Violet B6 IX Episode 3 from SHG-Media

The third episode in director bpd’s web series Violet B6 IX is now available and features lots of action, including a bikini-clad Violet taking on multiple masked opponents, bone-breaking, lots of belly blows, and a swimming pool battle. Check out images and a trailer below.

In the third installment of this web series, Violet returns home after her ordeal only to be attacked while she’s trying to relax! Belly punching, low blows and lots of fighting make up this 10 plus minute video.

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New features (and new videos) coming soon!

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I think she is great and I hope she wears that catsuit and heels in upcoming episodes. I really want to see her kick ass since she is genetically engineered superhuman.


@Blx Nope, different model/actress.


Isnt that Missy Marvel?


Thanks guys! Sorry this episode was a bit late. Have some great things planned for the future of Violet. I hope you all stick around. Thanks again for your support!



Ah I was bit worried about this, glad to see the new episode finally here.

Ya I don’t care the braces either, but everything else about her is cool. You can kind of convinced to live with it since she is still technically not a “heroine” yet – still in the wakening phase etc…


Not a bad movie. I’m kind of torn on the heroine. As Yak mentions in his review of the first film in the series, the braces are kind of deal killer. It’s just hard to picture a heroine wearing braces. On the other hand, she is very attractive and has a great body, which is on display for the entire time in this film. The fight scenes are well done and she takes a lot of punishment, mostly belly punches with a few punches to the face and crotch mixed in. There is also a pleasant surprise appearance at the end that could make the remainder of this series very interesting (don’t stop watching when the credits begin)

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