Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite Possibilities

I don’t think I can do a better job of recapping the story than the Battle for Earth web site, so here’s a run-down of the various mini-stories within “Infinite Possibilities”:

1. Triple Threat!: Lor’cal’s apprentice wants to see a reality without Nuclearman so we kick off with Spawn and Superiorgirl duking it out in rocky terrain. Superiorgirl eventually gets the best of Spawn so he opens a portal for Radiance and Fusion. Superiorgirl has some trouble with Fusion but she defeats him.

2. Enter The Nucleargirl: After Fusion is killed by Superiorgirl, Radiance is given the go ahead to take on Superiorgirl. This fight goes very bad for poor little Superiorgirl as her foe is greatly underestimated.

3. The Spawn Who Could Move The World: Next up, we have a different reality with Nuclearman and Spawn. Superiorgirl burns NM with her laser vision but Spawn takes control of her body and forces her to walk through a mine field. One of the mines is laced with a green space fragment!

4. Yes Master…: Next up we have a slight change of realities and this time Spawn’s mind control’s Superiorgirl to kill Nuclearman and follow him!

5. Blind Date: In this dimension Spawn never gave Lester his powers but he was able to make a synthetic green space fragment liquid! Lester scores a date with Superiorgirl and it all goes down hill.

6. Familiar Face: Another spin on the date reality but this time there are no space fragments, and Lester does have his powers!

7. Best Friends Forever: This story shows what would have happened if Spawn was able to trick/manipulate Superiorgirl into being his friend! A good Nuclearman shows up to try and save Superiorgirl but she protects the only friend she has on this planet… Spawn!

8. Family Ties: Later on in the same reality, Spawn creates a Nucleargirl and brings her and Fusion to meet Superiorgirl for the first time. Radiance immediately doesn’t like Superiorgirl, and a fight breaks out. Unfortunately for Superiorgirl, Radiance’s fighting skills prove to be more than she can handle.

The Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesThe Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite PossibilitiesThe Battle for Earth - LORCAL 1 - Infinite Possibilities

It seems there’s a little something for everyone, including mind control and hypno, in addition to belly punches, backbreakers, low blows, etc.  In particular, I really enjoyed “Blind Date,” even though the “superheroine on a date” scenario isn’t really my cup of tea.  I enjoyed this one anyway, in addition to the early sequences which focus on classic superheroine fighting.  I’m curious to see what everyone thinks about this video, so feel free to leave comments about it.

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  1. I did enjoy this one alot. Got another short “Date Of Death” type scenario, and I really liked the punch/dodge scene from the “Family Ties” universe. Good work and I hope you do more.

  2. Jerkstore

    Great job Rye, I loved it. I thought it was a good response to the training room scenarios that NGC has been running lately which I also enjoy. I like how these two web sites seem to be raising the bar for their videos, while trying out new ideas to keep things fresh. It can only be good for the consumer.

  3. Jerkstore

    Forgot one thing. Kryptonite minefield was a pretty brilliant idea. Really liked that one.

  4. Kranger

    Just curious about something. I know the differing scenarios…well, differ. But are some of Superiorgirl’s defeats pretty brutal? That’s my going to determine whether I buy this. I’m currently saving money for a custom, but if this get’s pretty one sided and brutal for the heroine, then I’m in.

  5. I enjoyed this video a lot and this one and EP7 are my FAV to date. Nice work.

  6. Sugarcoater

    Any idea as to when the second part of this alternative universe series may be released? Loved the first one! The only suggestion I would have is to make the outfit tighter on the model. Terrific job btw, she looks incredibly hot as Supergirl!

  7. Hey Thanks Sugarcoater, and everyone else that has left feedback!

    Part II will likely be out next week and will feature another series of alternate realities for our lovely Superiorgirl :) I know a lot of people are anticipating the Krypto chain scenes (there are 2 of those) one where Radiance is good, and one where she is Evil :)

    As for the costume… The leotard fit great except for the arms. When TBFE sent me pics of the leotard I immediately noticed the arms were too big but it was too late to get something else. The dance shop it was purchased from must have some buff chicks? lol?

    The good news is that particular leotard fits my new actress from Supergbad Date II like a glove so it wasn’t a waste, but ya.. We will be looking for a new dance shop to buy from.

  8. This is a great video. Superiorgirl looks great and it has a little bit of everything, each one a perilous situation for Superiorgirl. I especially liked the Radiance scenarios… Superiorgirl is overpowered so easily against Radiance. Very well produced, special effects are great. Editing techniques are very unconventional, more French than German or American but that just makes the video even cooler. Great job Rye.