Zen Pictures’ “Battle of Dead”

Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"If you like peril videos where the lead villain is played by a grade school aged kid in a bow-tie, Zen Pictures has released a video named Battle of Dead that may appeal to you. Since I don’t speak Japanese, I can’t give a breakdown of the plot. The video was a bit confusing, and the version I watched was not subtitled. Even if it was, I’m not sure it would of helped me decipher the ins and outs of the story. If you have ever purchased a subtitled release from Zen Pictures, you probably know what I mean. Whatever process they use to translate Japanese to English needs a little fine tuning. Instead, I will try to focus more on the technical and fetish elements that fans may find interesting. 

Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"

The first thing about Battle of Dead that may make it purchase-worthy is the sheer beauty of the two leads. Beautiful actresses in a Zen release is nothing new, but I thought both of the leads in this film were especially gorgeous.

Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"

The producers seem to agree because the first four minutes of the film is a continuous shot of the heroines standing in the middle of a room as the camera pans over their bodies. The next five minutes features one of the actresses jogging and stretching. These two scenes alone constitute 1/6 of the movie.

Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"

The rest of the film has the two leads engaging in fights against various henchmen. The girls control most of the action until the final fight where they battle a large opponent that they have a great amount of difficulty with. As far as fetish material is concerned, here’s what you can expect. Stomach punching, an extended throat lift and bear hug scene, a lengthy stomach claw, a neck snap, a few strangulations, a short sleeper hold and various other wrestling type submission maneuvers. You also get several displays of invulnerability from the final henchman, who lets the heroine uselessly pound on him several times.

Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"Zen Pictures' "Battle of Dead"

In the end, I was disappointed with Battle of Dead. Gorgeous lead actresses aside, the fight choreography and special effects were not nearly as strong as the normal Zen film. Unless the specific scenes that I touched upon appeal to you, I think your money would be better spent elsewhere. I am a big Zen Pictures fan, but their hearts just didn’t seem to be in this one. I hope the decline in quality is a one-time thing and not the start of a trend.

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