Feargirl: Dollmaker


FearGirl (Stella Rae) wakes in a strange, underground room, where a man dressed in black (Bellmer) is belly-punching a bound girl, Halo (Nixi). FearGirl tries to intervene, but Bellmer puts a short, brutal beatdown on her, ending with a Kayo. Bellmer then tortures Halo with a futuristic voodoo doll. When FearGirl recovers, Bellmer is gone and Halo is hanging limp. FearGirl unbinds Halo. Halo seems to be mesmerized, and clubs FearGirl from behind, another Kayo. When FearGirl wakes, she is bound, and Halo is standing over her with pins and a voodoo doll. Halo tortures FearGirl with the voodoo doll until FearGirl is Kayo’d.

This video features Belly Punishment, Bondage, M Control, and multiple Kayo’s.

Directed by Demonlov • Produced by Demonlov and Steve Noir
Running time: 19 Minutes • 530 MB • Format: .MP4

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