Trailer for “Wonderous Girl vs. Gigantor”

Trailer for "Wonderous Girl vs. Gigantor"Ever wonder what would happen if Wonderous Girl fought a gorilla named Gigantor (or named anything, for that matter)?  Rye and SHG-Media have answered the call with Wonderous Girl vs. Gigantor, in which Amanda, the lovely actress from SHG’s Agent Akira, portrays Wonderous Girl, who faces an extremely hairy opponent.

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  1. Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of SHG Media as well as anything Rye has a hand in. I’ll probably end up purchasing this movie anyways, but I would like to voice a concern that hopefully many other producers will take into account. Normally I’m not one to nitpick, but you would think after all this time, producers and directors would have their actresses sell arm carries more by going completely limp. The actress holding their head up really detracts from the carry and the scene overall. Having her make her body go completely limp not only adds to the realism but also adds some nice neck exposure to boot!
    It’s a very minor issue, but it’s just something I hope gets addressed sometime. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the tip Sam!

    I got that shot from multiple angles so I will have to check and see if her head is more limp in the other ones 😉 She also gets carried over the shoulder however I think I fixed the camera on her ass a lot during those shots.


  3. That model is hot, but her acting is not fully there yet IMO. Hope those chains are used on her!

  4. Hey guys,

    The basic story is that Wonderous Girl is tricked into thinking she is helping the good Dr Vladimir cure cancer by running some tests and supplying her DNA. Of course this is not the case as the Dr only needed her DNA to supply Gigantor with super strength. Wonderous Girl hears the Dr cry for help and walks right into her trap and comes face to face with the monster. Wonderous Girl seems to get the upper hand but the Dr reveals that Gigantor was holding back. Eventually she is simply outmatched by his brute force and takes a humiliating ass whooping.

    Here is a quick peril list for those wondering what to expect:

    1. Fans of the Linda vs Gargantua… I did a similar run with bearhugs and crushing but far more brutal than the show with more variety.
    2. backbreakers
    3. Torture rack
    4. plenty of low blows
    5. belly and face strikes
    6. hair pulling (of Wonderous Girl obviously haha)
    7. Lots of tossing her around and into walls
    8. leg stretch with a crotch stomp
    9. Body slam
    10. Very long and hard fought chloro scene caught from several angles
    11. Lift and carry with over the shoulder and craddle
    12. Power belt removed (this doesn’t happen until she has the crap knocked out of her by Gigantor)

    The mental peril is focused by the evil Dr who makes it clear that Gigantor wants to mate with her. She is present for the entire fight giving Gigantor instruction, increasing his strength, and making fun of Wonderous Girl when she starts to lose. Since this is an SHG-Media exclusive movie he doesn’t actually fuck her but kind of dry humps her which is very humiliating for Wonderous Girl.

    There are things I am sure I left out but that should give anyone considering this movie a good idea of what to expect peril wise.

    I am guessing this video will be ready around the 16th following the release of The Parolee.

    The chains were not used on Wonderous Girl


  5. Rye,
    In the first part of the original scrip there was the following –
    ——- Dr. Worshire is caught off guard “We….Yes we are going to be testing tolerances on some newly blended metals we have developed! They will eventually be used to hold the worlds most dangerous and powerful criminals!.”
    Nova (Wonderous Girl) raises an eyebrow with a slight smirk. “What exactly did you need me to do?” “You will simply attempt to bend or distort the metal… I will give you higher density compounds until you are unsuccessful” Nova folds her arms “And what if all of your metal fails to withstand my strength?” Dr. Worshire takes a step towards Nova “I can assure you that some level of this compound will be Immune to even your strength. The genetic sample you gave us last year has proven to be… Ground breaking” In the first part Nova (Wonderous Girl) takes a step towards Dr. Worshire putting them only a few inches apart. “I look forward to the challenge.”——-

    I know scrips get change all the time but I was hoping this part of it made it through? Wonderous Girl bending metal – sounded like you could do some nice video work here of her power before she gets crushed by Gigantor.

  6. Hey Ben,

    That is going to be a different movie all together with a higher budget and different model. You might be happy to know that in this current film that Wonderous Girl snaps some chains 😉

  7. darklord

    i personally can’t wait… love the costume, hot actress (yeah she doesn’t act THAT well but she’s getting better), and finally no boring magic haha :)

    trailer doesn’t show much physical punishment, but i trust your synopsis that she gets beat down

  8. Rye, that certainly sounds better with your desc. Don’t you think the trailer is a bit too thin?

  9. Well this is just the teaser 😉

    After I finish editing the Parolee I should have time to make another one.


  10. nirega1

    Can I buy videos via Paypal to you Sir?? I can’t buy the videos here in my country thanks!!

  11. Amanda looks great and I’d love to see her in one of those old school R-rated Punished Heroines style movies.

    And speaking of punished heroines, what’s the update on the comic strip?

  12. MassEffectMan

    Any news yet about the release of this video? I really want to buy this one.

  13. Nirega1-

    I haven’t had a chance to work on my comic lately. It’s gonna be a while 😉

    I am guessing tues-wed at this point but that is a guess 😉

  14. MassEffectMan

    Hey Rye,
    I sorry if I being a pain but I want to know if Wonderous Girl vs Gigantor is almost release? If not could please tell when will the video arrive? Thanks

  15. If all goes as planned then this vid should be out late thursday night 😉 I’m currently making a second trailer for the Parolee as I type this.


  16. So things are not going as planned and this release is going to have to wait until Wednesday night. There is some server upgrades happening at SHG-Media in the next few days that must take priority over this release. It’s only a couple extra days :)

  17. Frank

    Hey Rye!

    Is that “Wonderous Girl VS Gigantor” video going to come out tonight on SHG-media?

    I notice there were having some server outages and i was wondering if that was going to effect the video being delayed?


  18. MassEffectMan

    Hey Rye!
    So is Wondrous Girl going to be posted today or tomorrow? Please let me know because I want to buy it. Thanks

  19. Im trying for tonight but tomorrow is looking more realistic. There are a lot of bearhugs and crushing scenes that are being a pain to edit.

  20. Bad news guys… The SHG-Media servers are switching DNS and IP addresses tonight which will delay this video until sunday at the soonest. Between now and then many of you will have trouble getting to SHG-Media until your ISP’s DNS catches up with the change which could take up to 48 hours.


  21. Frank

    Thanks for keeping us updated Rye.

    Any idea of a time table when it will be released?


  22. Not Mine

    Thought I might ask here as I had sent an e-mail to Rye a week ago or so and still haven’t got an answer. Reading comments on the message boards here it looks like the video Villains United is one of the best although older videos. Does anyone know where I can find it. I have looked at Nicheclips and clips4sale and can’t find it for sale anywhere. If anyone knows how I can get my hands on this video please drop me an email at Thanks,

  23. MassEffectMan

    Yes please Rye, can you please tell us when it will be released?

  24. Not Mine-
    I retired that video 😉

    I am putting some finishing touches on the video so we are close!

  25. The video is done and will be available tomorrow night along with a huge sale of everything I sell at

    Im going to take a few days off after tomorrow and the uncut version of the Parolee will be next on my plate followed by Superia in Superbad double date!


  26. ben

    Am I missing it somewhere. Or is it not posted yet?

  27. MassEffectMan

    Yeah Rye, you say to us all that it was supposed to be posted on Wed. night but still we don’t see it on the website. What’s going on?

  28. Jose

    Damn! Have you guys ever heard the phrase that patience is a virtue? You all act like the world is ending. It’ll get here when it gets here. We all know it’s coming. We just have to wait and that’s it. There is no sense in hounding and being impatient.

  29. The movie has been on the SHG-Media servers since late last night but something called sleep is making us wait 😉

    It should be cut over to live sale at any moment folks! Hope everyone enjoys it!

  30. Superheroinegirl

    I would love a video that plays out like this, but with an Actual Muscular Human villain. I notice male performers in these videos are always in some Body obscuring costume, as if they think they assume this fantasy as no Female fans.