Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio’s “Paula Peril”

Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"Atlantis Studio’s Paula Peril series has been around for quite a while but hasn’t been featured at Heroine Movies until now. It’s fairly different from the usual fetish-related content featured here but is nonetheless very entertaining, well made and certainly worth discussing. 

Paula Peril chronicles the adventures of the titular Paula Perillo (a.k.a. Paula Peril). The character is basically a take off of Lois Lane. Paula is a fearless reporter for a newspaper called “The Daily Gazette,” and she even has a Jimmy Olsen-like partner at her side. The character of Paula is played by Valerie Perez, who, as it turns out, is not only a model and actress but also a well-known cosplayer. Feel free to search for her name, and you’ll find dozens of pictures of her in various heroine outfits.

Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"

As for the site itself, they have released three films and are currently producing a fourth. Each successive film is better and longer than the last. The plots are straightforward and usually feature Paula chasing down a big story. They also sell comic books at the site. I personally have not read any, but they allow you to download previews, and the comics look to be professionally done.

Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"

Now, even though the word “peril” is in the title and web address, don’t think you’re in for a Zen Pictures type of experience. The type of peril you’re going to get is Paula tied up to a barrel of hazardous chemicals that is surrounded by fire. You won’t be getting bearhugs or low blows at this site. One thing many of you may enjoy is the wardrobe choice for the lead. They dress the character of Paula up in knee high boots, a short skirt, and apparently the tightest red sweater they could find. She wears all three very well and the outfit has gotten a bit shredded at times in some of the films.

Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"Valerie Perez is Atlantis Studio's "Paula Peril"

Truthfully, the production values are what make the movies on this site pop. This is (relatively) big budget, independent filmmaking, and the production work they do probably surpasses the best efforts of Zen Pictures. If you buy any of their films, especially the most recent ones, you will get solid acting, good special effect work, excellent writing, and great locations.

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section if this site is of any interest. If so, we may attempt to review some of the individual episodes in the near future.

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@ Cee

Thanks for commenting on this one Cee! This kind of goes in line with some of the conversation on the site lately. It’s not your typical peril movie which is why I liked it so much. The production values are out of this world amazing. If anyone is just looking for a fun short film experience, they should check this series out. I have not seen the most recent one, but it is supposed to be the best of the series.


I have downloaded both comics and movies from the site and I’ll add my praise to the above review.

The character is solid and well played by Ms. Perez… and yes, she’s not hard to look at either 🙂

She wears the Paula ” uniform ” of snug turtleneck, mini skirt and knee high boots like no other and gives the character the right measure of intelligent investigative reporter, feisty heroine and damsel in distress.

She mostly manages to get herself out of sticky situations with a determined grit and using her brain, but isn’t above screaming ( or mmmph-ing ) for help either when that damn knot or lock just won’t budge.

The bad guys are your usual B-movie mix of sadistic mob bosses and thugs who all have it marked on their daily planner, ” Kill Paula ” and utilize all manner of convoluted techniques to get the job done when in real life, she’d be simply turned into a human colander, dumped off a wharf or blown to pieces via a well placed bomb.

All in all, the stories are entertaining enough for Hollywood to be interested in producing a movie or TV series with a much bigger budget.

Hopefully, the demographic obsessed idiots who usually ruin things ( 2011’s Charlie’s Angels, anyone ? ) don’t turn turn her into a female Arnie or Bruce Willis or take away the damsel in distress side of the stories to appease feminists and the usual minority of twits who think they know what’s right for everyone else.