The Return of Devla from UltraHeroix

The Return of Devla from UltraHeroixUltraHeroix has just released a new video, The Return of Devla, a sequel to Devla: Vampire Sorceress, and like that video, this one offers a mash-up of the superheroine and horror/fantasy genres. 


The video begins in an evil dungeon, where the dreaded villainess Devla conjures up a large, imposing Frankenstein-ish thug who will presumably battle with the video’s heroine later on.  She then uses a magic spell to summon our heroine Grim Talon.  We learn that Grim Talon and Devla have battled before, and that the first time around, Grim Talon defeated Devla and stole the power she drained form Lady Ultra (it’s a long story).  Perhaps more importantly, we learn that both characters, being played by new actresses, have acquired new bodies since their last encounter.

The Return of Devla from UltraHeroixThe Return of Devla from UltraHeroixThe Return of Devla from UltraHeroix

A fight breaks out, and Grim Talon, with her superior strength and powers, is easily able to render Devla helpless… until the evil thug appears from behind Grim Talon.  Devla orders the thug (who feels no pain and no emotion, but only a desire to follow Devla’s orders) to destroy Grim Talon.  From there, the thug beats up poor Grim Talon and eventually renders her unconscious.

The Return of Devla from UltraHeroixThe Return of Devla from UltraHeroixThe Return of Devla from UltraHeroix

The remainder of the video consists of a back and forth battle between Devla and Grim Talon, usually with Devla gaining the upper hand and knocking out Grim Talon. A few vampire-related horror elements are introduced, which I think is a nice twist for a superheroine video (and is somthing I admired about the original Devla video).  At one point, we’re treated to a transformation sequence in which Grim Talon transforms into a more traditional superheroine costume (which is very nicely designed and looks really good on this actress, I think).

The Return of Devla from UltraHeroixThe Return of Devla from UltraHeroixThe Return of Devla from UltraHeroix

I don’t want to give away the ending, so I’ll just point out that I enjoyed the performances and genre-mixing in The Return of Devla, as well as the costume transformation and a couple of the peril scenes.  On the downside, the technical quality (fight choreography, editing, etc.) isn’t quite as good as some of the other companies out there, but as with Ultraheroix’s other videos, there’s a certain enthusiasm—a sense that everyone seems to be having a lot of fun—behind the video that I really enjoy.  I also liked the nifty special effects in a couple of sequences as well as the costumes.

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Da Jinx

Thanks for the great feedback guys, I’m glad you all enjoyed it. No “Putting on the Ritz”, just good old fashion villainous vengeance!

Jobber Lover
Jobber Lover

Did they include the scene in which Devla’s monster goes “Putting on the RITZ!!!!”?


i like ultraheroix, their stuff is really good. i don’t share the same obsession over fight choreography as others seem to. to be honest, i feel like some sites actually suffer from too much fight choreography – some sites have almost “TV quality” fights, but too much choreographed action can sometimes come off as “cool” as opposed to “raw” or “sexy”. And ultimately for me, “cool” isn’t what i am looking for in a fetish/porn vid, i want something i can jerk it to (just being honest lol), not a kung fu movie.

anyways, specific to this movie, the girls are sexy, i really like the actress who plays grim talon, she is hot. i love the costumes too, ghost talon costume is great. also to HM’s point, the vampire element is a nice twist to the superheroine genre.

i will try not to spoil the story/ending but i wish the ending took a diff direction. i loved the transformation but wished it ultimately ended with the plot line outlined in about the 19min mark of the movie. BUT perhaps the producer(s) have a good follow up in store so i will give them the benefit of the doubt.

all in all, a very good movie and if you have enjoyed their other vids, this one won’t disappoint.