“Web Alert” from UltraHeroix

"Web Alert" from UltraHeroixThe new video from UltraHeroix, Web Alert, features the same familiar settings as the company’s previous videos but offers a new superheroine, the creatively named “Arachnadame,” who possesses powers similar to those of Spider-Man.  On one hand, the video is very, very low budget and doesn’t measure up to other producers’ work in terms of technical quality, but on the other hand, there’s a certain charm that UltraHeroix videos have that I find appealing.

"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix"Web Alert" from UltraHeroixWe begin with Arachnadame using her home computer to learn that the evil criminal X-Diablo (a former wrestler turned thug) is basically up to no good at the behest of a mysterious shadow organization.  After performing her internet research, our heroine says, “He (X-Diablo) is going to find trouble… and her name… is Arachnadame!” as she dramatically takes off her jacket to reveal her Arachnadame costume underneath. (See?  How can you not love that?)

"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix

Basically, Arachnadame meets X-Diablo on a rooftop and the fight begins.  This fight sequence is sustained throughout the episode.  Arachnadame tries a few of her Spider-Man-based powers, shooting her web-like material at X-Diablo and wrapping him up, as if in a spiderweb, but for the most part X-Diablo is too powerful and dominates his opponent for the majority of the fight.

"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix

I wouldn’t say the fight scenes are “believable” necessarily, especially compared to the carefully photographed and edited work of Next Global Crisis or Alex Bettinger, but I still think this works.  I think the heroine is attractive and her acting is good enough to sell the action.

"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix"Web Alert" from UltraHeroix

The fight continues through various locations which will be familiar to fans of UltraHeroix (the staircase, the living room, the basement, etc.), with X-Diablo applying various wrestling moves and essentially beating down Arachnadame at every available opportunity.  There are also lots of long, lingering shots of an unconscious Arachnadame throughout the video.

So there you have it.  Not a technically impressive video, necessarily, but a fun story with an interesting heroine and enough creativity and fun to make the video worthwhile, in my opinion.  I would love to know what viewers thing about this video, or UltraHeroix in general, so feel free to leave your comments below!

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Da Jinx

Thanks for the great feedback Mike. I agree about having the KO scenes longer and more dramatic and I like the idea about checking the limbs and heroine begging not to be knocked out again. Good stuff! Thanks to you too MrCreep, I was waiting for another leotard that was made out of lycra material but it never came, the supplier screwed up and I had to scramble and put together this costume in time for the shoot. I think it looked pretty good but I would probably get another out of the material you stated.

Also, I shot the Lady Ultra story where she gets her butt thoroughly kicked last week. I still have to release the new Devla story which should be out next month so the new Lady Ultra story should be out by late July/early August.

Great feedback folks, I’ll always keep my ears open for more.


The girls pretty cute. Would like to see her in a nicer, tighter costume in future videos. Maybe something in lycra or spandex.


This looks good, and I will be buying it. But I would just like to see you plan out your ko scenes better. I bought Mind Games and liked it but the chloroform scenes were either too dark, she passed out too quickly, or the camera wasnt in a good place when she passed out. In the next vid maybe you can get a nice chloroform scene with a solid struggle and a slow pass out, and once shes passed out, you see the cloth removed and her mouth open and loose. Then maybe do an eye check or check her limp limbs. Stuff like that. These may seem like little small details but they really add up in teh scheme of things.

And maybe some sleepy speak like “Please dont knock me out again” or something like that. Or “no, not chloroform.” I liked that Lady Ultra character too, so hopefully she can return in your next one.

Da Jinx

Thanks for the review HM and I’m happy to see that we have that unique appeal. We had a lot of fun shooting it, especially since I am a big Spiderman fan and I wanted to do something along those lines. I know our budget and production value isn’t the biggest or best but I try to compensate for that by doing the best stories we can on the resources we have and as time goes on and we get more followers, we hope to improve the production values and adding new locations in future videos. I just want to say that with a big budget or no budget, I will continue to produce the films because I’m a fan of the genre and I have a lot of fun doing it too.

The actress had a lot of fun doing the video and I really loved how she got into character as a superhero and also sold the peril really well. We also tried to add more simple special effects and I felt it came out pretty good.

Would love to hear feedback from the fans, it’s always appreciated.

Da Jinx