WonderousGirl – Episodes 1 and 2

The first two episodes of WonderousGirl, produced by Rye and available at SHG-Media, are pretty violent and feature a lengthy beat-down of the title character for the majority of the running time.  WonderousGirl is really in over her head here and receives an unbelievable amount of punishment from several villains.  The episodes are similar in tone to Rye’s “New SuperiorGirl” videos (my reviews are here and here), but in my opinion, the first two episodes of WonderousGirl are better than the SuperiorGirl series.

The first episode begins with an unconscious WonderousGirl (dressed as her alter ego, Diana Prescott) being carried into the bad guys’ lair.  Sinestra, a female villain, interrogates her for a while, threatening to expose her as WonderousGirl, but WonderousGirl refuses to admit her true identity.  A fight breaks out, and WonderousGirl (still not in costume) is able to fend off the bad guys at first, although she gets into a little trouble (and receives a beating) from the male baddie.

WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2

Eventually, she finds herself overpowered, and the real action of the video begins, with the bad guys (mostly the male) beating the hell out of Diana Prescott for several minutes, using a variety of punches, kicks, and holds.  Diana is tied AOH and briefly tortured on her private area (!) until she finally transforms into WonderousGirl.  The bad guys now know they have no chance, especially after WonderousGirl briefly intimidates them using her super strength (and her super attitude).

WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2

Just when it seems that WonderousGirl is about to arrest the bad guys, she turns around to see four freakish, physically imposing villains behind her.  The villains approach WonderousGirl, who has basically no chance against them.

This sets up the plot of Episode 2.  And when I say “plot,” I really just mean “situation.”  There aren’t a lot of story developments in Episode 2.   The entire episode consists of WonderousGirl getting brutally beaten by the bad guys.  Tons of stomach punches, low blows, face punches, backbreakers, 2-on-1, 4-on-1, you name it…  WonderousGirl takes a lot of punishment in this video, so if you’re looking for a strong heroine who saves the day, you might want to look elsewhere.  This is truly in the style of “Punished Heroines,” as Episode 2 isn’t really about anything other than the physical punishment of WonderousGirl.

WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2

Here’s why I liked it: I love the actress and (as I’ve said before), I think she’s great at this kind of video.  Her reactions are very good, and she’s believable enough to sell the role of WonderousGirl and make us believe that she’s a cocky, confident heroine.  I love the 4-on-1 situation as well.  This video reminded me of the old Punished Heroines movie Villains United (for those of you who remember that).  Basically, it involved a superheroine getting brutally beaten by a gang of several villains.  That’s the case here, but the production values are better here than in the old Punished Heroines videos.

WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2WonderousGirl - Episodes 1 and 2

The production values are not, however, as good as in the Battle for Earth series.  But that’s okay because this video isn’t trying to be Avalon.  It’s a much simpler, stripped down heroine peril film with pretty much non-stop action, and in Episode 2, a non-stop beating for WonderousGirl.  Viewers who know what to expect should be really happy with this series, and I hope to see more in the future.

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  1. Ryan D

    Horrible looking superheroine costume!
    It just looks like a regular old pair of bra and panties.

  2. I agree with Ryan that the heroine’s costume could be better. I think she is sexier in those casual (really tight) clothes. In the other hand the actress is my favorite one because she is cute, hot and has some really convincing reactions and this compensates everything.

  3. Is Rye the only Super Producer?

    This site covers Rye’s stuff entirely way too much. It’s to the point where I’m expecting to see “Rye took a shit!”. There are other producers out there, gothic city heroines, league of amazing women, metro city heroines, new-goddess, project super woman, hypnoticsworld/superheroineunderworld … spotlight someone else

    (I’ll admit Rye is better than most of those sites I mentioned. Some really aren’t worth covering).

  4. UPDATE: I’ve decided to delete my original response. Ever since I left my comments a few days ago, I’ve felt really bad about it. I’ve always been impressed with producers like Rye, bpd, and others who handle criticism very gracefully, and I need to learn to do a better job of that, even if I feel the criticism is unfair.

    I try to cover as much as I can with this site, and I do end up devoting a lot of coverage to Rye’s films. I will try to expand the coverage of the site as best I can in the future. I consider myself very lucky to have so many readers who share my interest in this stuff :).

  5. jerkstore


    Thank you for not reviewing the horrible videos produced by gothic city heroines, league of amazing women, metro city heroines, new-goddess, and hypnoticsworld/superheroineunderworld. They are beyond terrible, and everyone knows it. Project Superwoman does a good job however.

  6. Thanks, jerkstore. Actually, I haven’t heard of Project Superwoman. I’ll have to check them out :) .

  7. Markko

    Ok… it’s always a matter of tastes but…
    Gothic city heroines + League of Amazing women -> don’t know
    Metro city heroines -> I agree, but they are improving with latest videos
    New Goddess -> I agree, but only because they keep making the same video over and over ^^
    Hypnotics World / SH Underworld -> Disagree. Great stuff. Not my fav genre, but quality is truly high.

  8. gundam20012005

    I’ll back Markko on this one. The sites aforementioned are not all entirely terribly. Dawnstar Productions (a.k.a. The League of Amazing Women) may not produce the best vids out there (no real story but they do tend to do well with certain simple peril scenarios), but i find them somewhat entertaining (they do have one model in particular who plays a really sexy Supergirl IMHO).

    New Goddess is actually one of the reasons i got into the SHIP genre in the first place years ago. I’ll agree with Markko that they do seem to produce the same vid over and over again. However, their models are attractive and their scripts contain some of the most natural sounding dialogue i’ve seen in a superheroine video, plus they actors look like they’re having a blast.

    Metro City Heroines has had their ups and downs in the past but they are improving i think.

    Hypnotics World has some good movies but they really aren’t my complete cup o tea so I only pay them a visit every so often.

    Can’t say much about Gothic City or SH Underworld, never visited their sites or bought their vids.

    If you want, I have bought several vids from these sites and if you would like a more in depth review of some of them, I’d be happy to post a review here if HM would allow it.

  9. Wonderousgirl is now live for those that were looking to get it.

    As for this interesting discussion…

    Everyone has their own tastes as previously stated.. That being said:

    I would never claim one of my videos to be better or worse than anyone else’s product. They are what they are and some people will like them and some will not. Just like any other production out there 😉

    On a personal note, I do enjoy MH’s vids. I love forced orgasms and I think he does a good job. That nitch is something I used to do a lot back at punished heroines and it will always be something I really enjoy.

  10. The movie looks great but the only thing stopping me from buying it is the costume. Please fix WonderousGirl’s costume. It does not look heroic at all.

    You need to a get another costume designer, because all of your costumes have been dissappointing. Hopefully the Superiorgirl one is good, otherwise I will probably pass on it. Costume is #1 for me with these movies. If I see something I don’t like, I do not purchase it.

  11. Ghrawl

    I love the costume!!!!! It looks hot on her!!! KEEP IT UP

  12. Hello everyone ! My name is Val and I’m french.
    I have to say that I really liked that video.
    I just want to say some things :
    – I think Linda Saree is very good and I hope she’ll continue playing the role of New Superior Girl and Dark Robin (When does Dark Robin will come back??)
    – The costumes are good, no problem at all for me!!
    – I really enjoy the belly punching parts of these videos
    BUT – I like bondage and I think the heroine should be more tied up (in this video, it happens only at the beginning, and that’s it).
    And – The set is very simple (a wall, a rope) and I think the decor can be much better. I also thing that the director of photography can be more creative.
    What do you think about it ?
    But i can’t wait to see another video with linda saree, and I hope that will be very soon :)
    To Rye : Thank you, great job.
    To all : my best regards ; and i’m sorry if my english is not perfect.