Rye’s “Wonderous Girl: Doomsday Alpha”

Visit SHG-Media to purchase this film! Doomsday Alpha, a brand new Wonderous Girl film directed by The Rye and starring Coco from the Redwing franchise (as well as Spectre Outnumbered) is now available. You can check out more information below.

Rye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming Soon

Rye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming Soon

Rye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming Soon

Rye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming Soon

Rye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming Soon

Rye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming Soon

Rye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming Soon

Rye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming SoonRye Sale and New "Doomsday" Coming Soon

Purchase Doomsday Alpha at SHG-Media
(projected release date: July 1)

  1. Scoob01

    Damn. Just bought Parolee 2 yesterday. Oh well.

  2. bogie

    There’s quite a few of these I haven’t purchased that are now in my price range. Can anyone suggest the ‘must-have’ titles? Thanks.

  3. HorseWithNoName

    @ bogie: I have most of them (with 3 or 4 exceptions). If you fancy certain movies and you want more info or my opinion, let me know. Must-have-list is difficult since tastes do vary. Just dropped two comic book series from my pull list most fans consider must-reads, but of late I really had to “force” myself to read 😉

  4. bogie

    Thanks Horse, knew I could count on you. I like face punches galore, arms over head, ots carries, prefer M vs F….Hard to make recommendations, I know, because of taste differentiations. I remember your lousy review of Omega Girl, which I thought was cool! Anyway, good of you to reply.

  5. HorseWithNoName

    @ bogie: I like AOH a lot (which was featured nicely in Spectre) and M v F.

    So, assuming you already know / have Lexxx Files and the Doomsday Trilogy (if not, those are really good) as far as the “punishment level” is concerend: I really liked Last Laugh. A very good “heroine destruction” movie in my opinion. Did not get that much love from others, but that is the “taste thing” again :)

    I also like Villains United II (Skyfire). It is in a grindhouse / dark camp style. Features some nice AOH. So does The Guardian Arora which also has some nice physical punishment. The latter one is not great and it is somewhat short, but has some very strong bits. Since you liked Omega Girl, maybe this is something you would enjoy. It has Stella in a skintight outfit, AOH and finds her at the receiving end of a lot of punishment. Was not a big fan of Villains United with Paris in the lead, though. Again: opinion. The original (first) Skyfire movie is also very well made (but no sexual peril). Parolee 2 has a very strong middle part with a lot of beat-down.

    And: from what I have heard, there is a lot of punishment in Ultra Girl, but I don’t know the movie since it does not feature sexual peril and I am not a big fan of this costume. Also, and I believe that movie is not reduced right now, but it is at a lower price, I like Divinity. There is a lot of back and force fighting between the heroine and a male villain (henchman) and a gorilla (well a guy in costume anyway :-). There is no sexual peril, but I love the actress who I believe has not done another peril movie. Divinity is a fairly old one, but I still like to watch it now and then, simply because of the fact that I would have liked to have seen the actress in more movies. She is very pretty and has a lot of personality I find, and has golden underwear on (which is always a plus even though we don’t see enough of it :)

  6. bambambamba

    Ooooh sales. Which are the ones with all the lesbianism?

  7. bogie

    @Horse. You’re a real treasure. Thanks for going to so much trouble, it’s given me a very good lead-in to the purchases. I have a feeling our tastes in general are pretty similar.

  8. HorseWithNoName

    @ bogie: no trouble at all. Was fun to think about all these great movies. There is so much good stuff to choose from. And yes, I like similar things apparently :)

  9. It’s always interesting to see what titles do best during a sale, but I was a tad surprised by a few…

    If you are looking for face punches galore and AoH check out Skyfire 2 and 3. You will also find some KO’s and carries.

    Off the top of my head you will find some in Villains United, Wonderous Girl vs Zandor 1+2, and a bit in Wonderous Woman vs Zandor

    You should contact SHG-media and they should be able to answer that question.

    I actually think you would enjoy Ultragirl 😉

  10. HorseWithNoName

    Thanks, Rye. Will give it a “try” :)

    Meanwhile: any chance for WG screen shots and trailer soon?

  11. There is a WG trailer up at SHG Media, click on the “Coming Soon” tab.

  12. HorseWithNoName

    Thanks. Did not see that. Looks great.

  13. HorseWithNoName

    Thanks. Great trailer. Love her costume and her overall look, and the creatures.
    Keep the screen shots coming :)

  14. sugarcoater

    Love the combination of WW in both a sexy civilian outfit and in the WW costume (of course;)
    Looking forward to this one, and the upcoming news on Cassidy!

  15. alucard

    Any updates on estimated released date for WG Rye? :)

  16. bogie

    I missed this trailer too, originally. Bloody hell, Coco OTS! This looks GOOOOOD!!

  17. Loads of mega hot Doomsday Alpha screen caps have been sent to HM :)

    Thanks Horse!

    Cassidy announcement should be pretty soon… among a ton of other news that is brewing!!! lol…

    I think its pretty clear that release dates and The Rye don’t play nice with each other so the best I can do is June 😛

    Thanks and if you liked the trailer, your going to love the screen caps!!

    Let me know if there are any questions!

  18. alucard

    Wow thanks for the images rye. Can’t wait :)

  19. bogie

    You’re right Rye. I loved them!!! Three exclamation marks in appreciation.

  20. HorseWithNoName

    Man, Rye. Looks fantastic. Love her costume and makeup! And bare legs. Always appreciated. Image 22 and 24 look extremely hot. Needless to say: cannot wait :)

  21. The costume is fantastic, I like the shiny fabric :)

  22. Andrew C.


    I was interested but… Another porn? I’m out.

  23. Andrew C.

    By the way,

    what’s happened with paypay payment?

  24. Kevlar

    Rye, loving the costumes! Especially the regular feature of skirts for “civilian” & villainess clothes in recent episodes. Would love to see more upskirt shots, images 6 and 8 above look promising! It would be great to see a heroine -pre transformation- with her skirt pulled up taking a few low blows in her panties!

    I hope the 2 stunning villainesses you often work with (also featured in the trailer above) get more involved in the future too. Just for some F/F action to balance out the usual M/M/F stuff. Looking forward to this one anyway, especially with the lovely Coco involved!

  25. GigaFiend

    Is that Coco? Totally doesn’t look like her! But I digress… I like this costume except on the front where it looks a little loose on top, but it really shows off Coco’s backside. Whoever mentioned image 22, I am in agreeance!

  26. saxman314

    Oh Em Gee! Can’t believe there’s no naked women crushing fish in this one. Also, they should wear sandals. And are we REALLY going to be subjected to ANOTHER superheroine film where she doesn’t smoke? Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer a heroine who parts her hair right down the middle, too. And clearly this isn’t shot in 4k, judging from the pics. PLUS, there’s sex in it, which makes it a porno. When will producers learn that the fans want their sexualized superheroine domination, s&m, peril and rape films without sex, simulated or otherwise. Also, they need pantyhose. I’m sure there are more gripes about this film that hasn’t been finished yet, but hopefully I’ve covered the big ones.

  27. bogie

    @Rye. Thanks for your feedback on recommended purchases. Was wondering what your best sellers are in this sale?

  28. HorseWithNoName

    You know, Saxman, your screen name made me want to listen to some Morphine today. You know: two string bass, drums and sax. We all need a little cure for pain now and then :)

  29. HorseWithNoName

    And I totally agree with the statement (how ironic it may have been intended): they should wear sandals!

    I would love to see a heroine wearing black knee-high gladiator sandal boots with high heels. Would create a completely new look for a super heroine :-) And you could have her fight in a arena type setting. Such a movie would basically write itself :)

  30. Dangerman

    Does Wonderous Girl have a spin transformation?

  31. HorseWithNoName

    Image 22 looks very much like 1978’s disco. Those who have been around then will know what I mean :) Sweat, shiny, brightly colored fabrics and lots of makeup (on the ladies) back then. Fun times.

  32. saxman314

    Haha I still have an old issue of the Saxophone Journal lying around with a feature on Dana Colley from Morphine. High energy player!

    I agree the sand and sandals thing could be cool, but as with everything else… you mention it once and it becomes fetishized, and DEMANDED from every producer going forward.

  33. HorseWithNoName

    @ saxman314: yes, he and Sandman gave it there all. So sad about Sandman.

    I totally agree with you about fetishes and demands. If you compare this to music: some people will not listen to types of music they do not already know. It is like in the original Blues Brothers movie where the guys are booked in a music club and ask: do you here only listen to country music? Great answer from the guy who runs the club: no. We listen to wide range of music. We like country AND western. Ha!

    I am very much in the camp of wanting to see new things in this heroine genre. No need to limit oneself to what one already knows and what has been done a million times.

  34. This edit is looking pretty damn hot…

    You are welcome!

    This release will eventually makes it way to clips4sale, just not sure when.

    Yes…. yes it does :)

    I am usually right 100% of the time, 20% of the time! Umm as for the sale there were a lot of popular titles but I think Doomsday edged out everything.

    Thank you and I hope you like it!

    I was very happy with how Coco looked indeed!

    Andrew C-
    If you’re not seeing payment options I would contact SHG-media.


    Thanks and yes her skirt definitely was challenged to cover her.

    That is indeed Coco! We must have done a decent job if you didn’t recognize her. I remember a lot of similar comments when I revealed Gigi as wondie.


    Yes… but its not the traditional spin, but yes she does.

    Thanks everyone, I am really excited about this release and will try and get it done as fast as humanly possible.

    Oh, and today is the final day of the sale, but if you miss it there should be another one in the fall.

  35. Sugarcoater

    I believe Rye posted elsewhere that he’s shooting for July 1.

  36. esshx

    So, I’m trying to buy the Doomsday Trilogy, but for some reason, when I click “process order” I get an error page.

  37. Rye,
    Are there any of my favorites in the new doomsday?!!!

  38. silas

    rye, is there other way to purchase the videos?

    the only one i have is: Send us a check / Money order

  39. Blueman

    Did I miss the” Cassidy “Announcement??

  40. Sugarcoater

    In the words of the great Bruce Dickinson, “I gotta have more Cassidy baby!”

  41. alucard

    Can’t this be release any time now ? 😉

  42. July 1st is the official release date!

    I am still editing it so probably not 😉

    Not in the way you would like them no. Main reason being is Spectre was so heavy in that department I wanted to do other things.

    You can always go to http://www.clips4sale.com/store/11990

    Gonna have to stick to the July 1st release.

    You did not 😉

  43. heroineaddict

    Click refresh like crazy, ,nothing yet :)

  44. Dragon 1

    saw it loved the villians but was a bit dissapointed with cocco if I only know that “it is in the wrong oh well” from another charachter then something is wrong with the response from the actress. But the production is very high quaility and a good movie on the whole.

  45. Bart

    I didn’t understand what Dragon just said. Whatever. I have to say that I expected a movie, from Rye, that was this AWESOME. I am no longer so shocked by his quality and vision. This and “Wondrous Woman” .are exactly what I want. Rye is just hitting 3 pointers at will.

  46. Dragon 1

    BART The “anal implication” was poorly done since there was no diffrence in her reaction to that from any other past penetrations and there should have been.

  47. Todd

    While I think Coco is gorgeous from the trailer and stills I just don’t see this as being anything different from what we always get from Rye. So I’m saving my $35

  48. Loved it loved it loved it! This one reminded me of a high quality superheroine central from the good ole days. Keep em coming rye!

  49. SlawDiesel


    Any chance for a review of this undoubted masterpiece? Or you can subcontract me to do it for say a copy of the film and a twix peanut butter 2 pak?

  50. Darklord

    I agree with Todd. I bought spectre which in my eyes was disappointing. This may or may not be better but really how different is it gonna be? Especially at $35?

  51. sugarcoater

    I bought the video and can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the action, the actress, the plot, and the costume, especially the boots and the top (the whole outfit has a nice shine to it throughout the video). My reactions are as follows, and there are a few SPOILERS included, but nothing about the ending.

    1. Love the up-skirt shots of WG when she is wearing her civilian clothes. You can see the sexy bottom portion of the WG outfit after she passes out and when she’s crawling on all fours. The shots of the super heroine outfit beneath the civilian clothes was used in an Ashley Rose video in which she is captured and then tied AOH while the guy pulls up her skirt and fondles. In doing so, the blue fabric of the SG outfit is seen, which I think is a really nice touch. I really like that Rye added that to this video. There is also a nice voice-over referencing the chloroform as she is weakening.

    2. The action sequences were well done. As with many of Rye’s videos, there isn’t just the one fight.

    3. There IS a Wonder Woman type of twirl. Great first half. My only issue with it is that there is a quick camera break from the twirl to the appearance of WG. She twirls, an explosion is shown, then there is a shot of the wolf guy, then there is the shot of WG. However a beautiful, slow, upward pan of WG is seen next, which is a nice touch. But I would have loved to see the full twirl–explosion–WG sequence in one linear shot (though without any idea of the technicals I don’t know if it could have been done).

    4. If you like bear hugs, you will LOVE this video. Quite a few long bear hugs, with several sexy angles of Coco.

    5. There are many shots of the guys groping Coco’s backside. Coco really does have a sexy butt, and the wolf guys clearly agree. They back her up against a wall and go at it with their hands. And yes, they later go at it in a different way.

    6. When the two wolf guys take ahold of WG, things go really bad for WG (and it gets really good for heroine peril fans). The two guys holding her while one of the two…for the most polite way of putting it, has his face in her crotch is a really cool sequence. Haven’t seen a Rye video with a sequence quite like that (I mean the way she is held and stretched out as the one guy basically goes down on her).

    7. Absolutely loved the sequence of WG being taken from behind. I really liked the way the guy was grabbing her by her costume, stretching it out, as he went at it with her. And Coco’s body looked phenomenal in those shots.

    8. And, of course, as WG is about to be taken from behind, the scientist saying over the intercom, “3211, that’s the wrong–oh well…”

    In the category of stupid personal preferences, here is what I would have liked to have had added:

    1. Though the WG costume may be meant to be a parody of the DC 52, I still would have liked to see the classic star-spangled panties. Nothing beats that (imho).

    2. Add more voice-overs as the sexual peril occurred. The voice-overs were good at the beginning, but then went away for the last part of the video. Perhaps, for example, perhaps a reference that WG is losing her powers as she is being further fondled and probed. The connection could be similar to how WW is weakened when she is tied up–WG could be weakened when she is sexually stimulated. She is totally human if she allows herself to climax. A voice-over sequence actually revealing WG’s lust and final willingness to climax would have been really hot.

    3. WG taken in one more way. Perhaps on all fours on the ground? After all, seeing how these men are wolves, taking WG doggie-style on the ground would seem thematically to make sense 😉

    4. As Dragon 1 posted above–and it’s a very astute observation–there was no change in the reaction by WG. I agree that some sort of significant change in WG’s reaction, perhaps even a sudden surge in strength in trying to get away along with a more vocal reaction (perhaps even saying something about it) would have made a lot of sense. In thinking of what’s happening–THE Wonder Woman character being forced to take it from the “back door”–that might be one of the most sexually powerful and humiliating moments in super heroine peril. I would play it up a bit more in a future video.

    To conclude this bit, I can only say that Rye continues to create awesome products. The set was well used and certainly helped in the reference to the SG v Doomsday series, and it also had the right feel for the plot of this video. I can only imagine how stunning future productions will be for Rye – UK videos.

    The final bit I would add is how I would love to see a Cassidy as SG and Coco as WG team-up, a Cassidy as SG and Gigi as WW team-up, AND (why say “or” when “and” is so much better?) a Coco as WG and Gigi as WW team-up. In the words of the old AM/PM commercials, that would indeed be “too much good stuff.”

  52. sugarcoater

    To those on the fence about the $35, I would suggest that this video is different in a few ways.

    1. The set has only been used once before to my recollection. That was for the Supergirl v Doomsday video. Other than that, it hasn’t really been used. Not that sets are the reason I buy videos, but I would say that the set enhances the feel of the video.

    2. The costume is fairly original and looks great on Coco. Though the boots have been used with other WW type characters, those boots are always sexy (in my opinion). And the top is cool and gets abused during Coco’s beat-down.

    3. The shot of Coco taken from behind looks different from many videos in the way the villain pulls on it as he is driving himself against her. The shot shows off a lot of Coco’s beautiful body. And the way her body bounces against the guy looks hot.

    4. The civilian sequence was quite good as well. Not entirely original, but not often used to the extent that it was here. And if you like up-skirt shots, you should like the ones shown in the first major sequence.

    5. I see the $35 as also paying for the amazingly hot actresses Rye finds. If you’re still on the fence, I would say go for it and think of the expense as crowd-funding for future Rye productions. That said, this video was definitely worth the $35 for me. And I think of how lucky I am to have been introduced to Cassidy as Superior Girl and Gigi as Wonderous Woman (and Superia), and really hope to see both more of those two (as well as the latest new models whom Rye will dig up).

  53. HorseWithNoName

    @ Sid: nice to see that somebody else remembers the halcyon days of superheroine central. Aw, man, now I feel old :)

    Well, while I haven’t had enough time to give this one the attention it clearly deserves or to post my fully formed impressions of it (need to see it a couple of times more), I wanted to give my first reactions to it nevertheless.

    I was looking forward to it especially for the scene as in picture 22 since this did look interesting and “fresh” to me. And boy, it does not disappoint! And I can see why Sid is mentioning superheroine central. Yes, there is some of that as well. The body language and some of the “positions” feel new and classic at the same time.

    As far as the discussion about price is concerned: it really depends on how you “value” certain things. Sure, you can get a cheaper (and in most cases cheaply made) movie, but if you want more in overall quality, this comes at a certain price.

    You can tell that Rye put a lot of thought into this movie. For example: act 2 is set mostly in bright daylight (inside) and as we move into act 3, the movie is getting darker, visually and in tone. There is a craftsman-ship at display here that I find highly interesting and can appreciate. If you like that kind of thing and craft, and add in that you get to see Coco in action in a nice costume (thankfully no tights), I feel it is very well worth the price of admission.

    If you want to compare it to the other film: Spectre is a much leaner movie with a single focus, this one feels more artistic in its overall approach, and at the end of the day, the kind of directorial quality Rye has been displaying in his more recent works is what seperates his movies from other directors / producers that may come at a bargain price. Make mine Rye, any time :)

  54. @Darklord, to reiterate my previous comment this reminded me a lot of Ultragirl vs the X5 but insert more quality and monsters instead of a robot.

    @Sugarcoater, good review but when the wolves are molesting her I think she says out loud and in her mind they are draining her powers?

  55. Great review, sugarcoater. You hit the nail perfectly on this one. The one thing I really liked, and found to be a rather original touch, was the way towards the end that the one “wolf guy” pulled Coco’s arms back around the pillar while the seocnd “wolf guy” pounded on her midesction. This left her totally defenseless while at the same time allowing to enjoy an unobstructed view of her lovely body. A nice touch by Rye and another excellent film from the master.

  56. sugarcoater

    @ Sid
    Good point about that voice-over. I was thinking more along the lines of an explicit voice-over. It’s probably just me, but I love it when the super heroine specifically states what’s happening to her and its effect on her. For example, here is what I would have liked to have added voice-over-wise:

    1. When the wolf-guys are fondling her, have her say something like, “Not there! They can’t touch me there! Not my womanhood! It’s…weakening me.” Then later, “Why does it feel so…good?!” Then a few omg’s later, “I can’t believe it but…I…I want them to keep rubbing me there! I’m too weak to stop them anyway.”

    2. When the one guy takes her from the “back door”, have WG at first say (when her panties are pulled aside), “NO!! I’m completely exposed to him!”
    Then have the guy first start to sex her up “regularly” as WG first protests violently. For example, have her say, “I’m WONDER WOMAN, not some sort of slut! You can’t DO this to me! You can’t fuck me like this!”
    Then, after a few minutes of it, her moans of protest would become moans of pleasure. Even have her, when the guy starts to slow down, mumble, “No…keep going…feels so damn good to be fucked finally.”
    Finally, when the guy stops, have Wonder Woman ask in a daze, “Why are you stopping? Why are–OH! What are you doing?! You can’t fuck me THERE!!”
    Then later, a voice-over could be added of WW admitting to herself, “Feels so wrong! But being butt-fucked feels so good!”
    I think the voice-over and dialogue serve to enhance the humiliation and degradation of the situation (forgive the lame rhyme there). Having the heroine admit what’s happening, both in action and in her mind, is something I like to see added to further the video’s highlighting of the superheroine’s demise.

    Anyhow, those are some thoughts. I’m curious if anyone else would be interested in something along those lines or if it’s just me. If it is, I’ll stop annoying Rye with those voice-over requests.

  57. Mell

    I’m not a big fan of too much voice over stuff. I think Rye handled it tactfully, and that’s why he’s the filmmaker.

  58. bogie

    @Sugarcoater. Thanks for your review. I rely on critiques from guys like you and Horse to help me decide if I’m going to purchase. So if I don’t like this one, I’m coming for you! I’m old enough to remember the glory days of SHC as well.Leslie Culton’s work there placed her squarely in my Heroine Hall of Fame, along with Christina Carter, Diana Knight and Paris.

  59. This has nothing to do with anything, but I saw someone mention Ultra girl vs. The X5 and I immediately thought, “How great would it be if Rye just straight up remade some of those early Superheroine Central videos?”

    So … going to throw that out there for everyone. I honestly saved up my money for the earlier Silk Spectre release, so I’m sitting this one out.

    I also worry Coco may get overexposed appearing in so many films so quickly, so maybe she should appear as a villain next time just to keep things fresh.

  60. HorseWithNoName

    Yes, a remake of “Thrust Girl Crushed” would be much welcomed. It is still in my top 10 of all times in this genre, even though the end is somewhat lackluster and feels very rushed. But, still. Love the actress (well, her looks), the costume and the set-up.

    Nevertheless it would be nice to see a modern, bigger-budget take on the hot girl vs robot theme.

    @ bogie: thanks!

  61. ximi

    One thing I am not totally impressed with recent works from Coco is I feel she sells the “pain” much more than the “heroine” part, or in other words, too much victim and not enough defiance or struggle. Is this one better from that angle?

  62. Bart-
    Wow thanks a lot!!!

    Thank you!

    Thanks for the review, much appreciated! And thanks for the feedback and requests 😉

    Hehe I thought the lighting might go unnoticed because it was an artsy move, so I’m glad you liked it!!! Thank you!

    Thank you so much! That particular scene was pretty spontaneous and luckily our wolf was tall enough reach around it.

    Thank you, what a great compliment!

    After you watch it I think everyone will be safe from your wrath 😉

    Dragon 1-
    Glad you like it and sorry for not getting a bigger facial expression on that part!

    Darklord and Todd-
    It’s impossible to say if you would like this one… but I can say it’s a very different movie from Spectre.

    Love me some twix!

    I’m surprised you didn’t sit out Spectre and pick this one up instead since it has your kind of ending. As for Coco as a villain this has already been booked! She will be playing an EVIL UltraGirl very soon! Guess that pretty much gives away who she is fighting!

    If that is your concern I can’t imagine you would be disappointed here. She gets in plenty of shots and keeps firing back punches until she is broken.

    To all-
    I appreciate the references to SHC as Dano made some of my favorite videos of all time still to this day. It would be arrogant to say that he hasn’t influenced me. His Ultrawoman/Girl, Scorpion, Gold Avenger, American Fox etc etc are all classics in my opinion. I’m not interested in remaking his movies though… If ANYONE should be doing that it’s Dano and I would be first in line to buy them 😉

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, let me know if you have any questions!

  63. alucard

    Awesome movie rye. Can’t wait until you release tears of the falcon 😉

  64. You can try a movie has two heroines
    seem more fun!!!!:)

  65. Dragon 1

    I guess it is not just the expression. You assume WW may not be a virgin but to get a Forced anal I am sure that would have some major reactions. And Rye I love the fact you did incorporate the act and the fact your stuff keeps getting better, keep in mind for next time an anal pounding is the top of the pain and humilation that could be done to a superheroine.

  66. kickass

    just curious if someone could give me a little spoiler about how the movie ends? do we get a lethal ending or is it more of a mental destruction like the last few? thanks!

  67. Sugarcoater

    @ kickass

    Don’t hold your breath on anything too specific. Or perhaps that’s too overt a hint. Is that a subtle enough spoiler?

  68. rizo

    I haven’t seen this yet but if there’s one thing I’m glad about is that Rye hopefully does not listen to every single fan comment and apply it because to me that would lead to disaster street. I’m not going into details, I’ll just leave that there.

  69. Derek

    I agree with @rizo
    The quality of these movies is incredible for the budget – in fact often better than much bigger budget movies put out by the LA industry. If the producers try to tailor EVERY movie to fit EVERY area of the fetish we get NOTHING worth watching at all. Be grateful that they meet your expectations sometimes, and send them positive feedback when they do. Carping criticism when you are faced with the financial, logistical and creative problems of any production is unwanted and discouraging.
    Don’t get me wrong we all like a good healthy debate about the merits or otherwise of these projects, but there’s a right and a wrong way to make your point.
    For me, although I’ve yet to watch it, this movie appears to have a good story, well shot action, a talented (and large) cast, a convincing location, great peril…I could go on but I don’t want to sound like a sycophant.
    Now I’ve got to wait impatiently for my pay cheque to clear so I can buy this one.

  70. HorseWithNoName

    As a wise man once said: a football coach who listens TO the fans is destined to sit WITH the fans for the next game :)

  71. EggFu

    Love the movie, only thing missing is a classic reverse bearhug. Rye, a couple of years ago you said you wanted to make a film with She-Ra. Did you give up the idea or intends to produce it someday?

  72. Another winner that fires on all cylinders–Coco looks AMAZING as Wonder Girl! Awesome looking monsters, too. And INTENSE peril, sexual and otherwise. Really just top notch all around!

  73. sh_Mike

    Love the civilizam outfit. WW peril is always exciting but this one is awesome. Regarding the EggFu request, Gigi Allens playing She-Ra would be a dream come true.

  74. You once again prove you are top tier, Rye. Great video and Coco looks and acts the part wonderfully. Thanks for bringing us so many great videos. You the man!

  75. saxman314

    This was fantastic. Much more my speed than most recent releases. Love the way they grabbed all up on her ass. Kinda unavoidable, I think. Goddamn… LOL. Total domination of the heroine as soon as the alpha showed up, but it was well done. I liked when she tried to run away unsuccessfully, though I think a more spirited chase could have been fun. I think for a capture/beat/rape SH flick, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

    The villains were mindless monsters with only her beating and rape on their minds, so there wasn’t room for much humiliation outside of the physical abuse, and I guess her lack of speaking lines during that part of the video is because of that.

    One thing I’d like to see more of from her is anger. She sells fear and despair really well, but the thing that made the GREATS great was the way they could switch back and forth between despair, fear, anger, helplessness, defiance, etc. in an instant. All my favorties could do this convincingly… Paris Kennedy, Alex David, Raven Alexis, Christina Carter…

    That’s just my two cents, though. I think Rye’s at the top of his particular game here.

  76. Marc

    Another great film, Rye. I really appreciate the fact that unlike some other producers, you are going for different types of movies and really put your thoughts into them, rather than simply aiming for mass production. Coco looks amazingly hot and sells her role really well as always. That being said, I am still not a big fan of those grandma-style boots and would much prefer the stiletto ones, but that’s just my personal preference, of course. Anyway, keep up the good work, mate!

  77. Mario

    This movie was a absolutely amazing Rye!

    For years, I’ve been dreaming about what would have happened if that monster had really clinched that bearhug against Linda Carter in the old WW series. haha
    You brought that to life here with a much sexier costume. And I love how WW tries to make gentle and be friends before being attacked!

    One comment above wanted Coco w/ more anger…like she was in Redwing. But I think her mannerisms were PERFECT here…strong and confident, yet feminine and lady like-that is how WW should be!!!!!!!!

    All I can say is I am in love and I hope this is not the last time Coco plays WW for us. She was magnificent!!!

    I love to see her try and tackle more diabolical villains….Please don’t let this be the last time Rye!

  78. Mell

    For my tastes, this was almost perfect. Just amazing. Great fighting peril (which is why i’m here), the best bearhugs we’ve seen in a long time, Cocoa is amazing, and the costume is amazing. its hard to recommend things because everybody’s tastes are so different, but if you like the fighting peril part (i think Rye’s camera angles are the difference, and something DanO has a talent for as well), and good filmmaking to go along with your fetish, I don’t see how you can go wrong here. I would have paid for just the bearhugs.

  79. Angleman

    Well, as the old saying goes you can’t please all of the people all of the time and that applies particularly to this genre.
    I was really looking forward to this video but having watched it I’m feeling kinda disappointed.
    Don’t get me wrong – Coco is gorgeous and looks sexy as hell in the costume; the location was great and the team did a good job on the creatures makeup.
    But for me the action was where this video was lacking. I was hoping to see an epic beat down along the lines of Doomsday except with TWO rabid creatures piling on the heroine. But we didn’t get the brutality, variety of blows, positions, moving around and general all round brawl that I was expecting.
    Aside from a few bear hugs, punches to the face and several punches to her midrift and kicks, it all felt rather static.
    Even when facing both creatures we really on got one if them hitting her while the other held her and acted as a bystander.
    Instead of a long fight we got too many shots of Coco crawling around, being fondled etc and not enough fighting. Even the sex at the end was all very “meh” and brought nothing new to the table.
    Although I did like the end, I just felt the journey getting there was a let down.
    But as I said at the start, I’m in the minority here and it’s clearly selling well, which can only be a good thing as it enabled Rye to finance more movies.
    Oh…and while we’re on the topic, while I’m dying to see Gigi return again as WW, I also think she’d be amazing playing a Sheena type character at the mercy of White Slavers or Ms Marvel in the black costume. Yum.

  80. sugarcoater

    Gigi as Ms. Marvel in the black costume?! Heck yeah!! Excellent idea Angleman!

  81. HorseWithNoName

    Sign me up for Gigi as Ms Marvel as well, if the costume is well-made, has a nice shine to it and is high-cut and we get some thigh-high boots with stiletto heels, this movie will be a hit for sure :) Even though I wasn’t impressed with G.’s latest movie, Ms. Marvel in the black outfit would work very nicely with a comic book type of set up, with some interesting villains, that turns dark in a torture and sexual manner with some bondage!

  82. sugarcoater

    And we haven’t seen much of a Ms. Marvel outfit, save for the hot outfit that Tiffany used in one of her thesuperheroines.com video series.
    I just don’t want to see the chance for a Ms. Marvel video used up on an actress who can’t really look the part. Gigi definitely could. (Cassidy as well of course.)
    I guess I would be concerned about someone taking on the role of a hot-looking super heroine and, in not delivering, leading to a brief one-time look at Ms. Marvel. She is one of the sexiest super heroines in the Marvel world (imho).

  83. bogie

    Let’s start a ‘Gigi for Jungle Woman’ movement.

  84. HorseWithNoName

    I am all for it! Especially since I came across a fairly racy Shanna the She-Devil story from 1978 recently. It is online, if you guys want to get some “inspiration”. Check out the site / blog “Diversions of the Groovy Kind” and look under Shanna (side bar).

    They did some pretty adult stuff back when they had the black and white magazines.

    As far as out genre is concerned, the comic books of the 1970s had some wild stuff in general and in the black and white magazines in particularly :)

  85. bogie

    @Horse. With Sugarcoater, that’s 3 for a jungle woman scenario. Are you listening, Rye? As that Shanna comic proved, it wouldn’t even necessarily require a jungle setting, if outdoor shooting is too difficult/expensive. Thanks for that link, Horse. Racy indeed.

  86. HorseWithNoName

    @ bogie: Glad you enjoyed it. I am so into that 1970s stuff lately.

    Still waiting for a movie with the girls from the Legion of Super-Heroes :)

    And if you want to follow something like in that Shanna comic, you can easily replace the snake creature with a gorilla. Now that would rock. And my favorite bit about the comic, apart from the very nice bikini and dress: who in their right mind put a jungle heroine into a pair of boots that would be considered stripper boots these days? Fun!

  87. bogie

    @Horse. Yeah, Shanna and the snake was bloody erotic!

  88. One more for a jungle girl! Although I’d choose Cassidy.

  89. bogie

    @ Bob. Thanks for signing up! No problem with Cassidy at all.

  90. Mell

    A well-made jungle girl peril movie is way overdue, but it seems like Gigi only likes to work in pantyhose, and no matter where you stand on the pantyhose issue, we all agree that a jungle girl heroine can not be wearing pantyhose. Cassidy would be amazing. Or Cocoa.

  91. Sugarcoater

    Not sure how I feel about a jungle girl video. I would probably pass on buying it as I’m more into the superheroine look and Shanna never gave me that impression (just a personal taste issue). If Cassidy does take on a role, I would want her to take back on her Supergirl role as she just plays that character perfectly–sexy yet sweet with great curves.
    Perhaps a new model for that part?

  92. Henchman

    Can I join the Gigi for Jungle Girl movement too please?

  93. HorseWithNoName

    @ Mell: I agree that with a Shanna character we can’t have tights or pantyhose. But I don’t think this would be an “issue” with Gigi. If I remember correctly I have seen that there are other movies available with her without such items of clothing :)

    But I am also very much in favor of her playing a Ms Marvel type character and open to the idea of “getting” a “fresh face” to play a jungle girl. I don’t see Cassidy in that role at all, sorry.

    In any case I would welcome a character that has not been played out a million of times i.e. yet another Supergirl in same type of uniform or WW. I was happy to see that Rye chose the newer 52-outfit for this movie.

  94. bogie

    Henchman, welcome to he cause. Mell, totally agree, hose in the jungle is a definite no-no. Horse, I’m by no means fixated on Gigi. A new face would be good, but I think she has to be a blonde, nicht war?
    The thing for me, personally, is that I lean towards a Batgirl heroine rather than a WW superheroine. Shanna falls into the former character. Strong, agile, a fighter, but no superpowers as such. And I’m more for a jungle WOMAN than a jungle GIRL, if you know what I mean.That’s just me.

  95. bogie

    One other thing…it is difficult coming up with new concepts for heroine peril, and avoiding rehashing the basic elements. A Jungle scenario would address this problem admirably. IMHO.

  96. HorseWithNoName

    Yes, a woman, that is why I can’t imagine Cassidy as this character. No offense of course, but a slightly more “mature” actress would fit a jungle character better.

    Und ja, bogie, a blonde maiden for sure :)

    And I am all for a Batgirl movie. Done with the same love for detail as far as the costume and mask go like Rye and TBFE have shown lately. A very well made, more modern costume with a nice cowl and cape and a smashing redhead to “fill it out” :)

    And while on the subject of requests: after having seen her on the receiving end of things, I woud love to see Gigi as the villain for a change, either as a femme fatale in long, high-slit dress or in leather pants, black stilettos boots and open white shirt (and a bullwhip) i.e. uniform style playing a cold, sadistic officer-type of villain.

  97. bogie

    Is there any indication that Gigi is doing any future projects in the genre?
    Cassidy is definitely more girl than woman, Horse….not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  98. HorseWithNoName

    No, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that. I think, for example, Coco would not be a good fit either. It all depends on the role and way the character is envisioned.

    And hopefully Gigi will be back. Have not read anything that would lead me to believe she will not.

  99. matt

    great movie, nice job on the costumes, especially WW, little hard core for my likening, but still a good movie, be cool to see a Linda carter type outfit, maybe this time fighting the gorilla, also think it would be cool if your could edit super strength sound into the next video,( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa0qnFkOC54).

  100. kickass-
    The Alpha strangles Wonderous Girl

    Thanks, and technically http://www.Goatmajorfilms.com will be releasing Falcon 😉

    My upcoming UltraGirl film also features an evil UltraGirl. Not exactly 2 heroines but close enough for now 😉

    I read every comment :) Sometimes I can make suggestions/requests work, sometimes I cant :(

    The budget thing is a very interesting topic…. But anyways I hope you like Doomsday Alpha!

    Go Hawks!

    Glad you liked it! I heard a rumor that Tears of the Falcon has the bearhugs you seek :) And yes I do plan on a She-ra movie. I suppose Gigi Allens comes to mind… It’s just tricky with her living in Australia.

    Alex Bettinger-
    Thanks Alex!!

    Thanks! Hehe as I start reading further ahead in the comments it would seem that Gigi has come up quite a bit!

    Wow Thanks, and you are welcome!!

    Thanks Saxman and thanks for the suggestion 😉

    Thank you sir! I try to make every effort that each movie is unique as possible from the last so thanks for noticing!

    Thanks! That was the exact scene I was going for hehe. I remember the first time I saw it on TV as a kid and wished Gargantua had more time with Wondie before she flipped him.

    Almost perfect… I will take it!!! Hehehe thanks a lot!

    Well I am sorry this one didn’t work for you :(

    Thanks Matt and thanks for the suggestion.

    Now on to the onslaught of Gigi Allens requests…. hehe well yes I would love to film with Gigi again and unless she retires I fully plan to. I would say that She-ra, Wondie and maybe a Superwoman would be at the top of my lists.

    Ok back to editing… Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone!

  101. curious

    Need an opinion from everyone:
    Which of the three coco videos is the best purchase, I can only buy one at this time. The one with the most peril is preferred and do any show full nudity?

  102. HorseWithNoName

    @ curious: there are actually 4 in total if you “only” count Rye’s 2 and TBFE’s 2.
    Difficult decision, I guess. Except for the first Redwing, all have plenty of topless nudity, but no full frontal nudity (except maybe for a few “seconds” in Spectre).

    As far as what you are looking for: it is toss-up between Spectre and Redwing 2. If you want more story, go with Redwing 2, if you want “total” punishment, with the heroine hardly fighting back, but getting mercilessly “destroyed”, go with Spectre. But in my opinion, all 4 vids are fantastic.

  103. Tim Caine

    Okay, same question: Does she live in the end?

  104. MasterB8er

    Thanks for your detailed account SugarCoater. I do have a couple of questions if you or others don’t mind answering.

    1. How does this flick compare to “The Shadow Strangler” or “TheLexxFiles” in terms of sexual peril?

    2. Is there any forced oral violation?

    3. How mic of her do we get to see naked?

    Shadow Strangler was my first superheroine movie and I’ve yet to find another softcore that truly rivals it’s sense of humiliation, violation, and peril largely because Ashly Rose does a great job with her voice tone and facial expressions. I didn’t like “The Parolee” overall, but the scene where they strip Ashly naked was worth the $40. I rolled the dice in The Parolee 2, overall good movie but would have like to seen her mouth get violated and kissing on the mouth. Wonderous Woman vs Zandor”” sucked bad!! It has a sexual Peril scene but it has no sense of violation, humility, or horror, the acting is terrible.

    I’d love to see a Shadow Strangler 2 flick starring the new Superia actress or another Broken Heros,

  105. MasterB8er

    I’m also interested in the Doomsday Triology, can anyone comment on the sexual peril in the series? Is it along the lines of TheLexFiles, more intense like Shadow Strangler, mild like the Parolee2, a joke like WW vs Zandor?

    Any recommendations on more intense sexual peril flicks, like Shadow Strangler, Broken Heroines, and the ultimate make you flinch… Uninvited?

    Rye.. I love your actresses, costuming, and general story lines.. would love to see more intense sexual peril flicks… take the forced disrobing scene from The Parolee, mix in the forced sex scene from the Parolee2, add a little oral and anal (Shadow Strangler quote was the best ever), and more realistic voice acting during the violation..the same tone throughout the entire scene or semi-porno takes away from what otherwise would be an awesome sexual peril scene..eg Parolee 2. Out of curiosity.. Why doesn’t your industry advertise when there is sexual peril included in the flick, and why doesn’t the villians ever do mouth kissing?

    Thanks Everyone

  106. Tim Caine

    I’m looking for a spoiler on this, can anyone tell me if this video ends in a fatality to Wonderous Girl?

  107. HorseWithNoName

    @ Tim Caine: since The Rye already answered the question: it does indeed.