Zen Pictures’ “Exciting Heroine Battler Sienne Matra”

Zen Pictures / Akiba Heroine is best known among fans as something of a “kinder, gentler” version of Giga for Freeks.  Giga specializes in sexually explicit, adult-oriented content where any number of horrible X-rated things happen to the heroines.  Zen Pictures, on the other hand, has always offered viewers non-sexual torment, with no nudity, instead focusing on the physical and psychological torment of the heroine characters.

The makers of Zen Pictures occasionally blur the line between the two companies, however, and now release movies with an “Over-15″ rating, intended for adult audiences, but not sexually explicit.  Exciting Heroine Battler Sienne Matra falls into that category, and, as usual, is a very good heroine film, featuring very good acting, terrific production values, and the action and heroine torture fans have come to expect.  The “Over-15″ rating even allows the company to venture into slightly more adult territory—offering nudity without sexually explicit content—giving the film a slightly “edgier” feel than most Zen Pictures releases.  The result is an excellent heroine film well worth the download price.

The movie begins with the heroine, clad in a black and red bikini-style outfit, participating in various training exercises under the supervision of her sexually androgynous trainer.  Mari Sakurai, as the heroine, is super hot and looks great in this outfit.  Her performance throughout the movie is excellent.  (How the Japanese consistently deliver heroine-themed content at such a high level is baffling to me, especially when most American productions are basically sub-par).  The training continues for a while with a practice swordfight between the heroine and her trainer.

In the next scene, we meet the villainess, played by Asami Sugiura, who, unlike most Zen and Giga villainesses, is every bit as hot as the heroine.  She battles the trainer while ninjas break into the heroine’s house and try to capture her.  (I hate it when that happens).  The heroine defeats the ninjas and then bashes their heads against her kitchen table.

She leaves the house and then engages in a classic Zen-style battle with a small army of bad guys in the street.  She easily defeats them and then makes her way to the bad guys’ evil lair.  There, she discovers her trainer, who had been kidnapped and is being held. She meets the hot villainess and the two fight.  The villainess is too powerful for our heroine, and enjoys beating and torturing the heroine with punches and kicks.  The two actresses really sell this scene, and it’s terrific.  The villainess subdues the heroine, setting up the next scene.

The heroine is tied with her back against a cross and punched in the stomach by the villainess.  This scene is short, but excellent.  The production values, costumes, and performances are all great, and this scene again shows how far ahead the Japanese are at producing these films.  The heroine eventually breaks free and engages in a battle with the villainess, which the heroine loses.

The villainess is shown talking to her evil overlord as the heroine, now stripped down to her bikini outfit from earlier, is brought into the “throne room” and tossed to the ground.  Two henchmen hold her up while the evil overlord, using knives on his gloves, cuts away violently at the heroine’s top, exposing her breasts.  (What a great movie).

This is how the movie earns its “Over-15″ rating, as bare breasts aren’t present in previous Zen productions.  They’re more than welcome here, though, as the heroine’s body is perfect.  I would like to take this moment to thank this evil overlord for this.

The bad guys toss the heroine to the ground.  The villainess suddenly changes sides and helps the heroine in a fight against the bad guys.  The villainess is killed in the fight, and the heroine destroys the rest of the bad guys and the overlord.  The heroine returns to the grassy field from the first scene, where the ghost of the ex-villainess and trainer (apparently he died at some point) lovingly watch from the sky.

This is an excellent heroine film for fans (like me) who aren’t always into sexually-explicit content.  It has all of the right elements, and is very well executed.  Hopefully a sequel is on the way, or at least another heroine film starring Mari Sakurai.  The Over-15 rating really expands the possibilities with these films without introducing the sexual stuff found in 99% of heroine films out there.  I give Exciting Heroine Battler Sienne Matra a B+.

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