Supra Girl: Curse of the Queen


Supra after encountering the Queen has been growing weaker by day. She seeks out help from a scientist named Emmerick, whom also created the super drug that Scarlet Fox uses to become powerful. Emmerick is skeptical that he can help, but doesn’t see the harm in trying. Until one of his tests triggers a gas that lets the Queen take over his mind.

Now a minion of the Queen Emmerick is quick to subdue the already weak Supra with a “cure” that knocks her out. When she wakes, she discovers the Queen has sent a request that Emmerick will soon complete for her. Can Supra survive? Will Emmerick snap out of it?

No Alternate Ending

Content: KO Rag, over the shoulder carry, debooting, combat, injection

Spoilers: Supra loses by being stomped until unconscious. (stomps not onscreen) her emblem appears broken after the stomping.

12:34 • 403 MB

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