Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines

Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines[Warning: explicit content] Punished Heroines’ Wonderous Girl (The Prey) features Ashley Rose (in a new costume) being manhandled and tormented by a villain with split personalities. The villain gives an impressive performance, and fans of Punished Heroines should love this video. 

Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines
Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines
Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines
Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines
Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines
Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines
Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines
Wonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished HeroinesWonderous Girl (The Prey) from Punished Heroines


While on the look out for a serial killer, Diana Prescott gets drugged and captured by what seems to be a harmless young man. She wakes up bound and quickly notices her body is being explored! The person having a good time with Diana starts to have an inner conflict and his voice keeps changing while talking to himself. Diana demands to be set free and the young man snaps! Diana’s mouth is covered with a rag and an all to familiar chemical that slowly puts her to sleep.

The villain returns some hours later and doesn’t see his prey and begins to flip out. Wonderous Girl shows up and knocks the hell out of him as she tries to figure out if he is the one shes been looking for. While trying to subdue him, the villain tries to grope Wonderous Girl and notices she gets a little weaker each time he sexually assults her. This doesn’t go well for Wonderous Girl as the tables begin to turn and she finds herself on the receiving end of a vicous beating.

Wonderous Girl again finds herself fighting the effects of his soaked white rag but to no avail.. she passes out again helpless to stop his advances. While asleep our villain takes full advantage of the situation, rips up her costume, and fucks Wonderous Girl until she wakes up! Now to weak to stop him, Wonderous Girl is ravaged in multiple positions until the villain decides knock her out yet again! Our villain chains her up and argues with himself on what to do with Wonderous Girl.. Running time 25mins

Purchase Wonderous Girl (The Prey) here:
Punished Heroines (Regular version)
Niche Clips (Extreme version)
  1. lazxmw

    This looks really good. I was starting to get nervous that Ashely Rose was going to stop being the heroine, and that Rye stopped having nudity in his movies. Ashley is amazing, one of my favorite actresses in the genre.

  2. uhm..

    Is it just me or is this model look a lot bigger than her previous videos?

  3. lazxmw

    Actually I think she looks thinner then she did in the last couple videos she was in, but one of the reasons I find her so sexy is because of her curves. I like women who look healthy.

  4. James

    Let me first say I love Rye’s work and will continue to purchase it but here are my thoughts.

    I thought the setup, the plot and the villain was good but I was a little disappointed with the camera angles. Through most of the fight scenes(more than half the video), the camera focuses on upper body/tight shots and you fail to get enough of Ashley’s body in costume. There is one sequence in which she is bearhugged where there are some good behind shots. Aside from that, between the cape covering her up and camera work focused on the chest-up, you just don’t enough skin for your money in key scenes. Interesting to see if anyone else feels this way. Just my thoughts.

  5. Mitch

    Hey this does look really cool and I don’t mean to hijack this post but I am interested in a custom movie and I just cannot make up my mind. I keep going back and forth between Punished Heroines and The battle for Earth. There are things I like about both of them but I really value testimonials if anyone wants to share.

    Basically what I am looking for is who would you recommend? What were your experiences when ordering a custom movie? How long did it take? Or any other advice you might have. I have saved up a pretty big budget and I just want to make sure I get the best bang for my buck. If you have a different idea outside these two companies I am all ears.

    Thanks in advance! And again sorry for being off topic! I’m sure i will pick this one up soon.


  6. dianaknightmustlose

    What’s the difference in this video between the normal and extreme versions?

    Also, Rye, any idea if you could do a custom with Franchesca Le or Goldie Blair?

  7. Bought this one today. Ryes best film to date BY FAR!! No one will be disappointed! No one!! It has everything! All favorites!

  8. John G

    In response to some of the points brought up earlier, it does seem that Ashley has put on some weight. It’s just a matter of taste I suppose, but it would be nice to have a more toned model (though Ashley does a terrific job and it’s not that much of an issue). Pic 12 of the 25 above illustrates the point perhaps.
    Though it seems tacky to comment on such issues, as the idea is to appeal to a wide audience and the only interaction (it seems to me) most fans have with the video is in the role of observer, I think it’s a fair point to bring up. And it’s not as if it’s something that can’t be easily improved, speaking from someone who has recovered themselves from a little extra weight.

  9. Is it just the forced sex that is the difference between the standard and extreme versions? I can buy the standard easy enough, but I can’t buy off Nicheclips because of their outdated payment system.

  10. deathcake

    I agree with John G points, with the greatest respect to the actress.

  11. Robopope25

    Um….yeah the shady way niche clips does stuff has turned me off. I really wanted the extreme version, I like the way rye kills off the heroines, it’s not fucked up the way he does it, more like how a saturday morning cartoon does it.

    As for the actress’s weight. I was going to post a very positive “Go women” post because while I do enjoy watching women get defeated I am not one to criticize a woman’s appearance as I feel all women are beautiful. Then I really took a good look at some of the stills. But yeah, she has gained a bit of weight in the leg area. However she is still lovely. I do love thick legs. But it is noticeable. I am sure there will be some jerks that are going to send negative feedback based on this. Here’s the deal guys, the heroines in the story are certainly worthy of being mocked, called names, smacked around and humiliated. The actresses playing the heroine are not. We owe them a debt for bringing our fantasy to life.

  12. uhzoomzip

    Tell Ashley to gain all the wait she wants. Love that jiggle, be it tits, ass, legs, or gut.

    However, I am going to hold off buying this until there’s a surefire way to purchase the extreme version. I’d only be disappointing myself if I settled for anything less than how far I know Rye is capable of taking these films.

  13. lazxmw

    Thank you unzoomhip,
    I couldn’t agree more. I say the jiggle is one of the reasons I find her so damn sexy. She sells her beatings and ravishing so damn well too.

  14. Xerxes

    Im just about to buy it, are there any good dialogue scenes? Maybe some internal dialogue stuff like Rye did on TBFE?

  15. Steve

    niche clips requires an account number now, thats weird

  16. Thanks all, I will try and answer a few questions but first let me explain the EXTREME vs NORMAL.

    Extreme version she dies by strangulation from behind with her cape. In the normal version you only get to see the villain talking about it. Both are identical up to that point. Same violence, nudity, sex, everything is the same 😉

    Lazxmw- Nudity is here to stay, so nothing to worry about.

    James- The next film i am doing I will be switching to a 18mm lens for the action scenes and that should solve it.

    Mitch- That is quite an interested question you posted but I will leave that one to the fans.

  17. Steve

    killing is not my thing, but niche clips demand money just to access their site which is weird

  18. Robopope25

    Yeah what is nicheclips problem? I’d love to browse the site maybe even visit some other producer’s stores but this whole money order thing leads me to think they must have some REALLY creepy and shady stuff on there. I don’t trust it!

    Rye isn’t there a way to sell the extreme version anywhere else?

  19. lazxmw

    @ Rye
    Good to know. I’m going to keep defending Ms Rose and her awesome curves. I personally think she’s been getting better with every single video. I wish I could afford to pay her to be in a film I’ve been working on for almost a year. She’s just awesome.

  20. @ anyone wanting the extreme version but not wanting to use nicheclips
    If you email Rye directly he will work something out for you.


  21. deathcake

    I don’t think anyone was attacking her. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. She is a beautiful woman, no doubt. I wasn’t going to respond to this, but:

    “Here’s the deal guys, the heroines in the story are certainly worthy of being mocked, called names, smacked around and humiliated. The actresses playing the heroine are not”

    Thanks for telling us “The Deal”. No-one has mocked, or called the actress names, or humiliated her.

  22. decendingskulls

    First of all I like Ashley better this way. It’s not like she gained that much weight. She’s just a little curvier, which I like, but that’s just me. To each their own.

    Second I don’t know why everyone always complains about nicheclips. I’ve been buying clips from them for years and still do. I admit it’s annoying that you have to pay in set bundles of money and then spend from the bundle you bought, but nicheclips has an IMMENSE library of videos. It’s not like that bundle is going to go unspent. I would rather they did pay per video like clips4sale does, but it’s not enough to deter me from buying from nicheclips.

  23. uhm..

    wow, I just simply wanted to see if anyone else noticed it or if it was just me.. I didn’t Say there was anything wrong/bad with the way the model looked.. calm down lol

  24. Jacob

    I agree that ridiculing someone that has put on weight is off limits but just mentioning it isnt terrible, The biggest concern I have on this is that,to me at least,most if not all of the recent videos just seem to be carbon copies of each other. Same location,same premise,same punches etc. I know people like it and all that but I’d like to see a video from Rye with an actual story behind it.

  25. I haven’t gotten this one, but probably will–I just wanted to say that Ashley is mega hot. I LOVE her curves, the booty, great face, great peril acting–honestly when I conjure a superheroine character in my imagination, it looks a LOT like Ashley. Tall, curvy, kinda amazonish but also soft and really feminine–love it.

  26. Loved it!!!! Plz plz plz have this villain back! I liked the story but would love a new location. I saw a hint to a new sg movie on superheroine forum but it was pretty vague. Anything u can add or divulge rye?

  27. Thanks Ted, and yes he will be back 😉
    Jacob and Ted – You need not wait much longer as I am shooting a mini series with a new actress next week. It will be PG-13, bigger story, new locations, new villains, bigger budget. The whole nine :)


  28. @descendingskulls

    It’s not the bundfl of money that’s the main problem, it’s that if you are in UK you have to sign up with another organisation for taking the money out of your bank and then forwarding it to Nicheclips. It is a real pain n the arse. Why they can’t accept credit cards or PayPal like everyone else, I have no idea.

  29. Decendingskulls

    @Lake, sorry I did not know about that. That is ridiculous, even I have to admit.

  30. Previously I have written glowingly of Ashley Rose. You are always assured of a solid performance when Ashley portrays an imperiled heroine, and she is certainly one of the better-looking (and better-shaped!) women in the super heroine video genre. Lazxmw up above has it exactly right in saying that she looks “healthy.” It’s the same principle that made Cindy Crawford my all-time favorite supermodel, while Kate Moss was never attractive to me at all. (She probably wouldn’t like me, either.) Ashley also comes on initially with the right attitude, body language, and facial expressions, only to have all that dismantled as she is taken apart bit by bit by the villain. However, James up above also has it right when he complains about many of the camera angles — or perhaps I would say the camera’s distance from the subject. This continues to bother me, too. So often in her videos, the shots are these extreme close-ups, with the camera seemingly right up in her face. (Obviously I do not blame Ashley for this.) Yes, she does do nice facial expressions, but when the camera is so close, we don’t get to see her body! I want to see her body — AND her face, or at least her head — for greater lengths of time as she fights and struggles.

  31. Xerxes – Yes there is plenty of inner dialogue from Ms Rose 😉

    James and Kent- I agree 100%.. Not trying to make excuses but this was my first time using my 50mm lens which will likely never be used for fight scenes again. I have an 18-135mm which I should have used looking back.

    To everyone that has emailed me for the extreme version, please have patience. I will try and respond to everyone today or tomorrow!

  32. Just watched this, and absolutely loved it. Ashley looks hotter than ever–*especially* her body. Like I said before–tall and slightly amazonish, but still soft and curvy and feminine. It’s the perfect superheroine look, in my opinion.

    The video was great–the image quality is fantastic, and the acting was great all around, and, once again, Ashley looked HOT as hell. A simple two-person video but one of the most enjoyable vids I’ve seen in a long time.

    The only thing I longed for was a little more attention to Ashley’s incredible booty–but then, I say that after every movie with her in it, heh heh…

  33. Hey thanks a lot Alex! This was my test subject for my new camera and I learned a shit load in the process. The next one should look even better!

  34. hola rye como estas te felicito por el video de ashley rose fue algo totalmente nuevo, me gusto mucho la historia ademas, aunque te confieso que preferiria tener que verla de nuevo como superia o supergirl, tambien me gustaria que volvieran actuar j dawg y free bawler. Te cuento que compre varios los videos de ashley en total por el momento tengo 13, mis faritos son the parolee, superia the vengance, superbad date 3. Que este ultimo me quedo una duda por que al terminar de ver el video dice continuara. Asi me quede con ganas de ver como sigue, bueno espero poer ver a superia una vez mas protagonizada por ashley rose

  35. Hola Juan, me alegro de que te gustaba la nueva película de Ashley. Va a verla de nuevo interpretando a la chica Superior de pronto, así que no te preocupes. ¡Gracias por apoyar mi trabajo y todos sus grandes comentarios.

  36. Pretty good clip. I’d really like to see Ashley as a more traditional Wonder Woman like character, even if she is yellow haired.

  37. lazxmw

    @ Rye
    I just bought this yesterday, and I have to say, HOLY $#!+ ! this video was awesome! It’s now in my top 4 favorite Rye/Ashley collaborations. I hope for a follow up of some sort, and on a slightly different topic, I really hope that Black Phoenix 2 is in the works somewhere. I know you’re busy with the Supergirl parody, which I’m also excited for, but a man can dream right? Great job, and Ashley is becoming my favorite DID!

  38. decendingskulls

    Ok that was epic. Seriously one of the best PH videos ever.
    I kept my heronesmovies window open while i was watching so i could jot down bullet points. Beware, there are some spoilers.

    – The villain’s acting is amazing, switching back and forth between schizo characters. He really sold both very different personalities, right down to even having drastically different voices.

    – so glad Rye decided to implement internal monologue

    – initially outmatched and he grabs her ass anyway – my kind of guy

    – the camera is noticably amazing – i’m gonna need a bigger monitor

    – shirt’s inside out – i guess things like that happen when you’re crazy

    – one has to wonder why the heroine never kicks the guy in the nuts. It would immobilize anyone.

    – One particular climax at 9:45 had me practically cheering, and what a money shot!!
    The pacing really gets the adrenaline going, and that is incredibly rare in this genre.

    – ashley’s acting is officially awesome now

    – love how marcus goes to work and completely ignores her pleas and wriggling

    – the sex scene was awesome love that she had internal monologue during that

    – cape strangling seems impersonal to me, why not use hands? so much better
    That said it was performed beautifully acting-wise, so not a problem here

    Props man. This video is pure gold. I’m gonna back it up twice.

  39. Squidd

    Rye: I just purchased the Wonderous Girl (The Prey) starring Ashley, can’t wait to see it. I would like to get the extreme version, since I have seen the photos of cape strangle and it loos great. Also can’t wait to see the 1984 Supergirl/ superior girl film. The actress and costume look great. Can’t wait to purchase that movie. Hope you still will make films with Ashley, I enjoy her looks and acting!
    Thanks for producing and directing such great films!

  40. Jumper Prime

    Just watched Wonderous Girl(The Prey) and it was great! One of my favorite fetishes is a powerful superheroine who is weakened by arousal, or in this case, being groped. Megababe was my favorite heroine on the Crimson Hawk/Hawk Heroines site(and I really wish the guys over there would make The Decoy available again so I can replace the copy I lost to a hard drive crash) because of her sexual weakness and I really hope Rye makes another video with the heroine weakened by this method, this time benefiting from what Rye learned about his lenses while making this one. Would also be nice to see the villain stripping the heroine during the fight instead of after she’s already defeated and bound, as well as the heroine moaning about how weak she’s getting a bit more often during the fight

  41. Scando

    Hi Rye, others,

    Can this be purchased via clips4sale or any other portal? Netcode seems to decline all foreign credit cards and nicheclips only accepts money orders…

    Also one question about the contents of this. Is the nudity here full frontal or is she “only” topless in the vid?


  42. rennba

    Hey Rye i really like your videos, i didnt saw “Wondrous girl the prey” yet, but i will buy it soon, i have a question, can you make another wondrous girl video but going back to the fact she wears a power belt as source of power? like the old wondrous girl videos you know, i liked when wondrous girl fights a villain and she started to kicking his ass and then the guy snatched her belt and she becomes weak as a normal woman, so the guy defeats her in battle.

    i really want to see something like that again.

  43. Manster

    This video was so awesome!! I just loved the theme of him groping her repeatedly during the fight scenes. Especially when he grabs her boobs, and she is trying to take his hands off her breasts. Also when she said “get your hand off my boob”….so hot!! I’d love to see more of these groping/fight theme videos where the heroine has her FULL powers, but is slowly overpowered & continually groped during the fight, especially with the wonder women type costumes. One thing I’d also love to see, is him grabbing her hand and forcing her hand on his crouch… that would be so hot ! Keep up the great work, and Ashley Rose is just awesome!! Please do a part 2 with the exact theme!!

  44. Paul

    The villain was annoying. He was just terrible and he completely ruined this video…

  45. truthordare

    I’m liking the newer material, but what ever happened to the classic vids? I’m looking, in particular, for “The Final Battle” in which Paris Kennedy is Superior Girl, and her costume consists of boots, a blue mini skirt, and a white muscle sleeve top with the stylized “S”. I owned it back in the early days of PH, but I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere.

  46. Edmund

    Although I’m a new arrival to The Rye’s Superheroine movies, I’ve now watched several starring Ashley Rose, and would like to add some comments.

    Ashley makes the movies worth the price of admission. Compared to some earlier movies,here she’s gotten much better at being consistently commanding and assertive during the superheroine’s initial full power (and full of herself) phase. I always like the more noticeable contrast between her strong and weak stages: the greater the contrast the better.

    I also wonder if some milder bondage torment has ever been considered as part of the avenging villain’s repertoire. It might make for some interesting interaction between him and the heroine. I’m talking about mistreatment like face and breast slapping, and the bad guy demanding the defeated heroine now call him ‘sir’ (“yes, sir”, “thank you, sir”) to avoid the pain of more punishment.