Abdomonde 1 and 2

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This is a combo pack which includes ABDOMONDE and ABDOMONDE 2 — both complete videos!


A girl working for the French Intelligence is investigated on strange online activities. She enters a flat in Paris, that looks abandoned… but someone's here. There is a girl, wearing a Venetian mask. Both girls know each other, from a previous investigation.

After drugging her, the strange masked girl from Abdomonde, very sensual and very violent, will show her captive what this is all about…

Adbomonde 1 is the ULTIMATE belly punching fetish movie I've ever made.

Both actresses are awesome in it. Barbara Wayne looks incredible in this part, and Maria is perfect in her character that is really into belly punches… and takes intense pleasure beating her captive.

Belly punches lovers: don't miss it.


Abdomonde 2

“ABDOMONDE 2 – love me, hate me” is a custom movie produced by BACOBAKE, who already produced the first ABDOMONDE.

In this second episode, the action takes place in Tokyo, Japan. This intense, violent and erotic movie includes tons of belly punches (10 minutes long, almost without any pause).

Belly punches lovers, you can't miss this one.

25 minutes. mp4. HD.

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