“Training Room 9” from Next Global Crisis

"Training Room 9" from Next Global CrisisBy now, if you’ve seen any of the previous eight Training Room episodes from Next Global Crisis, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect—a short (and appropriately priced at under $12) fighting bout between two opponents, with really high production values.  However, I have to point out that in my opinion, the fight choreography and editing in this particular episode is the best I’ve seen from Next Global Crisis, and some of the best in the genre (perhaps outside of Japan).

"Training Room 9" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 9" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 9" from Next Global CrisisThe opponents here are Sebastian Luner (from Training Room 1 and Training Room 3) and Bluebird (from Training Room 2, Training Room 4 and Training Room 7) (everybody got that?), who both of whom are quite adept at pulling off various fighting maneuvers as well as delivering convincing performances.

"Training Room 9" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 9" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 9" from Next Global Crisis

Sebastian Luner, who still looks truly deranged to me, wears his familiar shock collar while Bluebird gets a chance to show off her “enhanced speed and stamina” (although she still receives a real beating).  The two characters exchange a few witty barbs every once in a while, when they’re not delivering punches and kicks that would crush the bones of normal, human opponents.

"Training Room 9" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 9" from Next Global Crisis"Training Room 9" from Next Global Crisis

Overall, the fighting seems pretty evenly matched, although the action seems a little more intense this time, and on a technical level, I thought this was an excellent production.  The performances are convincing, the costumes are good and the fighting is intense, so this is another good production for fans of Next Global Crisis.

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Next Global Crisis

Glad you like them! We have a fantastic fight choreographer, and the actors spend a long time rehearsing their moves before each shoot. We’re always aiming to improve the way in which we shoot and edit our fights, too. Sometimes we’ll speed up a punch or kick in the edit (because some of the moves are difficult to achieve safely) but 99% of what you see is down to our talented performers. Thanks!


I like the way your action scenes always look very real. No super cheesy moves. It all seems to flow very well, so, major props to you guys. Really proud a british company is producing such high quality stuff 🙂 (Pity you’z couldn’t do a tomb raider type series, but I love the stuff you do just now)

Next Global Crisis

We are looking to upgrade all of the costumes over time, one way or another.

We think it’s the best fight scene we’ve done, and we’re suitably proud of it. It’s also the only time Bluebird has faced Sebastian. Is there anything specific you’re looking for which we haven’t offered?

@John Hugger
Thanks for the nice comments! We agree with you about Bluebird, and will pass on the compliment. With any luck she will eventually get her own episode. I’m sorry we didn’t have the specific fight move you wanted, but we have done reverse bearhugs in previous Training Room films.

John Hugger
John Hugger

Well, i think that’s the best training from NGC. The choreography is awesome, the acting skills of the actress who plays BlueBird(What’s hers name after all?) is wonderful! Hello NGC producers! I believe that she deserves a full movie!!! However, i was expecting more about Sebastian’s Bearhug. There was not a reverse bearhug as usual and he did a frontal one almost like he was carrying her on his shoulders. Anyway, the NGC still is the best site about superheroine stuff.


Is there anything different in TR9 that is not already in previous TR episodes?


would love the same film but with a more revealing cut of the costume..



It’s a best of three knockout fight, and it goes down to the wire. Bluebird is pretty cocky, and ends up taking quite a beating. Some of those knees to the mid-section looked painful. She’s not my favorite heroine, but this is quite a fight.

Next Global Crisis

@ HM
We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Both actors really gave it 100% and I think you can see that in the end product. We don’t think we’re able to compete with Japan just yet, but that’s where we aim to be.

@ DianaKnightMustLose
I don’t wish to spoil the ending for those who like to be surprised, but it’s a very close fight and Bluebird spends more than half of it on the losing end. Perhaps you’ll enjoy it regardless of the outcome?


I’m on the fence about buying this one. Do any of you know if Sebastian Luner wins the fight? If he does, I’ll buy it.

Yes No