Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizard

Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardThe making of internet heroine movies is becoming a truly global phenomenon. We’ve covered films made by producers in America, Britain, Canada, and Japan. Today, we do our first review for a producer who is located in South Korea–TeamWizard, who has released a new video called Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers


When I started writing this review, it occurred to me that the industry is on a major roll as of late. We are up to our eyeballs in high-end productions. In no particular order (and no offense intended to anything I missed), the Next Global Crisis season finale, Rye’s new cut of Avalon, the recent Stormy Tempest releases by Cult Retro, Power Guardians by Superheroines World, and KickAssKandy’s recent turn to F/F fighting. Well, in my opinion, our new friend from South Korea very much deserves inclusion in this group.

Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizard

Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers pays homage to the “Mind Stealers from Outer Space” episode that was part of the original “Wonder Woman” television series. It has a similar plot and opening credit sequence, and the producers stayed true to the original costume design of both the heroine and villains.

Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizard

Two fugitives have escaped capture from an alien race and have made their way to Earth. An alien, named Alex, who counts Wonder Weoman as a friend, is tasked with re-capturing the fugitives. However, Alex is placed under a bit of a time crunch by his superiors. He has six days to recapture the fugitives or the aliens will send a decontamination squad. I’m not sure what that means, but I imagine it’s bad for the Earth.

Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizard

Meanwhile, we learn that the two fugitives have the ability to posses the bodies of human beings. The fugitives do just that, but are confronted by Wonder Weoman. The momentum of their fight swings several times until the aliens are able to subdue Wonder Weoman just long enough to escape.

Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizard

Alex shows up, gives Wonder Weoman the lowdown on the situation and helps her track down and capture one of the alien fugitives. This leads to a really well-acted interrogation scene. The alien is very much able to get under Wonder Weoman’s skin, and both actresses play this scene out exceedingly well. The alien that is still on the loose meets up with some allies of his own and is able to arrange a showdown where Wonder Weoman is confronted by a powerful being known as the Zord. The fight is very much controlled by the Zord and Wonder Weoman is just about down and out when the episode ends with a “to be continued.”

Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizard

This episode was very well produced. The heroine is a real beauty and looks great in her costume. The producers shot in multiple locations, both indoor and outdoor, and just did a really fantastic job of telling a fun and engaging story.

Wonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizardWonder Weoman vs. The Mind Stealers from TeamWizard

They also had a great mix of girl-power and perilous moments. Sometimes the heroine is in complete control; other times, she is very much on the receiving end of things. There are throat lifts, bearhugs, several feats of super strength, and a heroine being subject to a great amount of pain via energy attacks.

As with even the most well done heroine movies, there are a couple of things that could be improved upon. The fight choreography was a bit so-so, and some of the special effect work could use some upgrading, but make no mistake, this is a very good heroine movie. The release is subtitled and although the translations are a bit rough at times, you never feel lost. I am very much looking forward to seeing part two.

HM here: Just wanted to throw my two cents in—this is a really entertaining and well made video that is unlike anything I’ve seen in the genre before.  It’s a real breath of fresh air.  The heroine is gorgeous, the production values are high, there’s a nice story, interesting locations, lots of actors, a great costume, etc.  But more than that, there’s a real charm about it, and this seems to be a genuine labor of love from the producers.  I highly recommend this one. :)

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  1. I’m glad you guys reviewed this movie. It’s really well done and I hope TeamWizard gets supported by our community so they can continue making videos of this caliber. I think part 2 will be out around December 10th. I can’t wait – the previews show what looks like a second, titanic struggle with the Zard!

  2. that would be nice but their website doesnt work properly and theres no trailer

  3. Bert – I agree, and I believe this movie will be supported by the community because it’s so original and of such high quality.

    Steve – I’ve posted the trailer and have updated the link to go directly to the buying page.

  4. That’s odd. I didn’t have any problems downloading and I just checked the website and it worked fine for me. Weird

  5. I ran into the same problem i was unable to download it i get a socket error when trying to download in IE8 so i was going to try firefox but i’m unable to find the download link again in paypal.
    I hope i can find a way to get this movie becasue lt looks great.

  6. I just got a message from them and they beleve there serve is getting overloaded and they plan to add new serve very soon so this dose not happen again. They are now trying to figure out how to get me the file so if you run in to the same problem just e-mail them.


  7. Their difficulties are getting worse. Not only did I not get the movie. But when i tried to email them, I got a screen saying it was a ‘fatal error.’ I have contacted PayPal to stop payment.

  8. I ran in to the same problem with the contact us page i should have said this before sorry. Send the e-mail to the same address that the paypal payment went to and they will get back to you. They sent me a new link in 1 hour and i’m now able to download it.


  9. They seems to have some problem about purchasing, I think.
    But, Theire after sales-service is so amazing!
    They sent me apology by e-mail (master@catfight.co.kr) immediately
    and send me the link with theire new mail in 30min.

    although some troubles, That movies are so amazing! I look forward next part.

  10. MassEffectMan

    Although, I too have the same problem downloading the movie was very excellent! They really did great job making this movie similar to original series. The actress is very hot. Can’t wait to see the next part as well. Hopefully if they do a new wonder weoman video I would like to see some chloroforming scene because those are my favorite in wonder woman movies. She will look very sexy when she will be knockout by chloroform. But again, I enjoyed watching this movie a lot and will purchase the next one once it comes out.

  11. Now that i have got the chance to see the video i thought it was excellent! I am looking forward to seeing part 2 and i hope they do make more Wonder Woman videos with the same actress she looks great and did a good job acting. I can think of many other episode that they could do and do them like the sears from the 70’s should have done them. They did a geat job of recreating Mind Stealers episode and they done it as it should have been done.
    to sum up great actress, good story, good peril, and well produced.


  12. i want to thank all that make this review site posiable had it not been for this site i would not have found some of these movies and it has helped me decide witch moive to buy. Nice job to all.


  13. i’m interested in this one… anyone mind revealing to me how long the fights are? thanks

  14. Sidekick


    There are three fights.

    The first is WW versus two aliens in green. It goes on for about four minutes.

    The second is WW versus an alien in human form. Maybe 30 seconds max.

    The last fight against the Zord is about three minutes and ends on a cliffhanger.

  15. thanks sidekick… i guess my question now would be: what happens in the other thirty minutes? is it really all story and dialogue and stuff? i’m not necessarily against that ratio of fight to story (the filmmaker emphasizes a lot of things in his synopsis that i appreciate), but i wonder if i won’t just skip to all the “good” stuff.

  16. @yak – These guys had the brilliant idea of recreating an entire two part episode of Wonder Woman, but with the fight scenes providing the struggle and peril the original series never could. It must have been a huge undertaking, but they pulled it off with surprising skill and style. By watching the entire episode, two things happen: one, you are seriously impressed with the amount of work they put in, and two, the experience is so similar to watching an actual episode of the series that when Wonder Weoman finds herself battling the aliens or the Zard, you expect her to mop the floor with them. When that doesn’t happen, when her adversaries get the upper hand and our heroine loses, the impact is pretty impressive. I’m sure that’s what the producers were trying to achieve, and they absolutely nailed it.

    Viewers probably won’t watch the whole thing every time, but you owe yourself the thrill of watching it start to finish the first time. You’ll see.

  17. Sidekick


    Bert said it better than I could. It is exactly like watching an episode from a television series. The rest of the movie is talk and exposition, but I was never bored by it. I never wanted to fast forward past anything. It’s just a well done film.

  18. hum… I was ready to go there to buy this, but the last couple of comments by Bert and Sidekick actually throw me off a bit… if it is “exactly like watching an episode from a television series”, what’s the point? I can go netflix and watch an episode from the television series :-). From the trailer looks like quite a lot “subtitle reading”. I enjoy stories and characters, but not up to a 95% ratio – almost a standard movie featuring a heroine then. Or am I missing something…?

  19. “if it is “exactly like watching an episode from a television series”, what’s the point?”

    She takes a shit kicking. Twice. That’s the point.

  20. Hmm. I bought this, but then my browser – or perhaps the download link – froze. I sent an email to the address I got in my PapPal receipt, but I suspect it is early morning in Korea right now. I wish they had something set up like other sites (such as ones that use Payloadz), where you’re automatically emailed a link after purchase. Kind of frustrating to make the purchase and then be out of luck.

  21. I can’t speak to the movie yet, but they do have good service. I was just emailed a new download link. The download is in progress, with another 40 minutes to go.

  22. namover

    I have to say this project was excellent. Thank you to Heroinemovies.com for making me aware of this site. Had a flashback to my youth of the original TV series and Mindstealer episodes. Had a chuckle with the skrills (Probs) outifts were almost exactly the same, the same cheesy multi-colored laser beams like the original, and the similar musical communication. Also, had a laugh how the director subtly changed the names of the characters to avoid legal issues: Zadar is now Zard, Wonder Woman is Wonder Woeman, Diana is Dana, etc. Plus, the Wonder spin is now left to right instead of Lynda’s right to left. Not sure if that was intential but, I found it amusing as well.

    Plenty of action and a well thought out script with multiple indoor/outdoor locations that is not normally part of these type of projects. Hats off to TeamWizard. Glad the director had Zard fight Wonder Woman at her home instead of like the original when it was Diana the first team around. While the CBS version did have to the two combat one another in the second episode, I was wondered why they did not have Wonder Woman in that first confrontation.

    I was fortunate and did not have any difficulty downloading this film. Might be because it was 3 AM EST. Anyone else suffering insomnia may want to try a later time. About the only positive when dealing with this issue.

    Thanks again for making me aware of this film and I cannot wait unitl the second release. Hopefully, they can re-make the Pied Piper episodes. CBS dropped the ball on at least 4 scenes that could have been excellent heroine peril–strapped to the chair, bearhug/fight with body guard, gas bullets, & hypnotic machine/flute.

  23. Now that I’ve seen it, I’ll just add to what everyone else has said. This is just extremely well done movie. There is an attention to detail, and just caring about the end product, that sometimes is missing from the genre. I’m big on different sets, including outdoor ones, and this one has that. The costume is great, as is the actress. I love that there is a story to it, too. That makes the other scenes seem all the more real, if that makes sense. If you’re on the fence (I was, because I wasn’t sure about subtitles, etc.), pull the trigger. The subtitles didn’t interfere with my enjoyment at all, which surprised me. I really hope this takes off, so that they can make more from the TV series.

  24. I’ve often wondered why this hasn’t happened before – why some enterprising producer of heroine movies hasn’t thought to re create classic episodes/scenes but with the peril content amped up. Who, for example, wouldn’t want to see the mindprobe scene from Starcrash with her actually put in the bloody thing? Or the whipping scene from Flash Gordon – I want to see the ten minutes before when she’s brought in, strapped down, whipped then the ten minutes after when they bring out “the bore worms!” We’ve all got scenes from mainstream media where the peril was cut short (or promised but never happened). Some bright spark is going to make a mint recreating or enhancing those scenes, I tells ya! Meanwhile, props to these guys for a film well made.

  25. Vishtar

    I cannot get this to download. The guy gave me a link but that never ever lasts long enough to download past 200MB and I have tried twenty times.

    After e-mailing him several times since then with no response I am not sure what to do.

    I certainly won’t be getting the second episode. If you ask customers to pay for your product then you should make sure you can facilitate the sale and give them the goods, very unprofessional.

  26. TeamWizard

    Vishtar, I am very sorry for being troubled you and delayed reply, Take our sincere apology. because your mail was delivered after our business hour. Please kindly understand there is a time difference between Korea and your country.

    Due to the unexpected number of downloaders, we are suffering from the overload of server and trying to fix the problem. To solve the heavy traffic internet download problem, we are sending the automatic reply mail to the buyers, including download link, so that our customer can download it from the individual server.

    In this regard, please kindly undertand that the download can be influenced by the internet speed of each area. And we afraid to say that it is not the problem, caused by our server. We will do our best to deliver the file to you in every possible way and appreciate your kind understanding.

    We will open the 2nd part of the wonderwoman on 10 Dec. 2011 and all of our staff is checking the server, to improve the download service.

    If you unable to download the file continously, we will send you the DVD by courier service like DHL, and kindly advise us your mailing address.
    Anyway, Take our sincere apology again, Vishtar

  27. Vishtar

    Team Wizard – thank you.

    I have received the second link and the speed is three times faster.

    I look forward to watching the video.

  28. MassEffectMan

    Hey just wondering when is part 2 coming out? It was supposed to be today but I still haven’t seen it yet.

  29. MassEffectMan – I’ve heard through the grapevine that there’s been a slight delay, and the sequel is now scheduled to be released on the 13th.

    EDIT: This is now confirmed on the company’s web site.