Asami 2 + Tomb Hunter: Temple of Darkness


Both complete films! 53+ minutes of content!

Asami 2

When Asami investigates the source of recent deadly attacks, she discovers the existence of a super-powered villain who seeks world domination. She sets off to face him and his multiple henchmen in a fight to the death.

Asami holds her own for a while, until the supervillain turns the tables, leading to an extended superheroine beatdown. (Bad end.)

28 Minutes • 816MB • MP4


Tomb Hunter: Temple of Darkness

When adventurer Lana Craft sets out to locate and recover a mysterious artifact, she encounters a deadly villainess who has some “exciting plans” for our heroine. After defeating the villainess in hand-to-hand combat, she then faces a mysterious, giant creature with super strength. Lana loses the fight badly and finds herself helpless to stop the villainess and her animal-like henchman as they attempt to break her spirit.

25 Minutes • 800 MB • MP4