“Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack” from Cult Retro

"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult RetroI always appreciate getting the opportunity to see something truly groundbreaking in the independent superheroine genre, and Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack certainly qualifies, simply because it’s the first animated independent superheroine video I’ve ever seen.  It may not be the first ever made (and if so, I hope someone will point out a video that precedes this one), but it’s the first one that I’m aware of.  Yankee Girl, however, is much more than a novelty—it’s actually very entertaining and funny, and it surpassed my initial expectations on a purely “cinematic” level.

"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult RetroWith a title like Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack, you should have a pretty accurate idea of what to expect—a campy adventure with a lot of action and humor.  In the pre-credits sequence (which appears to be a hand-drawn frame with some simple animation in the background as opposed to the 3-D animation which comprises the rest of the video), we’re briefly introduced to a shadowy villain character (whom we don’t see again) called The Panda.  He quickly explains that he has “captured a giantess” and intends to use her “crush America.”  Sounds reasonable enough.

"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro

Next, we see the product of The Panda’s devious scheme, as the titular Colossal Cossack rages through a city street full of innocent people.  The giantess looks pretty menacing, and someone—either the Cossack herself or perhaps The Panda or his minions—kindly covered her giant nether-regions with red stars.  In any event, the giantess crushes several bystanders and wields her giant hammer, destroying several buildings.

"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro

Soon, the U.S. military is called in and attempts to take down the giantess by shooting her with bullets, missiles, etc.  Obviously, these people have never seen any of the King Kong movies; otherwise, they would know how useless their efforts always are against giant menacing creatures.  Just when all looks hopeless, Liberty Girl arrives.  She doesn’t fare much better against the Colossal Cossack at first, but then finds her bearings, and engages in an epic struggle against the giantess (along the lines of the battle in Metropolis in Superman II).

"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro"Yankee Girl vs. The Colossal Cossack" from Cult Retro

This battle goes on for a while, and I don’t want to spoil the ending, so I’ll just say that I was really entertained by this video, and it made me laugh several times.  I don’t think the producers are aiming for a specific fetish crowd, with the possible exception of the “giant women” concept.  (I know this exists because I’ve seen several Giga-Freeks videos that features giant women wreaking havoc on miniature city streets).  Aside from that, I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of the video’s fetish content; I can only say that I found myself pleasantly surprised by how well made it is.  It’s not Pixar, but for a (self-described) microbudget project, I really liked it.

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Its from Accomics’ Femforce CGI comic: http://www.accomics.net/femforce_cgi_comics.html

Great art, awesome scene.. would love more where that came from, whether it’s video or another comic 🙂


Hey Ralev

where does that image come from?


Hey AC,

Thanks for the reply!

Fantastic to hear that there will torn costumes and nudity in your future projects! Awesome..

I understand the ripping process would be tough to animate, but you could skip that and just show the heroine’s costume ripped after being beaten, being pounded into a building etc.. really ups the intensity and sexiness of a defeat!

Something like your droolworthy work here: comment image That is hot!! 😉

Speaking of which, when are you going to do another digital comic like that? The heroines look amazing there and more dramatic defeat scenes like that would be very very welcome!!



Wow! This type of stuff totally appeals to me. Maybe it doesn’t get me all hot and bothered, but its fun and I enjoy watching it. I am totally going to have to watch the trailer (when I’m not sitting at work). Bravo to you AC for bringing in a bit of fresh air. I look forward to seeing more.


Thanks for your support, Kouga!

You can get print AC stuff and Femforce at http://www.accomics.com
Downloadable comics at http://www.accomics.net
Our downloadable movie and DVD site is at http://www.cultretro.com

There will be more dialog and more of everything in future projects. Like our live action movies, this will grow and become more sophisticated as we do more and more films. Commercial animation studios have dozens of people working on a film if not more (not to mention great computers and software)… but for now you can count our staff on one hand and most of us are not professional animators by any stretch. We’re just some dudes having fun with our home computers learning new skills. For this first outing, we just wanted to see if this was going to be possible for us to do at all. We didn’t know if it was going to work, or be enteraining, or if anyone was going to care… but fans seem to like it and we were able to accomplish quite a bit, so for now we’ll keep going and kick it up a little more as we go along.

The next movie already has the normal level of dialog you would expect from any film. The vocal track was completed before animation began so that the animators can work with the dialog while they are animating. We don’t yet know how effective this will turn out to be or if we can make it work, but we’ll soon find out.



I thought it was pretty good, my only criticism is that it would have been nice to have had more dialogue. Its nice to see the genre produce an animation rather than live action or comic book. Is it possible to purchase AC comics books and fem force comics from any website? I look forward to when the genre can produce better movies with better animation, there is a market for Western style adult animated superhero and sci fi/fantasy movies


Hi Ralev,

The trailer is “YouTube safe”, so it shows very little.

Yankee Girl gets trashed for most of the film and if you stop watching 45 seconds before the end, then she suffers a pretty dramatic defeat. 🙂

Torn costumes are tough to animate, but we have one coming up quick where we can stick that in. Consider it done.

This is actually based off of a Femzine issue from 2002, which DOES have nudity. Nudity was not a problem for the old Paragon Publications titles that came before AC Comics, and these animations will fit more in line with the Paragon stuff than with Femforce and the usual AC fair. Femforce is an all ages title, but these animations will be targeted specifically at mature audiences. If you’re looking for comparison, perhaps Heavy Metal magazine is close? This is only our first animation so we did not include nudity in order to appeal to our widest possible audience to kick things off, however the colossal cossack is BARELY clothed and there are a couple of deaths and violent scenes.

Future animations, which are already in the pipeline and coming soon, WILL have nudity. The heroine will NOT always win. Characters WILL be killed (though not the Femforce, for obvious reasons). But you won’t see much torture or sustained abuse of the heroine along the lines of Zen / Giga stuff, nor rape of any kind. Consensual activities are another matter though.

Thanks for lookin’


I love the trailer and the idea behind this.. only thing is with Accomics, the heroine usually wins. I would love to see this kind of thing but with a really dramatic defeat for the heroine – ripped costume, nudity etc.. !

But still, it’s great to see this new direction!

Yes No