Giga’s Heroine White Eye Fainting Hell – Sailor Preest

[Adults only] In Giga’s Heroine White Eye Fainting Hell – Beautiful Fighter Sailor Preest, we’re not only treated to an incredibly catchy title, but we also get a video consisting of about 75% peril, most of which is sexually explicit. Check out images and review below!

When it comes to fetish-heavy, sexually explicit videos like Giga’s Heroine White Eye Fainting Hell – Beautiful Fighter Sailor Preest (GEXP-73), little details like a cohesive plot and believable (or just plain understandable) character motivation take a back seat to plain old fetish content. This movie is full of whipping, choking, stomach punching, tentacles, various forms of sexual torment and other horrid things, and it’s all held together with the thinnest possible story framework.  In fact, there’s really no discernible story here. Our heroine is some kind of schoolgirl, and at the first sign of trouble, she changes into her Sailor Moon outfit and starts fighting.  Then, she loses.  That’s about it.  The rest is in the details (and the pics should give you a good idea of what this movie has in store).

I do have to mention that this film features a very good, extended tentacle-whipping scene (much better than the one in Driving Miss Daisy, in my opinion).  The movie also repeatedly focuses on the heroine losing consciousness and rolling her eyes back, exposing the whites of her eyes (as the title indicates).  Apparently that’s a powerful “hot button” for certain viewers, and they should enjoy this video quite a bit. Tsukasa Miyashita is really great here, both in terms of acting and hotness, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her in future productions.

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This video sucks unless you’re into this extreme fetish. Heroine barely puts up any kind of fight before the sex. Not worth the price. I mean heroine rape is a rare fetish in itself but this white eye AND tentacle thing is just way out there.

There have been some pretty good videos lately from giga though. I liked superheroine action wars liberty girl. And I recently got a new video, sentai pink costume insult new rangers pink and this one seems pretty decent too. I like the giga vids where it is a lot less fetishy, just straight up heroine fights, heroine wins, heroine fights again, heroine loses, heroine tortured, heroine raped in multiple positions.


It’s the way the heroines’ outfit are destroyed while still being worn that I really like about these types of movie.


Ouch, the fetish is really getting to a fine tuned level here…white eye? :-))