FearGirl: Schoolgirl vs. Mongoose


NEW FEARGIRL CYANNA wakes in the cold, echoing stillness of an abandoned institution, on a gurney covered in plastic. She is dressed in a schoolgirl uniform. A short baton has been left for her, and she begins to hear the whisper-like movements of the rogue Panopticon security operative called Mongoose. She picks up the baton…

This video features an extended beatdown of FearGirl by Mongoose and his female accomplice (XLCR Moon), utilizing his armored fists and knees, boots, the brutal tonfa (Asian-style nightstick), plus a reverse bearhug, multiple chokes, and multiple KO's. Complete belly destruction. The uniform remains intact throughout. It finishes with FearGirl unconscious on the floor, with Mongoose and his accomplice standing over her.

19:59 • 612 MB • MP4

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