“Unbreakable” from The Battle for Earth

Unbreakable from The Battle for EarthThe 30th episode from The Battle for Earth features relatively little action and lots of dialogue and exposition, setting up the episode to follow. Tempest looks great, but is this particular episode worth the (reduced) asking price? 


In a nutshell, the episode involves the (brief) torture of Tempest at the hands of Spawn and his henchmen, and, eventually, Tempest being forced to obey Spawn’s wishes now that the bad guys have obtained knowledge of her daughter’s whereabouts, leading to a showdown between Tempest and Spawn’s henchmen.

Unbreakable from The Battle for EarthUnbreakable from The Battle for EarthUnbreakable from The Battle for Earth

Here’s a story summary from The Battle for Earth: In his quest to continue to try and break Tempest, Spawn has a trick up his sleeve. By locating her daughter, he has blackmail insurance. He decides to test her one last time before sending her out to align with the heroines. If she succeeds and follows his orders, she’ll finally be allowed out of captivity. Will the knowledge of her daughter’s imminent danger be enough to sway Tempest’s attitude to submission?

Unbreakable from The Battle for EarthUnbreakable from The Battle for EarthUnbreakable from The Battle for Earth

This episode is very light on action, although you do get a nice helping of the usual belly punches, bearhugs, Tempest tied up AOH, and other various fetish elements.  The heroine is out of costume for almost the entire video, so that may be a factor for some viewers.  Towards the end, we’re introduced to a new superheroine, but we don’t really get to see her in action.

Unbreakable from The Battle for EarthUnbreakable from The Battle for EarthUnbreakable from The Battle for Earth

So, this is not an excellent episode, in my opinion, but at the reduced price of $19.95, it may be worth a look for fans of the series.  Here’s hoping the next episode features a lot more of the action and peril we’ve all come to expect from The Battle for Earth.  (See the producers’ notes below for more information.)

Unbreakable from The Battle for EarthUnbreakable from The Battle for EarthUnbreakable from The Battle for Earth

Producer notes – Episode 30 marks 3 episodes left. The next two episodes leading to the finale are actually a part 1 and 2. Part will feature a considerable amount of story line summarizing the season, and 31 will feature more action sequences and peril. At 30 minutes, this Ep features Tempest in costume for under 5 minutes and 7 or 8 minutes of actual action sequence – hence the 19.95 price tag. For the peril fans, I still recommend 30 as it sets up the tension for 31. The two don’t really seem to work unless watched back to back, but that’s just my opinion! Otherwise, it’s really quite entertaining and Tempest is beautiful as usual. One side note – the logo on the costume was intentionally being removed throughout the episode, but the footage indicating as such was removed on the cutting room floor. It was supposed to be a part of the story line, but didn’t end up making the final cut:) Enjoy!

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Not action heavy. As a guy who has to pick which videos to buy this is a big deterrent. Will have to pass and get the one with the peril. Maybe release a full video for those of us who cannot shell out for a three parter.


I really enjoy the episode! Once again, allow me to say that “Tempest did stole my heart” at her first episode! The actress is lovely. I would love to see her in my own superheroine stories! One day… Who knows… Anyway, the 30th episode is great! I strongly recommend. I’m a fan of the TBFE and i’m really enjoying the directions they are assuming. I just would like to say that the superheroine costumes could be more real, if you guys are following me. Anyway, I loved the 30th episode!





this episode looks gr8.both the heroines look gr8 and stealth is pretty awesome. just a request………i would really like to see a small petite teenage heroine with small perky assets……..would like to see her wearing a stomach exposing costume……would also like to see the villain pass a lot of rude remarks about her small asset size and each time the heroine giving a fitting reply…..


Hollie looks absoluetly fantastic! Probably the best looking heroine i’ve seen… dam. Will def check this out as the new heroine looks might fine too! (Always helps to learn a little more before I launch my own video)


Hey Everyone,

Just to reiterate – once again, this episode is definitely story and dialogue heavy. It’s really a long build towards the final two Eps. There were a lot of loose ends to tie off coming to the season end, and consequently, it was rather difficult to leave certain things out, lest it confuse the story line more. We considered selling 30 and 31 as one long episode, but the 50 minute length, action/peril to build up ratio, and the question over price just seemed a bit more difficult. So to keep it simple, we weighted 30 with story line and 31 with more action. We then tried to price 30 down so as to make it fair. With the launch, we hope we’ve made all of this known so know one purchases something they weren’t expecting.

The episode is definitely entertaining, but it’s not an all out peril fest. Don’t get me wrong – there is a ton of build – mostly the entire episode – when watched back to back with episode 31, it makes all the sense in the world!

As usual, Hollie aka Tempest and the new heroine Cassidy aka Stealth look amazing. There’s certainly action and entertainment, but we just didn’t want to misrepresent anything!



Looks great. That new superheroine in purple looks amazing!! Hope an episode with her comes out soon!!

Yes No