Claire Stone Trilogy (Episodes 1-3)


ALL THREE Claire Stone videos from Damien Wagner! See trailers for each episode below.

Claire Stone 1

Claire Stone is a French explorer and adventurer who knows no fear and fights constant danger. With Emma, a young gothic girl who helps Claire on her missions, both girls are unstoppable.

In this first episode, Claire is looking for an ancient artifact, an object that Arvind Anish (a famous explorer) hided before he gets tortured and killed. This object is really precious — it is the key to finding a lost temple in Cambodia that may hold the key to a forgotten treasure.

Claire Stone knows she will be exposed to danger, but she takes the job anyway, and she may be not alone looking for that artifact…

Claire Stone 2

Claire Stone and Emma are looking for an old item hidden in a lost temple inside a forest; a special coffer. But this is not a simple coffer… The legend says that if you release Yenzebel the Demon, you'll become his slave for eternity.

Will Claire and Emma get free from this nightmarish adventure?

This second episode of Claire Stone shows a lot of peril, intense stabbing with a ghostly knife, possession and black magic spells with a lot of suffering and struggling. Amazingly sexy.

Claire Stone 3

In this episode, Claire Stone is having trouble recovering from the attack of Yenzebel, the demon (from Claire Stone Ep. 2).

She's home, try to relax in her jacuzzi, but something is definitively wrong. Emma, who was possessed by Yenzebel during the attack, scared her…

She gets to sleep, but the influence of Yenzebel has gone nowhere, and she's having a terrible nightmare, in which Emma has become Sezeriel, a powerful demoness, who will torture her in a dark room…

This episode include AOH, belly torture, psychological torture, and some intense surprises. Both girls are very sexy, and this movie have something really erotic in it…