“The Return of Lady Ultra” from UltraHeroix

"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroixThe Return of Lady Ultra is now available from UltraHeroix: “This is the return of Lady Ultra as she continues to dismantle the evil organization ‘C.L.A.S.H.’ Her first target is the villainous Death Punch but encounters more peril than she expected as she tries to take down the villainess!”

"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix

"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix

"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix"The Return of Lady Ultra" from UltraHeroix


Lady Ultra is in the process of dismantling CLASH after the demise of it’s leader Domintia. She is going after all the criminal leaders and other powerful members that are still at large and her first target is “Death Punch”. During this time the Villainess has taken over the Black Hood Gang after she defeated that city’s only super heroine “Nightfox” in the “Night Clash” video and the heroine s still missing.

Death Punch is now played by a past fan favorite, the actress who played Tessa from the first two Swiftgirl videos. I felt she has a unique menacing quality that makes this character her own and she does an awesome job as she lays the smack down on Lady Ultra.

Domintia pummels, knocks out, bear hugs and choke lifts the heroine. At one point she takes the fight out of her lair and drags back the defeated heroine back for more abuse. One of my favorite scenes, is when she drapes Lady Ultra over a mini bar and gloats over her superiority.

Message from Da Jinx

I’m taking up the editing process myself, and it’s been an interesting learning process as I’m making it my priority to release our videos on a more consistent basis with a shorter gap in between videos. I will also continue to blog when I can because it been a lot of fun, and I’ve had some great feedback from it. I want to thank our fans again for their support and loyalty and be on the lookout for more exciting and new things from Ultraheroix.com in the coming months.

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New features (and new videos) coming soon!

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Da Jinx

I’m glad you enjoyed our previous videos, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too. The “U” symbol is glued on and unfortunately it became a little loose during this video. I thin k it kinda works as a little battle damage as the video goes on. The run time is approximately 10 minutes, 35 seconds .
Deathpunch does not remove lady ultra’s mask in this one but I like that idea. I just don’t want to overuse it. I agree it makes for a cool story idea.
@ Darklord
So far, I’ve been getting positve feedback from fans, hopefully you’ll see some post from them here.
Again, I want to thank everyone for there positive feedback and motivating responses, I really appreciate it!


Any reviews of the video? Does it deliver? Good/bad ending, etc?

Super Mime
Super Mime

I was wondering if Death Punch takes off Lady Ultra’s mask to find out who she really is. If not I think that could make for a great story, to have a masked heroine and a masked villain fighting one another, ad the villain takes off the heroine’s mask and it turns out to be a close friend or even… dare I say it… her sister lol. Keep up the excellent work.


I enjoyed a number of past purchases. Your new release looks promising except for the “U” on Lady Ultra’s chest. It looks like it’s taped on her costume or else a bad sewing job. Aside from that, everything else seems very enticing. I couldn’t find a running time or file size on your web site. I am guessing from the price not too long, and hopefully the file size/bitrate is equivalent to your recent stuff, i.e. very good.

Da Jinx


Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback and I’m glad you are fans of our stuff. I really strive to have a diverse cast of characters and actors and I’m glad you fans appreciate it.
I think this Lady Ultra actress did a great job and I look forward to working with her more in the future. Also, the DeathPunch actress did a phenomenal job, She seems to relish being the villain and it really shows.
I want to thank all our fans again for sticking with us and I can honestly say the best is yet to come!


I’m really excited about this. It’s rare to have a non-white heroine and whenever that heroine gets her ass kicked is awesome!


Great to see a new film from Ultraheroix, one of my favorite producers. Loved the original Lady Ultra, but after watching this one I can say that I love the new Lady Ultra too! Didn’t occur to me that the villain here was Tessa from Swiftgirl, she’s awesome!

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