Wonderful Girl: The Final Chapter


After suffering from Queen Demise’s repeated beatings, Wonderful Girl (Hannah Perez) is sent to be put out of her misery. One of the Queen’s enhanced goons takes Wonderful Girl to an abandoned building where he has been instructed to put a bullet in the back of her head, left for dead for the cops to find. But the goon’s gun locks up, and Wonderful Girl attempts to make a daring escape. The two get into a fist fight and begin to trade blows.

But even if Wonderful Girl can defeat him, the Queen has sent a backup plan just in case things don’t pan out. Lady Slaughter (Miss CJ), the Queen’s heiress, watches, ready for Wonderful Girl if she defeats the goon. And unlike the Queen, Lady Slaughter is still looking to have fun. She is ready to make Wonderful Girl into her personal doll and play thing.

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27 Minutes
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Damien Woods

Damien Woods

Nerd. I don't ride a motorcycle.

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