“Web of Evil” from UltraHeroix

A new UltraHeroix video is available now. Web of Evil is the latest installment to feature the character Crimson Cat and takes place before the episode Fly or Die. Check out more details below…

This story takes place before “Fly or Die”, when it was believed that Dynafly perished after her encounter and defeat by Spydra. Crimson Cat goes on a quest for vengeance for the fallen super heroine but ends up as a prisoner for Spydra and food for her monstrous pets. Crimson Cat is poisoned, beaten and at her weakest as she tries to break free from villainess’ toxic webs and fends of her deadly monster spiders.

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Da Jinx
Da Jinx

Hi Heroinefan82,
To answer your questions, We try to keep things simple cause we don’t have a lot of time during the shoot to plan out long/complex fight scenes. Most of the actors we work with already had some some sort combat/stage fighting and our camera guy is also a fight choreagrapher, So sometimes if an actress doesn’t have any or very little combat training, he knows how to make the fight look good with camera angles. I get the tights from stockingshowcase.com. As for the costumes, I keep it simple and get bits and pieces from amazon.com and riversedgedancewear.com and I put together costumes that way.


Is there any extended beat downs in this one? Do you specifically request your actors to have fight training? Also, where do you get your outfits, such as tights and so on?


Thank you for trying something different. Always felt the webs (and nets) are not used enough. I’m excited to get this one once I’m back home from traveling

Da Jinx
Da Jinx

Hi SG Fan, I’m glad you enjoyed it and it’s one of your favorites from us. We had a lot of fun making this and I really like trying something new by adding the spiders. I definitely want to add more monsters and creatures to future videos.
I’m glad we perked your interest. Crimson Cat does not die in this but it wasn’t for lack of trying by Spydra, who really put the heroine through the wringer..
Hope that helps!


Anyone know if the heroine dies at the end of this one? Really like the spider use. There’s a b-movie element of fun to that.


I picked this up and got to say this might be my favorite UHX vid. Loved the interaction between Spydra and Crimson Cat. This vid was just the right mix of everything. The actresses were great, playing to their rolls. I must say I really dig Crimson Cat from her actress, costume, and way she could convey being weak but still fight back. Spydra was great with her teasing touch on a weakened Crimson, and other times where she was poisoning the heroine.

The bits with the spiders were as well as I think they could have been. I do like that the parts didn’t go on too long and Crimson came up with different ways to beat them. One of my favorite bits had to be when she cocooned by the spider. Struggling but unable to escape.

UHX great vid!

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