“Training Room 7” from Next Global Crisis

"Training Room 7" from Next Global CrisisTraining Room 7 might be my favorite episode of the series from Next Global Crisis.  It takes the now-familiar formula of placing two characters in a room and having them participate in a practice bout.  This episode, however, features a couple of interesting twists that make it, in my opinion, more entertaining than a few previous episodes.  There are also instances of humor that keep things interesting.  The actresses look good, the fight is very well choreographed, and I think fans of NGC will really like it.

"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis

The two foes this time are Nina Hellfire from Training Room 5 and Bluebird from Training Room 2 and Training Room 4.  Nina Hellfire, you may remember, has the ability to cause a burning sensation in her opponents by touching them, and Bluebird… well, I’m not exactly sure what her super powers are, but she looks good in her costume, and that’s the most important thing to me.

"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis

The two characters engage in battle, and this is probably one of the most one-sided battles in the NGC canon.  Bluebird takes a serious beating.  The tables do get turned at one point, and I won’t say who the victor actually is, but the primarily one-sided nature of most of this battle should please fans of lopsided fights.

"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 7" from Next Global Crisis

A few things I really liked about this episode: the acting, fight choreography, lighting, and costumes are good, but they’re always good.  This time around, I think the use of slow motion works really, really well at a couple of key moments.  I like the first fight move (which is a bit unfair), and I like how the fight ends.  Like I said, I enjoyed this Training Room episode as much as any of the company’s videos.  I have to admit that at some point, I would like to see new kinds of stories and not exclusively training room scenarios, but that’s just me.  These videos seem to be really popular, and as long as people enjoy them, I guess I don’t see why Next Global Crisis should shift their focus onto something else.

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  • Feb. 4, 2011 at 12:38 am

    So wins the fight?

  • Jan. 21, 2011 at 11:29 am

    @ Britt

    QFT. As I mentioned earlier, the brain is the body’s most errogenous zone and hints like these would do wonders for our brains, LOL!!!

  • Jan. 21, 2011 at 10:58 am

    I think Bert is absolutely correct. I know that there are rules about how “sexual” they can be, but subtly implying sexual peril would really add an extra hint of intrigue and excitement to the films they currently produce. It’s not even that we want more sex, just hint of what could be happening off camera. It allows our imaginations to continue to run wild.

    Rangerian, you tickle my funny bone.

  • Jan. 21, 2011 at 2:35 am

    I just like watching chicks knocking the stuffing out of each other. Oh, and the high production values, almost forgot.

  • Jan. 20, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Yes their production values are outstanding and the fight choregraphy is superb. It’s one of the reasons I come back every once and awhile and purchase an episode. I just wish the costumes were a little bit sexier, matching those you see in comic books, but that has already been explained to me by the producer.

    Sexual tension like Bert mentioned would do wonders for them too but it is all pretty sketchy with the UK’s morality police running around.

  • Jan. 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    TR 07 (and you have to remeber “TR” stands for “Training Room”) is a great addition to the NGC universe. I loved the timing of the sucker-punch Bluebird received, nearly fell off my chair. TR 07 rocked. The interchanges were terrific, as always. The ladies are stunning and their performances outstanding. I’ve come to expect a professional level from all NGC productions, and their ability to surprise the audiance. TR 07 does not disappoint.
    My personal view, relating to NGC productions (since I have purchased all of them) but focusing on the Training Room series, is that they tell a progressive story. The first TR may have seemed “unpolished” but it far surpasses what most others are doing. The TR series has it’s own storyline and feel. The audience is given a glimpse of “behind the scenes” action that shows a natural progression within the sanctum of Elite Force i.e. what it takes to make a super hero/heroine. This ties in well with the structure of the Episodes (mainly due to Ep. 2 where we first encounter a training room setting) because we, the audience, know more of what is expected of the agents. One of the greatest strengths of NGC is the “far view” that is implied with each production. One can see, if one pays attention, an underlying flow between certain productions that helps to “flesh out” the world of Elite Force and Red Mist and make it more tangible/real.
    In my opinion, this is a plot device that is underused or completely discarded in most current episodic media short of the comic book. I have a very deep respect for the attention to detail that is apparent in each of NGC productions. And for the general, strong production values employed.

  • Jan. 20, 2011 at 10:32 am


    I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is one of the major things that are holding them back in my book, besides the costumes matching those from the comic books.

    People tend to forget that the brain is the body’s most errogenous zone. If the producer would just hint at sexual tension with what was stated above, they would surely allow the imagination to run wild for the viewer and also establish another threat for the heroine without crossing the line.

  • Jan. 20, 2011 at 8:43 am

    NGC has managed to carve out their own niche in this business with high quality productions, very attractive heroines, menacing villains and good story-lines. For these reasons, they are my favorite producer. There are other providers that amply cove the more extreme content, so I’m okay with NGC avoiding it, but maybe there is room to hint a bit at some sexual peril without crossing lines. For example, a heroine could be threatened verbally with what might happen if they lose the fight. An opponent could attempt a low blow but be blocked by the heroine, complete with a shocked look that he would try it. When a heroine is lying helpless on a villains knee in a back-breaker, he could pull down the zipper on the front of her costume. The odd hint at this type of peril could really ramp up the tension, provided the actors were willing.

  • Jan. 19, 2011 at 6:10 pm


    rangerian is right—I don’t think any NGC episodes have low blows or any other type of “sexual” fighting. Just regular punches and moves. On the other hand, they do have the highest production quality in the genre, in my opinion.

  • Jan. 19, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    As with all previous productions in the series, no low blows. Breasts and crotches are no go zones. Most we ever see are punches to the mid section and face. Thats about it. Great quality though.

  • Jan. 19, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    any low blows in this episode?!

  • Jan. 17, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    I love the Bluebird costume. I’d like to see it in other videos as well or something similar.

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